RMQ is a tool to play, test or edit rpg maker projects. It supports all makers (from 2k to VX Ace).

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  • 11/28/2012 11:01 PM
With RMQ you can now organize rpg games with comfort.

How to use:
After configuring the paths to the rpg maker projects you can click on any maker button and highlight the project you want to start.
'test' starts the project in testplay mode, which is made for developers.
'play' does start the project as if you’ve doubleclicked on the game exe.
'edit' opens the project in the rpg maker editor (if installed).
With 'win' and 'title' you can (de)activate FullScreen/Window or Show/Hide the title screen, both do work only with the old rpg makers (2k/3).

You can also rightclick on a project and a popup window will appear which allows you to browse the project folder, get its size or delete it from your harddrive.


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Thank you for this! It makes test playing so much easier!
Oh wow, this is really useful!
Thanks for sharing this!
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