It's RPG Maker's birthday and you're invited to join in the celebration! But how to celebrate?


Well, by showing off what we've made using the engine of course! Hey guys, it's been a while since we had a Release Something, hasn't it? ;p

The aim of this event is to release something - whether it be a game (complete or demo), trailer, fan-media, reviews, resources or blog posts! As long as whatever you release has had work on it or was created during the timeframe of the event, it'll count!

◆ Release either a new demo, completed game, trailer, fan-media, review, resource or significant update (like a blog post or series of screenshots or wips, etc) for your own/someone else's game before the end of the event!

◆ All personal releases must have had significant progress made during the event timeline and/or not have been released before (in the case of media, resources, blogs)

◆ The event starts on 16th of February, 2021 GMT.
◆ The event ends on 16th of March, 2021 GMT.

As this is the birthday of RPG Maker, games must be made in or for an RPG Maker engine.

You can release as many pieces as you want, but we highly encourage quality over quantity!

◆ Participation Prize: All participants will receive a cute badge for participating worth 50MS.

◆ Category Prizes: For each category (fan/media, game/demo, resource, update), there will be a winner based on a lottery who will win a to-be-announced prize!

◆ To join, just sign up below!
◆ To submit a game, use a gamepage download!
◆ To add fanmedia, use the event locker.
For blogposts, reviews and anything that won't inherently upload, a text file with links will suffice, if the locker doesn't work.

Have fun and Happy Game Making!


  • 02/16/2021 06:00 AM
  • 03/16/2021 06:00 AM



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Deadlines comin' close....just a few more finishing touches. Should he able to get it up in time. Procrastination and work are a bad combo >,<
...maybe I can throw in some concept art as well, since the demo wont be too long.

My screensaver window plugin for MV. I'll add the demo project to show off how it works probably on the weekend. The power of infini-Ralph will be uncloaked!
Guardian of the Description Thread
Hey, Trail of the Interloper, is up such as it is!

*Edit: Here's your friendly reminder that, the Misao nomination thread is open for suggestions, and that games and/or demos that come out of this event could be a contender for "Best Event Game", or maybe "Most Promising Demo"!
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I finally finished Meteo Chronicles! Go and check it out, and make sure to nominate it for the "best event game" misao! It's an over 20 hour long epic RPG with an insane amount of side content and a great story. It also has summons and a class system.
Aaaaaaaaaand done! The ch.0 demo of DHARC REIGN is finally up. It's still a bit rough around the edges, but should be playable from beginning to end. Some of the language is admittedly a tad excessive (dialogue really isn't my strong suit, but I'm working on it), and will likely be changed later down the line when I'm not trying to beat a deadline. Other than that, hopefully it will provide some level of entertainment.
Managed to finish a demo of my latest RPG Maker game. It's nowhere near completion yet but I just would like some feedback on it regardless.

As for my other RPG Maker projects, well... My old hard drive sort of died... and so did most of my old projects...

Always keep backups
Does submitting a game in production count? As in I am uploading a newly submitted game page?
Yes! As long as it was worked on during the duration of the event it will count~
I've actually completed mine, just waiting for the page to go through. Really nice that this event exists, it was a great kick in the teeth to get things done.
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I'll eventually have a post in the gaming diary thread containing commentary on whatever I play from this event. Kinda like what I did for Seasons 4 except this time, I'm telling people I'm doing the thing, rather than not saying anything, and doing it anyway.
I'm working on an update for Calabozo but most of it is under the hood. Except maybe the updated character portraits? Does it count or I have to release a demo?

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Does it count or I have to release a demo?

I don't know about you, but I'm gonna release a demo for someone else's game! (gets to hacking)
Can only link to game downloads on the submit page, so linking here:

MZ Plugin: Font Texture (moderate complexity)
MZ Plugin: Invert Common Event (low complexity)
MZ Plugin: Splash Screen (low complexity)
b]Article: Window Skins Dissected
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I don't know about you, but I'm gonna release a demo for someone else's game! (gets to hacking)

LMAO! Nice catch! But writing a blog for someone else's game may be easier :P

In other news, I finally released my demo!
I hope I managed to iron out all the bugs and didn't forget any files...
Since my page was accepted, I could actually submit mine on time! ^_^
I don't know about you, but I'm gonna release a demo for someone else's game! (gets to hacking)

Hehe, I guess it doesn't. I don't think I can release a substantial update before the deadline but I guess I at least updated Cave Adventure R? I'm happy with that makerscore for now.
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Hehe, I guess it doesn't.

Hmm? My screenshot indicated that any demos, completed games, trailers, fan-media, reviews, resources or significant updates (like a blog post or series of screenshots or wips, etc) for your own/someone else's game before the end of the event - count.

Yours is a significant update. It counts. XD
Doot Doot!
Sprites for Karma Flow 2
Don't tell Pat I've been working on these all along. He still thinks I'm derping around.
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Oh well, I won't make it. But 15 others so far have! :D