Turn a switch on when "Order" is selected from the main menu

CMS Tools: Order Switch v1.0
For RPG Maker 2003 with DynRPG v0.13 or higher
By PepsiOtaku

This plugin overrides the default "Order" command in the main menu and turns on a switch. This allows you to design a custom menu via common event, and go to it directly from the main menu, the same way Cherry's CustomSaveLoad patch does with the "Save" menu.

(I use "Order" for my "Save/Load" menu)


To install the plugin, make sure that you have patched your project with Cherry's DynRPG patch which can be found here: http://cherrytree.at/dynrpg

1. Copy the "order_switch.dll"into the DynPlugins folder of your own project.

2. Add the following (between the asterisks) to your DynRPG.ini




3. Change the numeric value "4008" to the switch of your choice.

1. Go to Database > String > Page 5 and change "Order" to the name of the menu you want to make.
In Everlasting Journey (rpgmaker.net/games/20), I use the default "Save" command for the "Party" menu
so I can disable it when I need to with the enable/disable save menu command. I then use the
"Order" command for "Save/Load" since it will always be accessible.

2. Go into your Common Events, and create a new one with the Trigger Switch set to your "OrderSwitch" in
the DynRPG.ini (4008 in my example). Set your Trigger to "Autostart" and add the following commands:

<>Show Screen: Instant
<>Message: Hello World!
<>Switch Operation: [4008:OrderSwitch] OFF
<>Open Main Menu

This will get you to your custom menu from the main menu, and back to the menu. From there, design your menu! Be sure to use pictures & labels to display your menu portions and labels to loop the user around the menu functions


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Amazing! It just i need for change the order command to my diary menu! Thanks man!

it's possible do the same to the save menu? i put de patch of switch_save.ips to try to fix this, but when i select Save comand on main menu, the menu closes and the player see the current map before acces to secondary menu. I hope you understand my explanation xDD

best regards!
Whoah! This was from back in June! Sorry for not replying sooner.

You'll want to upgrade to DynRPG 0.20 and make use of the "DynPatches" folder if you haven't already. Use the "RPG_RT_Save_Switch_1005.ips" and "save_switch_changer.exe" files found here:

Save Switch & save_switch_changer.exehttp://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/9751/
If you additionally apply this IPS patch, the "Save" command in the default menu does something different: It sets switch 1005 to ON and closes the menu. With this feature, you can then open your own (save) menu.

If you drag the patched RPG_RT onto save_switch_changer.exe, you can change the switch ID from 1005 to something else.
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