Powerful chara maker for RPG Maker XP / VX (Ace)

  • SebBini
  • 08/19/2012 01:57 PM
RPG Maker Tools provides additional tools for RPG Maker or game design in general. It is a powerful character maker, for RPG Maker XP, VX (Ace), and even more! This utility is still under development. However its former release, called Fusion Maker, is available for download (but is in French only, while the next release will be available in both languages, and available soon!). This release has faced a huge success amongst the French community (thousands of downloads!). The download link is below.

Create characters

With RPG Maker Tools, you can create characters for both RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker VX, and even for any other program like.

You must create them from single graphics items picked up from an item library, provided with RPG Maker Tools. You may also run some functions on them (such as changing the color of an item).

For instance if you intend to create a knight, all you have to do is pick up a nude body, an armor, a pair of eyes, a hair... you may change the hair color if you like. Then the character is made and ready to be implemented in a video game.

Save them in different copies

With RPG Maker Tools you may save your character in different copies, by shifting the color of some items, such as hair. This is useful when in a game, you may need to have hundreds of different characters.

Concatenate tilesets

In RPG Maker XP, tilesets are used in order to create a map in the game. A tileset is an image made of 32*32-pixel-sized tiles. Each tile represents an item or a part of it, like a barrel, a door, or the roots of a tree.

RPG Maker XP allows you to use only one tileset a map. So if you want to have a map with tiles from two different tilesets (or more) you must create a bigger tileset which contains all of them.

Convert characters
There are several versions of RPG Maker, and every version has its own way to store characters. RPG Maker Tools allows you to convert a character from a version to another. This includes RPG Maker 2003, XP and VX.

Read more about its features: http://www.sebissimos.com/rmt/?p=features

Download Fusion Maker: http://www.sebissimos.com/rmt/?p=download
(The website is fairly new (5 days old maybe), which explains the number of downloads and of comments).


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