Allows characters to perform Xenogears-like deathblows

  • Marrend
  • 02/08/2024 02:57 PM
This is an RPG Maker MZ script/plugin to allow player-controlled characters to execute multi-hit combos based on button input. The inspiration behind this is Xenogears.

Terms of use:
The script is for use in any commercial, or non-commercial game. Compatibility with other scripts/plugins were not taken into consideration when writing this, so, if you do have issues that arise from that, my ability to assist may be hampered, but will still be considered on a case-by-case basis.

While I do not ask for monetary recompense, I would, humbly, ask that I am credited in your project if this script/plugin is used. The precise details can be up to the end-user, but, I would prefer to be credited by my username, "Marrend", in this case.

Points of contact:
The preferred point of contact is through RMN. So, posting here, or use RMN's messaging service would be sufficient. I also dip in and out on RMN's Discord channel at times, and can also be contacted on that platform. My user ID on Discord is marrend.

First, register the plugin into your project's Plugin Manager. This plugin has up to four parameters to set. Three of them equate to skill IDs that will be used as default values for light, medium, and heavy attacks. The plugin's default values for these is each 1, but, of course, can be modified. The last is the skill category ID for Deathblows. This skill category will be skipped over in the combat menu display for actors.

This plugin has various notetags you can use. They are as follows:

<maxap: x>
// Sets the maximum AP for the actor to [x].
// Usable by actors or equipment.
// Default value is 3.

<combo skill l: x>
<combo skill m: x>
<combo skill h: x>
// Sets the skill IDs for light, medium, and heavy attacks to [x].
// Usable by actors or weapons.
// Default values for all options is defined via plugin parameters.

<deathblow: [[string_a, a], [string_b, b], [string_c, c], [etc, etc]]>
// Sets up [string_a] as the combo input for skill id [a].
// Sets up [string_b] as the combo input for skill id [b].
// Sets up [string_c] as the combo input for skill id [c].
// ...and so on.
// Usable by actors or weapons.
// No default values.

You can find a demonstration project showcasing this plugin in my locker.


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After the completion of this game, a revision to this plugin, and it's associated demo, is due. With any amount of luck, I can have the updates done within about a week of this post.
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