The 2011 RMN Summer Games is a game-making contest, the goal of which is to make a game within one month. A theme will be announced at the start of the contest to ensure equal footing and development time for all participants, but otherwise just have fun making games!

-The contest will begin on August 1st 12:00 AM GMT and run until August 31st 11:59 PM GMT. Entries must be completed during this time frame.
-You may work with a team of any size to make a game.
-Your game may be made in any engine and may be any genre, not just an RPG.

-You ought to have permission to use all art, music, or other content. Rips will be frowned upon. How the content was created does not matter so long as you have the rights to use it.
-The game should run on Windows XP or higher. The judges should not require any additional components to play your entry.
-Show good sportsmanlike conduct towards your competitors.
-Most important rule: Have fun!

-All games will be required to loosely incorporate the theme (TBA. The theme could be anything from a setting to an abstract concept.)
-Entries started before the allotted time will be frowned upon. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Extensions will be granted only in extraordinary circumstances. PLAN AHEAD.
-All entries will require a gameprofile.
-You must submit your entry to the event page (using the submission tools below).

Surrealism: movement that attempts to express the workings of the subconscious and is characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter.

First place I'm Scared of Girls

Second place Zephyr Skies: The Winter Sage

Third place Novella

Runner up Aetherion


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Teams Members Entry
Team Flame
Bludgeon of Inspiration
8bit Metal
Losers: Genesis
Gold Team
Team "Oh Crap Am I Really Doing This Alone?!"
Escape Artists Never Gam (?)
Imperishable Wombat Studios presents: Team Wombat Productions
Team Julie: Take Two
Team Sask
Team Hexasexa
Randomized Productions
Team Deadman
Team Raven
Ratty's Homebrew
No Mr Bond I Expect You To Dy
Just for fun!
Tales of Menace
Retraux Gamezz
Did You Know That Go-Gurt Is Just Yogurt?
Unoriginal Team Name
Hip hip h:Orray!
Clockwork Wedding
fuck da police
Lupine Vidya
Team Lucid
i hate my life
Bit Bonton
I wish Kentona would make a game for this competition...
Will I actually make a game and submit it in time for once?
Ragnarok Studios
Brethren of the Dragon Flame
Alice & the hole
Hallowed Sanctum Studios


i don't have the RMXP rtp, there are other people who's circumstances are different (have rmxp rtp but no rm2k3/vx rtp etc.) there should be no exceptions. Make your game playable so that anyone can play.
(no RTP requirements)
RTPs shouldn't be required. I happen to have 2k3 RTP, not sure other judges will have. I don't have XP RTP though. I recommend you guys be careful with stuff like that...
That doesn't seem right. The "judges should not require any additional components to play your entry" rule is an addendum to the requirement of Windows XP or higher, so I assumed it covered odd stuff like Visual C++ Redistributable packages and such. I realize we're talking about a matter of practicality, but it just seems a tad unfair to the VX/XP teams if the 2k3 RTP is "yeak ok sure" but the others aren't.

My $0.02.

(edited to fix sleep-deprived-zombie posting)
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
I am not sure you understand what is being discussed.
RTP is a graphic package you can use to make a game. For convenience sake, you can download the RTP to your computer so that any game that uses the RTP can run. It has nothing to do with whether the game actually uses RTP resources or not.
I understand we're not disallowing RTP. Forgive my obtuse communication; I need sleep. It just seems simpler to me for the judges to download each RTP than for every team to make sure their game won't require it. If this were "", that would be a bit much to ask, but if we're gonna let 2k3 users be lazy I don't see why the XP/VX users can't do the same. Of course, I'm not demanding anything from the judges, here. I'm one of the 2k3 entrants, so this doesn't even affect me.

I'm very likely thinking too hard about this. Off to bed...
No we're not going to let 2k3 users be lazy. They've been lazy for years those fuckers and any person not including ALL the necessary files in their games need to be fucking shot on the spot.
how about just add with RTP and WITHOUT rtp download option. Case solved.
how about we sneak some chill pills into shinan's drinking water... (shhhhh don't tell shinan)
/me is using 2k3 and will be making his game RTP independent.

I mean come on guys, the amount of resources available for 2k3 you shouldn't need to even touch the rtp anyway (unless you just happen to like it).
No we're not going to let 2k3 users be lazy. They've been lazy for years those fuckers and any person not including ALL the necessary files in their games need to be fucking shot on the spot.

Videogames = serious business.

Really though, I just thought I'd chip in to possibly make others' lives easier. Some people just want to complete a game for the contest. Not everyone is out to create the next Yume Nikki this month, and not everyone is an expert with these programs and their technical requirements. If you don't wanna download an RTP for anything, no one is making you do it.
Videogames = serious business.

When in doubt! Use meme to win arguement =o=

Your kinda forgetting the fact that contest games is more of a community effort than anything. Not everyone in our userbase wants to download the rtp nor really needs to on prinicple. If you were to download a PC game, you'll expect the developer to add all the compoments for it to run. You know your doing something wrong if you have the player scouring the internet to find those missing file pieaces. I don't even understand why your debating this.
There is no debate, and nothing to "win." I think you're significantly overrating my attachment to this topic. If you don't want to allow games to require the RTP to run, 2k3 or otherwise, that's your prerogative as a contest judge. Neither Shinan or I, nor anyone else but you, Max, and calunio can make that decision.

Dyhalto asked a question, and we discussed it. I'm sorry I struck a nerve. I was only trying to help.
/me is using 2k3 and will be making his game RTP independent.

I mean come on guys, the amount of resources available for 2k3 you shouldn't need to even touch the rtp anyway (unless you just happen to like it).

I've never made a game RTP-independant before so I don't know what's involved, and I didn't want to spend an afternoon figuring it out.
I gladly would for a main project, but this is has a deadline and time is important.
If I have to add it, then what's the most efficient way to go about it?
The most efficient way is to copy all of the RTP resources into the folders of your game, whether you are using them or not. Then add FullPackageFlag=1 in the .ini, and copy the harmony.dll from the RTP folder to your game's main folder.

More about it here:
The rule goes like: judges shouldn't have to download anything other than your game to play it. If, for instance, I download game X but it doesn't run because of missing file/missing font/missing RTP/missing dll package/whatever, I should not feel obligated to download whatever is missing. If I just decide not to play that game, I don't think I'm being unfair. It's up to the judge, I'd say. I mean, I would download a font. But I will not download XP RTP.

That's not being unfair to VXP users, it leaves more people in trouble. Some judges may not have that Super Mario thing required to play all mario games. The guy making a Mario game should just put the entire engine in his download (though I have it).

I don't think that's an intolerant position. Judges will have to play lots of games, if they have to browse the internet looking for missing files to every game, it's too much of a drag.


Making RTP independent games is very simple, no one should ever make a game that requires RTP, ever. And I don't mean adding the whole RTP to the game folders, which is super lame.
amusing tassadar, your taste in companionship grows ever more inexplicable

Just thought I'd make sure I understood correctly.

The teams... @_@
I'd happily join someone's team, though I doubt many would stand a chance with the likes of Anaryu, Solitayre and Krisanna being in the same group or Rhyme and KreadEX...
Still, I love mapping, so I'd always be glad to help out there.
Feel free to PM me with regards to joining a team and I'll get to work straight away, depending on what's needed, etc.
EDIT: I only work for RPG Maker VX teams, since I prefer that engine to any other.
I am an army of one.
I'm looking for people to join my team.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
A French vx team, right ?!