A DynRPG plugin which allows parameter overwriting

The DynParams plugin serves to allow scripters in RPG Maker 2003 to overwrite the parameters of RPG Maker 2003's event commands using "comment commands". The primary benefit of this is that you can use variable values to determine the parameters at run-time, making certain commands much more flexible and powerful. For example, you can effectively apply variable references to the Call Common Event, Show Battle Animation, and Show Picture commands, to name just a few useful examples. You can also overwrite string parameters, including those of comments. This in turn means that you can construct comment commands at run-time for other plugins using the DynParams plugin.


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Yeah, that's what I thought. Thanks for getting back to me though. o/ Either way, this plugin is still hella useful. It's already saved me a week's worth of extra work, just on day one.
I'm afraid that's beyond the capabilities of DynParams, yes. DynRPG comment commands are supposed to be able to reference the names of actors (AKA heroes) by interpreting an argument like "N1" as "the name of actor 1", but the way I implemented things in DynParams, that doesn't work either. What you're describing sounds like it would take its own specialized plugin to fiddle with the various strings.
I'm presently going over the documentation for this plugin, and I'm quite certain that I'll be able to make good use of this — thank you very much for your hard work, by the way — but there's one ambitious function I'm wondering about.

Am I able to use this plugin to isolate and truncate individual elements of string values? For example, could I isolate the FIRST character in 'string A', append that to an otherwise empty 'string B', convert string B into a variable value based on which character has been appended to it, and then erase that initial character from 'string A'?

For example, if I had a message string (we'll call that 'string A') which consisted of "Cats are cute", could I isolate the first letter of that string and append it to some other empty string ('string B'), and then erase that first letter of 'string A', resulting in 'string A' now reading "ats are cute" and 'string B' now reading "C"? I know that appending strings is possible with this plugin, but is it possible to make the content of that... appention... is that a word?... be the isolated initial letter of another string while simultaneously erasing/truncating it from 'string A'? Would I then be able to convert 'string B' into a variable value based on its contained character, like '3'? The variable value conversion part isn't strictly necessary, but would just make my life slightly easier if it's possible.

EDIT: After having gone through all of the documentation, I'm guessing that the answer to my question is probably no, but just in case I missed something, or misunderstood something, or this potential was overlooked when composing the documentation, my question still stands.
@LD: The latest version is 0.20 but it never made it on my page because it never really made it out of beta (I had only posted it in a forum back then): http://share.cherrytree.at/showfile-12494/dynrpg.rar

Yes I know that this mess should be cleaned up, because on top of that PepsiOtaku made a lot of changes to the header files and released that as 0.30...
Bingo! You were right :) I changed the file used by the "change graphic" subcommand and it now works fine. Thanks a lot!
I think your problem there is that the file name in the change graphic subcommand -- animal-1 -- is longer than the file name you're trying to change it to with DynParams. This means that the command before DynParams overwrites it has more than 10 parameters. The parameters up through 10 get modified the way you want, but the leftover parameters then get interpreted as other subcommands. To fix this, change the change graphic subcommand so that it's actually using one of the files you're trying to change to, like p00. Also be very careful to keep all of these files at the same name length. If there's any possibility you'll need more than 100 of them, you may want to preemptively extend it to p000.
Hello again! :D

This plugin is definitely useful! It makes things easier for my project. However, I have a problem with overwriting the "Move event" command. I'm probably doing something wrong!

Basically, it's for a Pokemon storage system - think of Ruby / Sapphire storage system, with all the stored Pokemon displayed on screen. I have 30 events, each of these can be any of the 120+ Pokemon, so doing all that stuff with conditional branches would be a nightmare. Fortunately, thanks to DynParams, I should be able to do that with only 1 Move Event.

Here's what I have:

Variable 51 is the id of the event to move
Variable 52 is the length of the file name (3 characters)
Variables 53 to 55 correspond to the file name ("p00")
Variable 56 is the index of the char in this file (0)

...and when I test it, the event's charset is changed for the right charset, so it works perfectly... except it also moves the event 1 tile up, I don't know why.

Is there something wrong in my script? I checked the documentation several times but I can't find how to fix it.

Thanks for your help^^
I started a project from scratch, adding DynRPG and DynParams and it works fine (the game launches normally and I was also able to overwrite a command).

I don't know why I have this issue on my current project, maybe an incompatibility with another DynRPG plugin? I'll continue to investigate and if I find the cause, I'll tell you.

EDIT : Ok, your plugin should be fine, it's an issue with my DynRPG version - I don't know how it's possible since I donwloaded it this summer but it looks like I haven't the correct version.
It's not over though, since I can't launch my game after applying the correct DynRPG patch - but since it has nothing to do with your plugin, I'll ask for help in the correct topic. Thanks again for your help !
Well then, I'm not sure what the problem is. My only suggestion is to try compiling the plugin yourself using the source code included in the DynParams download. There are instructions on the DynRPG website at http://www.rewking.com/dynrpg/getting_started.html for making plugins. I know that's a lot of headache, but it's all I can think of that might work.
Not sure of the version fo DynRPG I'm using (I don't know where to check this information), so I'll download it from your link and create a new project to see if I still have this issue with DynParams. I'll keep you updated.

I'm using this version of RM2003 :

DynRPG works fine for the other DynRPG plugins I use.

Thanks for the quick answer by the way!^^

EDIT : Just checked it, I have the latest version of DynRPG (dynrpg_0_32_02-25-2017.rar), since I added it this summer and the last upload on Cherry's website is from February
Hmmm, I'm not sure. I just tried downloading the latest version from http://www.rewking.com/dynrpg/ (dynrpg_0_32_02-25-2017.rar) and patching a project with it, and DynParams.dll works fine with it. Can you find a version number for the DynRPG you're using?

EDIT: Also, just to make sure, you aren't using the official English port of RPG Maker 2003, are you? DynRPG is, unfortunately, only compatible with the fan-port version.
Hello ! Just discovered this DynRPG plugin, and it looks wonderful :D

However, after adding the .dll to the DynPlugins folder, the game tells me "Plugin DynParams.dll is not compatible with this version of DynRPG!"

What should I do ? I think I'm using the last version of DynRPG.
Yeah, awesome !

EDIT : I've tried and it's working great. Cheers !
...That's kind of weird, I actually found that bug myself and squashed it a while ago. c.ca I even announced fixing it up in the second reply of this thread, so I'm pretty sure I uploaded the new version that works okay with empty comments. Is it possible you downloaded the old version of the plugin which was available up until January 10th?

Edit: Scratch that, I just tried downloading it from here myself and it was an older version somehow. Maybe I selected the wrong file the last time I uploaded...or, considering how when I uploaded the newest one again and tried downloading again it came back as DynParams_8.zip, maybe something changed about the file system here on RMN and it was causing an older version to be sent out. -.-a At any rate, when I download it now it really is the latest version, so give that a try.
Okay, I've found a way to play without having this bug (deleting a common event), but after a few seconds the bug happened again.

I've eventually noticed that it's happening when there are empty comments in events ! (You could argue that empty comments are useless when you create a game, but actually they are useful for better event reading.)
Well, it's pretty hard to tell what's going wrong without watching it happen. If you could put your project someplace where I could download it, maybe I could take a look. You say this is happening for just one of your projects? Are there any other plugins in the project, or patches besides DynRPG on the game? Does the crash happen immediately upon starting the game?
Sorry, it's happening just from having DynParams.dll in the project (before I add any command)...
Hello! Thank you for this amazing plugin!

However, I've got a Runtime error on one project. Other DynPlugins are working on it, so I think the problem should come from DynParams?


Thanks for the bug report, but I'm afraid that error message doesn't tell me much. Does this happen only when DynParams.dll is in your project's DynPlugins folder? Are you actually using DynParams comment commands in your project, or does this happen just from having DynParams.dll in the project?
Hello! Thank you for this amazing plugin!

However, I've got a Runtime error on one project. Other DynPlugins are working on it, so I think the problem should come from DynParams?

April 30, 2015: reuploaded the plugin simply to fix the download link, which was broken when RPG Maker 2003 stuff on the website was reclassified to RPG Tsukuru 2003. No changes to the plugin itself.
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