A collection of useful patches in IPS format for 2K3 & DynRPG

CMS Tools: DynRPG IPS Patch Compilation
For RPG Maker 2003 with DynRPG v0.13 or higher (0.20+ STRONGLY recommended)
By Cherry, collected by PepsiOtaku

This is a collection of IPS patches to conveniently take your DynRPG project to the next level.
Here's what's included:

RPG_RT_betteraep.ips - Better Auto-Enter Patch (for custom title screens)

RPG_RT_custsaveload.ips - Custom Save/Load Patch (for custom save/load menus)
RPG_RT_betteraep_custsaveload.ips - Both of the above patches

RPG_RT_Save_Switch_1005.ips - "Save" command in the main menu turns on a switch 1005 instead
save_switch_changer.exe - Changes the switch in the above patch from 1005 to something else

RPG_RT_noautobattle.ips - No Auto-Battle Patch

RPG_RT_messagedisplayhack.ips - Message Window Display Hack

RPG_RT_reflect_bugfixplus_1_08.ips - bugmenot's reflect animation fix. It also fixes the timing of attacks with multiple hits. It is a MUST HAVE!

To install the plugin, make sure that you have patched your project with cherry's DynRPG patch which
can be found here:
http://share.cherrytree.at/showfile-12494/dynrpg.rar (Link for v0.20)

DynRPG 0.20:
Place any of the ips patches you would like to use in your project's "DynPatches" folder. It's as simple as that!

DynRPG 0.14 & Previous (Seriously, just use 0.20):
Apply the .ips patches you want using "Lunar IPS" (google it).

Lunar IPS notes: When you select your files, change "Most common ROM files" to "All files" and select you

Important notes about patching BetterAEP & the CustomSaveLoad patch: Patch DynRPG AFTER patching these two. If you do DynRPG first, and then these afterwards, your RPG_RT.exe will crash on startup. A nice way to not experience this would be to install DynRPG 0.20!

Better Auto-Enter Patch
This patch includes everything you need for creating your own title screen

-The standard title screen will be skipped, the game starts directly at the start map.
-You can call the load menu from an event script.
-You can exit the game from an event script.
-BetterAEP is a stand-alone patch. You don’t need any other patch to get it working. If you want to combine it with another patch, apply BetterAEP first.

To call the loading menu or exit the game, the event command “Stop Parallel Events” (or “Stop Event” in some versions) and the variable no. 3350 is used. This variable has been chosen, because most of the games don’t use it.

If variable no. 3350 contains the value 1 when “Stop Parallel Events” is called, the load menu will pop up. If it contains the value 2, the game will quit. If it contains any other value, the standard “Stop Parallel Events” command will be executed.

Custom SaveLoad Patch
This patch allows you to create your own save/load system. (See the above link for documentation)

Save Switch & save_switch_changer.exe
If you additonally apply this IPS patch, the "Save" command in the default menu does something different: It sets switch 1005 to ON and closes the menu. With this feature, you can then open your own (save) menu.

If you drag the patched RPG_RT onto save_switch_changer.exe, you can change the switch ID from 1005 to something else.

No Auto-Battle Patch
This patch removes the choice window (Fight/AutoBattle/Run away) in battle, which normally pops up before every battle.

Message Window Display Hack
"Shift" key always fills out message window text, and ignores text speed changes


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I know this probably should belong somewhere else, but considering I was using one of the prepatched RPG_RTs to do it... plus Cherry doesn't have a topic for the BetterAEP...

Whenever I try to use End Event Processing, no matter what variable is in 3350, I get a crash.

Access violation in module 'RPG_RT.exe' in with address 004CA000 and offset 004CA000 of type Write occured.

Now personally I think this is because for whatever reason my computer is dumb and is forcing my Projects folder to be Read-only (would make sense with "Write"), but I'm not sure if that's the case. It's only been happening with this pre-patched one. I would've tried to do a project with just the BetterAEP patch, but LunarIPS is failing to write on it (again, probably the same issue).
Hmmm... for the sake of debugging try move your plugins out of the DynPlugins folder and try again.

Also, what RPG_RT.exe was it? In case I patched it wrong.
The custom saveload patch,save switch and save switch changer,and no autobattle patch all sound useful. Might download those
EDIT:Hey when I tried to download the said things above it says page not found.
I'll go ahead and try moving the plug-ins out in a little bit; I'm doing a little process of elimination and just putting stuff on one-by-one. So far, just regular patched DynRPG works fine with End Event Processing.

The one I used was the one with everything up to No Auto Battle (the fifth one). Though the thing is it doesn't crash on startup, like it's said that an incorrectly patched file would do - it crashes when an event uses "End Event Processing."

EDIT: Okay, just used the fifth patched RPG_RT without any plug-ins in the DynPlugins folder and it worked fine. I'll start adding stuff in and see what causes a crash.

EDIT 2: And for whatever magical reason, moving the plug-ins out of the folder and then back in is causing it to work now. Except... shouldn't it be opening the default load menu if V3350 is equal to 1? Because all it's doing now is actually just ending the event processing and restarting the game, except if it has a SaveID associated with it - then it'll load that SaveID. So I'm guessing at this juncture I'm at a point where I have to make a custom load screen?
The custom saveload patch,save switch and save switch changer,and no autobattle patch all sound useful. Might download those
EDIT:Hey when I tried to download the said things above it says page not found.

Fixed all the description links. Use the "Download" button in the "Action" section to get the compilation though.

The one I used was the one with everything up to No Auto Battle (the fifth one). Though the thing is it doesn't crash on startup, like it's said that an incorrectly patched file would do - it crashes when an event uses "End Event Processing.".

Are you using "End Event Processing" for anything other than BetterAEP & the SaveLoad patch?
Nope, I wasn't using it for anything else; though I did test to see if it was the command itself that was causing the crash. And prior to moving the DynPlugins folder contents, it was. Now that I've moved them, it's not crashing it anymore, no matter what variable is in 3350 (though it does quit the game when it's equal to 2 and attempting to load a file with a SaveID if it's equal to 1).

So really at this point I'm just trying to wrap my head around making a custom save/load menu - mainly with trying to figure out how to tell the game whether there's a save file in a particular slot or not and if so how to draw it. So like... just trying to figure out how to make a save/load screen haha.
Okay yeah, it sounds like it's working correctly then. Have you reviewed these pages?

They'll tell you exactly what you need to get started.
Yeah, I already checked all of that. ... and now I understand it better! Because my brain works in dumb ways. xD;;

Anyways! I found the source of the crash! Using just the "clean" RPG_RT file from the bundle you have allows it to work fine. HOWEVER! When I patched the game using RMRecker to change the glyphs of the game, THAT'S when it started crashing again!

So... basically editing the RPG_RT.exe is what's causing the crashes. Unfortunately, I wish I REALLY knew how to fix this because I use custom glyphs for a lot of my stuff and not having it, well... Any ideas?
Ugh you're right. What a pain in the ass. This basically makes those premade exe's unusable. You'll have to patch the ips files manually. Do it in this order:

Default RPG_RT.exe >
Use RMRecker to add your glyphs >
betterAEP >
saveload >
saveswitch >
save_switch_changer.exe >
dynrpg (using its patcher) >
messagehack (optional) >
noautobattle (optional) >
skill window (optional)

It should work after that.
E: Double Post
And now I'm running into the problem I had with DynRPG from the start... only this time it's more annoying because it's removing BetterAEP. For whatever reason, even though even on the About screen, my RM2k3 is saying that it's v1.08, the DynPatcher refuses to believe that and says that it's NOT and then asks if I want to make the RPG_RT.exe patched at v1.08, thus removing all other patches.

*pulls hair out*

EDIT: Oh this is even better! The About on RM2k3 itself says it's 1.08, but I just checked a clean RPG_RT.exe made with it... and it's v1.06. WHAT IS GOING ON.

EDIT 2: The plot thickens! RM2k3 itself IS 1.08, but any RPG_RT.exe it creates is v1.06. I don't even.
What the crap?

Here's a virgin 1.08 exe for you to try: http://rpgmaker.net/users/PepsiOtaku/locker/RPG_RT.exe

I was able to do it with a new clean one, thanks!

I'm going to keep this one and make sure to never lose it, especially if my 2k3 can't make the proper files...
Replace the file "rpg_rt.exe.dat" in your "RPG2003" folder with the new file... This file is used as "template" for "rpg_rt.exe" when creating a new project.
My whole Super Nintendo wants to say you that this thread is awesome.
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