Collection of RPG Maker VXAce Script calls

Script Call Collection

† Message † Party † Actor † 

† Game Progression † Flow Control † 

† Movement † Timing † Picture and Weather † 

† Character † Screen Effect † Music and Sounds † 

† Scene Control † Map † System Settings † 

† Battle † Movie † 

†  Other Useful Things! † 

Things to Remember!

ANY numbers you key in should NOT have leading zeros -

e.g. map numbers, event numbers, variable/switch numbers.

(E.g. Don't type EV002, just type in 2)

Special Thanks and Credits!

Shaz for handling all my questions and missing functions!

Galv for taking time to figure out script call commands with me!

Yami for helping me find some missing functions and teaching about damage formulas which got referenced here!

GrandmaDeb and everyone for reminding me that this should be done.