Fix SMBX's crappy music!

A simple copy-over for the music in SMBX. The songs included in the program have a small file size, but they pay for it dearly in quality. This music pack replaces all of SMBX's standard BGMs with the high quality originals. The file size is larger and may affect load times somewhat, but the improvement is noticeable.

While this pack contains all the same songs as SMBX, there are a few differences. Tracks loop once or run for at least a minute before fading out. World map BGMs run at least 30 seconds before fading out. SMW tracks loop into their 'riding Yoshi' versions. Some SM64 tracks loop into their alternate setting variants. There may be some minor differences in track volume as well.

I hope users of SMBX enjoy this pack in place of the program's terrible defaults.


  • 110.2 MB
  • 300
  • 11/14/2023 12:00 AM