allows you to create external files to be read or deleted

With this code you can basically custom name external files and fill them with either names or preset words (use the Readme for information).

You can do a few things with this:
  • Unlockable context after the game is complete (well theoretically, you could do this using BetterAEP, but this helps)
  • A "welcome back" event. You meet a character during one play of the game, then go to another file and the character now knows you.
  • Because you can custom name external files, you can in theory do multiple passwords using the same name, like so "A ___ brown fox ___ over the ___ dog." All with the same name, you can create three files, and input "quick, jumped, lazy" without using extra names.

Update: this now can scan the file for a specific word! Useful for codes where you need a tag (like if the file has Debug in it, turn a switch on) Also, added a readme.

Update: This now allows you to make files dependent on your current save. That is, you can externally store information either globally (using scan/create_file) or locally (scan/create_save). You can make up to 6 saves! Well, actually, if you edit it yourself you can make as many as you want, but I only needed 6. I used it to make treasure chests store externally so I could save switches.


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Yay! Files skip when they're not there!
The clear function I needed to add file.close to. It was memory leaking, which made it write to the first file opened "Game Plus" or whatever I had previously saved.
hey this looks cool but how do I patch this into my RPG Maker 2003?
I am pretty new to this whole modding RPG Maker thing and I don't know if this would even work for the steam version (v1.12a).

I am not sure if you would see this post since you last posted here in 2015 but if you do thanks

edit: I just realized it's a DynaRPG patch my bad
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