New Release.

I wanted to get more done with this release, but I've made some important fixes. The first ones had already been released a while ago, but there's new ones.

Along with the standard system soundtrack and the perspective mode, you can see a handful of standard event commands also being put in.

You can download this version by clicking the button up there.

- Added the Perspective Mode command, MODE7, yeah!

- Fixed a rare event that an auto start / parallel event that changes the map freezes the processing of next events on new map

- Added the Change Background comamnd to change current map's background

- Added the Change Tileset command to change current map's tileset

- Added the Recall Music command to recall previously memorized music

- Added the Memorize Music command to memorize current music

- Added the Fade Music command to fade/stop music

- Added the Set System Graphic command to change system graphics

- Editor now ignores odd files inside the .bin and .dat folders during compile

- Editor now warns and guards you from saving projects in the editor's folder, this would cause undesired operation

- Added the Equip command to equip items on players

- Added the Unequip All command to remove all equipment from one player

- Added the Unequip command to remove equipment from player

- Added the Set Level command to directly set a player's level

- Added the Set Common BGM command to change the common system music throughout the game

- Added the Set Common Sound command to change the common system sounds throughout the game

- Fixed an issue with saving NOSAVE players and the game save possibly freezing the engine on load

- Added the Common BGM command to play common music set in the project settings

- Can now set common BGM via the project settings. These play during battle, title screen, victory, game over, etc.

- Battle situations/layouts are now handled (surprised, advantage, pincer and surrounded)

- Fixed a problem where AI tables would decide on an action using skill even if the enemy player doesn't have enough MP for the skill

- Fixed an error when loading single battler images during default battle system

- Fixed inconsistent system sounds when opening and closing the in-game manager menu

- Can now set a default battle background for maps in case terrain background is undefined


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Even newspapers have those nowadays.
Where can I download it? Because there is no button of any kind.
Go to the Details page (at the top) and there should be a download link on the left side called, oddly enough, download. ;p
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