A DynRPG plugin which allows parameter overwriting

The DynParams plugin serves to allow scripters in RPG Maker 2003 to overwrite the parameters of RPG Maker 2003's event commands using "comment commands". The primary benefit of this is that you can use variable values to determine the parameters at run-time, making certain commands much more flexible and powerful. For example, you can effectively apply variable references to the Call Common Event, Show Battle Animation, and Show Picture commands, to name just a few useful examples. You can also overwrite string parameters, including those of comments. This in turn means that you can construct comment commands at run-time for other plugins using the DynParams plugin.


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I think your problem there is that the file name in the change graphic subcommand -- animal-1 -- is longer than the file name you're trying to change it to with DynParams. This means that the command before DynParams overwrites it has more than 10 parameters. The parameters up through 10 get modified the way you want, but the leftover parameters then get interpreted as other subcommands. To fix this, change the change graphic subcommand so that it's actually using one of the files you're trying to change to, like p00. Also be very careful to keep all of these files at the same name length. If there's any possibility you'll need more than 100 of them, you may want to preemptively extend it to p000.
Bingo! You were right :) I changed the file used by the "change graphic" subcommand and it now works fine. Thanks a lot!
@LD: The latest version is 0.20 but it never made it on my page because it never really made it out of beta (I had only posted it in a forum back then): http://share.cherrytree.at/showfile-12494/dynrpg.rar

Yes I know that this mess should be cleaned up, because on top of that PepsiOtaku made a lot of changes to the header files and released that as 0.30...
I'm presently going over the documentation for this plugin, and I'm quite certain that I'll be able to make good use of this — thank you very much for your hard work, by the way — but there's one ambitious function I'm wondering about.

Am I able to use this plugin to isolate and truncate individual elements of string values? For example, could I isolate the FIRST character in 'string A', append that to an otherwise empty 'string B', convert string B into a variable value based on which character has been appended to it, and then erase that initial character from 'string A'?

For example, if I had a message string (we'll call that 'string A') which consisted of "Cats are cute", could I isolate the first letter of that string and append it to some other empty string ('string B'), and then erase that first letter of 'string A', resulting in 'string A' now reading "ats are cute" and 'string B' now reading "C"? I know that appending strings is possible with this plugin, but is it possible to make the content of that... appention... is that a word?... be the isolated initial letter of another string while simultaneously erasing/truncating it from 'string A'? Would I then be able to convert 'string B' into a variable value based on its contained character, like '3'? The variable value conversion part isn't strictly necessary, but would just make my life slightly easier if it's possible.

EDIT: After having gone through all of the documentation, I'm guessing that the answer to my question is probably no, but just in case I missed something, or misunderstood something, or this potential was overlooked when composing the documentation, my question still stands.
I'm afraid that's beyond the capabilities of DynParams, yes. DynRPG comment commands are supposed to be able to reference the names of actors (AKA heroes) by interpreting an argument like "N1" as "the name of actor 1", but the way I implemented things in DynParams, that doesn't work either. What you're describing sounds like it would take its own specialized plugin to fiddle with the various strings.
Yeah, that's what I thought. Thanks for getting back to me though. o/ Either way, this plugin is still hella useful. It's already saved me a week's worth of extra work, just on day one.
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