DynRPG plugin to get insight into what is being drawn in the message box

  • Cherry
  • 09/14/2019 09:28 AM
GetMessageInfo RM2k3 DynRPG Plugin
By Cherry (


Needs DynRPG v0.20+! (
If you are interested - the source code is attached as well. It uses PepsiOtaku's version though:

This plugin allows to get info about the message box currently on screen, including characters being drawn, etc. You can also access arbitrary characters in the message buffer.

This allows to augment the box or to do customed message beeps, etc.

Note: The RPG Maker prints 2 characters at once at highest speed, that's why there can be two "active characters".


* Put GetMessageInfo.dll in your DynPlugins folder
* In an event, use the following comment command to load message info into variables:

@GetMessageInfo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

The numbers 1-13 are the IDs of the variables in which the data should be stored - feel free to modify them. You can use 0 to ignore a certain value if you don't need it.

The data stored into the variables is as follows:

1: Is the message window open? 0=closed, 1=opening/closing, 2=open
2: Total number of lines in the message buffer (0-4)
3: Current line, zero-based, note that 1 line beyond the maximum is the end of the message (0-4)
4: Number of characters in current line (0-X)
5: Index of current character in line, zero-based (0-X)
6: First current character, ASCII code (0=none)
7: Second current character, ASCII code (0=none)
8: X screen position of first current character (left/top)
9: Y screen position of first current character (left/top)
10: Current text color
11: Current text speed
12: Is the message box waiting for Enter press? 0=no, 1=yes
13: Number of frames until next character is drawn

* Use the following comment command to load one character from the current message buffer (= the text that was drawn/it is being drawn/will be drawn) into a variable:

@GetMessageChar 1, 2, 3

...where 1 is the ID of the variable you want to save the value to (will be stored as ASCII code), 2 is the zero-based line index and 3 is the zero-based character index.

Note: The data in the message buffer is already pre-processed. It will contain the evaluated values of \v[...] and \n[...], and \_ is translated to ASCII character 1 (RPG Maker's internal representation of a half-space). However, backslash codes that affect the text during draw, such as \s[...], \c[...], \., \|, etc., will stay as is.


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