The 2011 RMN Summer Games is a game-making contest, the goal of which is to make a game within one month. A theme will be announced at the start of the contest to ensure equal footing and development time for all participants, but otherwise just have fun making games!

-The contest will begin on August 1st 12:00 AM GMT and run until August 31st 11:59 PM GMT. Entries must be completed during this time frame.
-You may work with a team of any size to make a game.
-Your game may be made in any engine and may be any genre, not just an RPG.

-You ought to have permission to use all art, music, or other content. Rips will be frowned upon. How the content was created does not matter so long as you have the rights to use it.
-The game should run on Windows XP or higher. The judges should not require any additional components to play your entry.
-Show good sportsmanlike conduct towards your competitors.
-Most important rule: Have fun!

-All games will be required to loosely incorporate the theme (TBA. The theme could be anything from a setting to an abstract concept.)
-Entries started before the allotted time will be frowned upon. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Extensions will be granted only in extraordinary circumstances. PLAN AHEAD.
-All entries will require a gameprofile.
-You must submit your entry to the event page (using the submission tools below).

Surrealism: movement that attempts to express the workings of the subconscious and is characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter.

First place I'm Scared of Girls

Second place Zephyr Skies: The Winter Sage

Third place Novella

Runner up Aetherion


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Teams Members Entry
Team Flame
Bludgeon of Inspiration
8bit Metal
Losers: Genesis
Gold Team
Team "Oh Crap Am I Really Doing This Alone?!"
Escape Artists Never Gam (?)
Imperishable Wombat Studios presents: Team Wombat Productions
Team Julie: Take Two
Team Sask
Team Hexasexa
Randomized Productions
Team Deadman
Team Raven
Ratty's Homebrew
No Mr Bond I Expect You To Dy
Just for fun!
Tales of Menace
Retraux Gamezz
Did You Know That Go-Gurt Is Just Yogurt?
Unoriginal Team Name
Hip hip h:Orray!
Clockwork Wedding
fuck da police
Lupine Vidya
Team Lucid
i hate my life
Bit Bonton
I wish Kentona would make a game for this competition...
Will I actually make a game and submit it in time for once?
Ragnarok Studios
Brethren of the Dragon Flame
Alice & the hole
Hallowed Sanctum Studios


Since I was gone and psy_wombats took the one we wanted, we take: The Hermit
Gold Team claims Death, for obvious reasons.
With so much reference to Rene Magritte's "The Lovers" in my game it could only be #6, The Lovers.
author=Max McGee

Imperishable Wombat Studios Presents: Team Wombat Productions claims The Fool.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I was able to download 11/12 entries.

TRANSITION apparently has a broken link.


Major Arcana Only, No Duplicates, First Come First Served.
nope. didn't even think of it.

we can edit the description though to link to it.
Guardian Gorgon of the Description Thread
If an article is written, does RMN4 allow for such an article to be attached to this event? I'm thinking "no", but it would be really cool.
I'm not in a fantasy world, I just want to make games.
So I started playing the games. I guess they're mostly really short. I'll prepare some form of feedback that doesn't involve writing individual reviews. Maybe an article adressing them all?

Umm for Eomnium Project, the download here doesn't work...Please play the one on the actual gamepage. Thank you
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
I think a review for each, even short, would be good, they're really different from one another (a review has been written for "Sisters Storybook" and Aetherion, I think), whoich still permits a general article on such or such a subject.
Guardian Gorgon of the Description Thread
If there's not enough material for separate reviews for each game, I think an article is fine. Though I would think some games would have more material, or spark more of a reaction in general, to comment on than others.
Articles are cool with me.
So I started playing the games. I guess they're mostly really short. I'll prepare some form of feedback that doesn't involve writing individual reviews. Maybe an article adressing them all?
Well, I would not suspect you to make finishing touches on the game in the last 4 days and send me an updated copy to take advantage of this minor issue, so just send me the game download however you like. Host it in your locker and post the link. Or just host the game on RMN!
Sure I want you to.^^
That's very good, because it would have been annoying if because of that my entry had been disqualificated. After the results are online, I'm going to change the download source (the rmn server, no extern servers).
@Diaeitsch I downloaded your game before cherryshare went down, so I can send it to Cal and Max if you want me to.
Sure I have a copy. Have all my games on my PC, mobile phone and USB stick.^^
Well, Max McGee wrote, I should contact the other jury members.
I guess calunio is going to read this and will give a statement.
So I'll wait 2-3 days... perhaps the download will work till then again.

Here a prove that it's defenetly the page its fault. No single download of my games, hosted on this damn site works any longer...
Other games of mine that can't be downloaded from this page
Guardian Gorgon of the Description Thread
I'm not worried about a date-change to the download. I'm worried about if it's even possible to alter a download like that. I assume all it would take is to clear out "URL" field, then use the "Browse" button to upload onto RMN's server. But, like I've said, I've never attempted anything like that.

There's also the question of whither doing that is allowed for a competition of this type. diaeitsch has extenuating circumstances, so it might be allowed. I have no idea, though.

As a total side-note, I like how the gamepages of the contest entries I've been to (probably only four or five of them) seem to be getting comments of praise. The most notable exceptions to this general rule are, in my opinion, Fire Woman and Weird Dreams. Though perhaps my perception is a tad skewed.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
The date of the download is under the "download tab", so that should not be a problem.
Guardian Gorgon of the Description Thread
@diaeitsch: If you can find out if it's allowable (contacting Max was probably a good start), you could edit the download of your game that currently exists and replace it by uploading the game onto RMN's server. I think that's possible, but I've never attempted such a thing. Also, I'm going off the assumption that you still have a copy of the game to upload to RMN's server, but I hope that's not much of a stretch!
Yeah, I just sent Max McGee a message, asking what now...
Is there anyone who downloaded the game as the download link was working?
Would it be okay, and that question goes to the jury, if one of the perhaps existing people who downloaded it, gives the game to the jury?
To make sure I didn't had more time...
Or what can we do now?