Did you hear about the Children of Heaven who longed to see the blue and green of the lower world for themselves, disobeying the laws set for them in order to reach down the earth below? Cast down for their defiance, left in confusion while the stars above them burned, one among them rose up and claimed a piece of that land for her people.

Perhaps you have heard of the Journey of 1000 steps, with the heroic youth who climbed forever to reach the lost Fruit of Life to aid his dying mentor? Or the story of the lost lamb who led her owner on a merry chase over mountains and valleys, through dungeons most deep and cities most fair?

How about the tale of the three sisters competing to prove their worth as possible heirs to their failing father, a King once grand? Through hell and high-water they travelled, finally finding their way to a compromise, only to lose their home to the newly awakened Daemon Lord. Have you heard of the battles fought in their name? Of the lives given to reclaim that throne?

Let us venture into the world of RTP's untold stories. Meet the heroes, the foes and learn their tales. Listen... can you hear the deepest secrets they keep?


This is an event focused on the creation of a game within a week, in celebration of RPG Maker's Birthday~

The idea of the competition is to create a compressed story with at least one boss battle. Short games are in season and as such aiming for under an hour is the key. Dare you unlock the door to the hidden treasures?

For each aspect of your game that is deemed of sufficient quality you will receive a badge. There are five in total - the first for completing an entry in the time limit (Badge of Stepping Up). The second awarded to that one entry which wows the judges and is deemed the best (Badge of Excellence).

The four are as follows:
Badge of Tales (Writing)
Badge of War (Game Play)
Badge of Beauty (Aesthetics)
Badge of Senses (Atmosphere/Sound)

Every entry is eligible for each of the three. If the judges deem your work of sufficient quality in one of the categories you'll receive that badge. They stack, so you can gain all three or, in unfortunate cases, none. So polish those gems before releasing them!

The winner of this contest will receive something special in addition to achievements!


And now for the Feedback Arc! Everyone knows that a good story has an epilogue, so let's start this one!

Want a badge but didn't create a game in time? Then look here~ A nice badge or two for you titled the Badge of Discipline and Badge of Devotion. And how can you get your hands on these lovely pieces? Easy.

- Write at least 150 words worth of feedback or your thoughts on each of the 22 games submitted to the event OR four full reviews.
- Post this feedback in a comment with the title 'Feedback' at the top. Bold that title and set it to 18pt font.
- In the case of reviews, post links to the four of them in a single comment with the title "Review" at the top, bolded and size 18.
- For anyone up to the SUPER DEVOTION CHALLENGE - write 22 reviews all up. You will receive the Badge of Devotion.

- Judges will review your comments, check that they're of sufficient length and if all is fine, award you the badge.
- Judges will also check the reviews and award badges after all are in.
- You have ten days to play and feedback all the games/review four or all games.
- Enough feedback/reviews will unlock a podcast. Liberty will personally see to it that this occurs and will round up everyone to take part. She will take hostages if she has to.

You must use the RTP default characters. You can use different graphical styles for them, but they must be recognisable as the default database heroes.

Games must have all files included that have been used. If you don't know how to set it so that no RTP is required, just ask.

There must be at least one boss battle, using one of the last bosses of either the 95, 2K/3, XP, VX or Ace RTP.

Games must have a story. Said story doesn't need to be heavy but there must be at least something resembling a plot.

All games must be under an hour long from start to end. We do not want towering epics of 20+ hours. If your game is noticeably over an hour it will be forfeit.

Complete games only.

Games must be started only on or after the 8th of February. You may use resources you already had, but the actual game must only have started at the beginning of this event.

Games must be in by the last time zone of the 15th. Exceptions may be made if there's a good reason - PM one of the judges in this case.

You may have more than one team, more than one game. Teams of up to ten are allowed.

You may use any RM engine your little heart desires. Only RM though. It is for the RPG Maker birthday after all~

Any questions and queries, ask in the comments below.

Can we use scripts?
Yes. Have at them~

Are we allowed to have more than one project if just one member? Can a team have more than one entry?
Sure, if you've time.

What graphics/resources can we use? Do we have to use RTP? Can we use different tiles?
All, no, yes.
Basically the only restrictions are thus:-
You must use the Database characters. You can choose whatever style for them you like, but they must be recognisable as that character. For example, Alex in DS style is fine. Pink-haired Alex in DS style with a tuxedo... not so much.

You must use at least ONE of the Database last bosses as a boss. (You can use more.) They must be recognisable as that boss, but again, any graphical style is allowed.

You may use any music, graphics and sound that you wish. ;p


And the Medusa from 95, I do believe (I may be wrong but she has the most health by a lot - 7000 vs 3000)


95: Fess, Lena, Marcus, Agatha, Amy, Khar, Luts and ...Slobodan? ( >.< ???)
2K: Alex, Brian, Carol, Deiji/Daisy, Enrike/Enryuu, Arkon/Falcon, Homes/Gomez and Helen
2K3: Zack, Albert, Burns, Klaus/Grace, Arthur, Edith/Ardis, Feylin, Alissa/Alica, Mia, Elene/Eolen, Cinthya, Melissa, Fiona and Mao

XP: Aluxes, Basil, Cyrus, Dorothy, Estelle, Felix, Gloria and Hilda
VX: Ralph, Ulrika, Bennett, Ylva, Lawrence, Oscar, Vera and Elmer
VXA: Eric, Natalie, Terrence, Ernest, Ryoma, Brenda, Rick, Alice, Isabelle and Noah

Can we mix and match characters from different engines?
By all means, go right ahead. A Dimensions-like game could be interesting to see and there's no limitations on who you have in your party as long as they're part of the above group.

Do we only have to use the Database heroes? Like, for NPCs and whatnot?
Your party has to have only Database heroes. NPCs can be anyone or anything you want.

If I make my game with VX Ace, the boss batle Battler must be from VX Ace as well?
No. Mix and match as much as you want as long as it's one of the above Bosses and it's in one of the RM engines.

Do I HAVE to keep the default hero names?
Yes. As Nessy put so nicely: "Yes, because this event is about making a story for our beloved RPG Maker Database Heroes! It's their birthday after all :D!"

Do we have to use the default statistics and skills for the characters and bosses?
Nope~ Not at all!

Game Links in Comments

Tale of Alice by thatbennyguy
Maker Gear Rising by EvilEagles
Game by TheRealDMac

Banner Art by: Makio-Kuta and Archeia
Header Arts by: Kounosu
Achievement Badges Art by: Satsuki
Alex Sprite by: Apprentice


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  • 02/17/2014 01:59 PM
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Terence's Tribulations
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Team we almost forgot to sign in :x
Greetings from RMtopia!
who fucking chose rpgboss can't they read the fuckin-oh it's just grs that pinhead
Dat 95 hero quest~<3
Bandanna of +2 Laziness
Team Pi$$
Jomarcenter Studio - Need team member
There's no way in hell that I'm finishing in time...
Probably not a smart idea
What am I doing
Oh God
My entry > your entry
Tale of Alice
Team I Won't Deliver
Team What Is This I Don't Even
just passing by
Team N.A.M.E.
“How come he don't want me, man?”
Team Edward
Better than NaNoWriMo


Congrats to all. I was hoping for a Badge of War but you know what they say.

*Singing* You can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want.
Alright, here's the list of games and what badges they got.

Armored: Badge of Beauty
Ace's Heroes: -
Devil Ender: Badge of Beauty, Badge of War
Engalia: Badge of Beauty, Badge of Tales
Succession: Badge of Tales, Badge of War
Fallen: -
Final Quest: Badge of Excellence, Badge of War, Badge of Beauty, Badge of Tales
Gem Hunters: -
Heroes Unite: Badge of War, Badge of Tales, Badge of Beauty
I'm My Own Hero: -
Infinite Loop: Badge of War, Badge of Senses
Lawrence of Aragorn: Badge of Beauty, Badge of Tales, Badge of Senses
Maker Gear: -
META: Badge of Tales
Eric's Day Off: Badge of Tales, Badge of Beauty
Ralph's Adventure: -
RM Venture: Badge of Tales, Badge of Beauty, Badge of Senses
Swan Song: Badge of Excellence, Badge of Beauty, Badge of Tales, Badge of Senses, Badge of War
Tale of Alice: -
Terrence's Tribulations: Badge of Beauty
Winter Knight: Badge of Beauty
Iris: Badge of Tales, Badge of War

Like I said in the previous post, there were a few games that were so close to netting a badge, but just lacked that little more polish or had issues that detracted from the overall quality of the game. More than once we had to put our personal likes of a game aside and look at how it stacked up quality-wise, so some did miss out.

That said, remember that there's a possible podcast in the winds if enough feedback/reviews get done so... if you'd like us to do that podcast (and grab an extra badge or two!) then go for it!
Awww catastrophic mission failure. Oh well. Back to reviews!

...All 22. Does that mean we have to review our own game to get the devotion badge?
*Singing* You can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want.

But if you try sometimes... well you just might find...
You get what you NEEEEEEEED~
*Singing* You can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want.
But if you try sometimes... well you just might find...
You get what you NEEEEEEEED~

Amen. Sing it my brother!

Anyways, what am I complaining about? I made that thing in 2 hours. It was a joke game basically. :)
I'm a dog pirate
I'll admit, I was kinda hoping for Badge of War because I'm pretty satisfied with how the battles play out, despite the challenge - and version 1.0 was pretty unforgiving. Oh well! I need to drill into my mind that you can make battles intricate without being unforgiving.

Edit: that was really the only other one I saw myself winning. Badge of Tales, helllll no. I've never written romance before in my life and I made a yaoi thing in like 3 hours of eventing. I would have given that badge back XD

Badge of Senses? Nah, didn't even use tints.

So for Alice and Maker Gear, since they apparently don't have game pages, I'm going to review them in this post.

Tale of Alice

Story - It started off looking like it might be a promising joke game; Alice wakes up in her disaster of a house seeming not to remember how it got that way, the creeper stalker-kun NPC is waiting for her outside her door like that's a perfectly normal thing to do, and of course Ralph is in the game. Then nothing happens. Like. Nothing. Have you ever heard the green ping pong ball joke? I won't bore you with it but basically it's a really long buildup with no punch-line, and that's how I felt. I did enjoy the self-aware commentary about map detail and bugged jumping followers. I also chuckled at Ryoma speaking Japanese (no really, he actually spoke Japanese) since I still don't know what "Yoroidoshi" means.

But... Ryoma joins the misadventurers, then I run around and grab some items from frustrating locations, walk up and challenge the Demon King using the regular demon sprite who you referred to as the Demon God, and the game ends akin to the NES Ghostbusters title. ("Congladuration you prove our race is superior" or something like that.) I wanted to at least know why we bothered with all of that. Or get a punchline. It needed the "ba-da, psh!" at the end. Instead I was just frustrated.

Gameplay - Not a bad base concept, really, it had potential as a puzzle game mechanic. Run around, collect various items to gain access to new areas so you can get the items there to clear more obstacles. But I felt that it would have been better implemented in a longer game where you actually had to figure out something more complicated to access some of the items, or you had to stop and think about whether to chuck the apple, etc. The problem is that I just had to run around in the same map as the enemies the items were meant for, for the most part, and the whole thing just felt like it was intentionally there to burn my time. Also the final boss fight. I was sitting there, all ready to use strategery, or for the surprise final boss morph into the actual Demon God boss after I leveled to 99, or... SOMETHING. That didn't even qualify as a boss fight in my book. Also I walked up a ledge at one point, one of your floor tiles somewhere is glitched I think. Underneath the huge mess though I think there is potential for something, at the very least a dungeon mechanic for another game.

You were lazy and you know it and you've admitted it... yea. Also if you walk into the forest area and back to castle town at one point the music stays castle town. And at one point you fell into the same classic blunder that I've made in past work where the player wants to walk sideways and ends up going back up to the previous area, I put that under "graphics" because you could have made the map ever so slightly different and prevented that altogether. Like a 1 tile chokepoint.

Final Verdict: The whole game was a giant tease. Two hours of your time for like 90 minutes of everybody else's if they play the game and write a full review. *Super-frustrated*

Maker Gear Rising

Full review...? Do I have to? Fiine. First of all, why must everybody use .rar files and force me to use WinZip?. I am convinced that thing just... BREATHES malicious code.

Story - As the title suggested, a Metal Gear Rising parody. I was excited at first... but the text runs outside the window and I can't even read the whole thing, and for the most part it's just the same lines with "carrot" instead of "blade" and "Ergelbergl" instead of whatever awesome name that dog thing had. Quick beginner advice from a relative beginner - make sure you press "preview" before you move on to the next text section to make sure it all fit, and if you're going to parody something it has to be in the form of either a quick reference or a ridiculous exaggeration of one of the original's flaws. Think the scene in Scary Movie where the girl gets on the treadmill to run away from the killer, and you think "what an idiot, now she's going to die," but then not only does he get on the treadmill too, but he trips and falls. (Making fun of what an idiot Ghostface seemed to be.)

Gameplay - This was your Encounters of the Boss Kind entry, wasn't it :|. I lol'd at demon king with Senator Armstrong's head. I did. But we were able to just attack each other to death. At first I thought there might be some cruel strategy involved; i.e. if I didn't guard every turn and save up TP he'd out-damage me and I'd die. Or maybe there was some secret carrot item I had to use. But that turned out not to be the case. We just clobbered each other and Armstrong went down easy. Gameplay either has to have an inherent addictiveness to it (think Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and those awful Zynga games), or test some sort of skill (reflexes and pattern reading for fighters, creativity and logical reasoning for strategy, some combination for your action RPGs, etc.) If it does neither, it falls flat.

Graphics/Atmosphere - Meh. One map and a boss fight. Nothing much to say. Again, Senator Armstrong's head was funny. The couple of animations were a sign that SOME effort went into this though.

Sound - 10/10 I love that song.

Final Verdict - I probably spent more time writing this review than you spent on your game. I'm guessing you just panicked and threw something at the contest because you ran out of time, but in case that's not true and I'm being really mean, I did try to give actual advice on both writing and the art of gam mak.

@TheRealDMac: Of course, I meant 21... >.< However! If you want to give a post-production review of your game, looking at what you could have done better and what you learned through the process, that'd be pretty interesting to read. ^.^

@Sated: Tales includes characterisation and how well-written in-game text was. Your characters were funny, charming and just plain likable, and the lack of spelling or grammatical errors as well as the easy flow of the dialogue, meant that it snagged itself that badge.

The badges aren't all just graphics/story/battles/sounds.

Beauty was also about how well-mapped the game was, how the graphics were used, if they fit together neatly and looked good. It also included design elements like menu and windows.

Tales wasn't just the plot, but also how it was told, pacing, characterisation, writing skills, flow and ease of understanding.

War was battles, yes, but also general gameplay. Decent move speed, puzzles that weren't impossible, bugs, random encounter rates (if used), treasure balance and sequencing. It also, yes, applied to battles and whether they were too hard, were well-balanced, had easy-to-understand dynamics, were interesting without being over-bearing and were fun to do.

Senses was to do with sound, how well it was used, whether it was memorable or not. It also included how atmospheric the game was, whether the setting was interesting as well as how alive the world around you felt.

Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Ecstatic about winning a Badge of War. I've always had the feeling that I haven't really focused on the gameplay part of RM projects over the years, so getting recognition for that aspect of Iris is pretty awesome.

Congrats to LWG and Indrah & Co, and thanks for a great contest!

Wow. Thank you so much judges, it feels great to share a victory with developers like Indra and Fomar. I’ve never won anything on this site, or had anything spotlighted or featured before, it‘s definitely given me a confidence boost in my own abilities. I needed that. I know it’s such a cliché to say I wasn’t expecting to win, but I really wasn’t. I don't know how to express how happy I feel. I’m already excited for another contest, I hope people take me a bit more seriously about teaming up for future contests, now I’ve proven myself a bit haha. Time to review some games and give the losers something to look forward to as well.

Also, I’d like to personally thank my win on Minnow and Gourd_Clae for not being able to finish Razed are the Powerful in time. Thanks guys.
Guardian of the Description Thread


I'm My Own Hero - COMPLETE!

Terence's Tribulations - COMPLETE!

Maker Gear Rising -COMPLETE!

Ralph (Ad)Venture - COMPLETE!

A participation badge, the story of my life...

By the way congratulations to the winners!
You're magical to me.
Congrats to the winners, and to everyone who entered! There were a lot of terrific entries! ^_^

Though, I'm curious. In the rules, it says "The winner of this contest will receive something special in addition to achievements!" Did we ever find out what that was? :3

@Sated: Nice! I'm looking forward to replaying your game when the next version's released!
Just wanted to pipe in a congratz to everybody who submitted a game and to the winners! This was a fun event to follow even if I didn't finish anything (as always)!
Yay! Congrats to all the participants! But specially to the winners! You guys did a great job! ...Huh. "Swan Song" is about a veteran hero on his last adventure, and "Last Quest" is about a newbie starting off on his first journey. How poetic! xD

Anyway, I'm happy I got myself a couple of purty, shiny badges to take care of, and cherish-- (*hisss* my precious! >w<) *Ahem!* But maybe if I had polished the gameplay of my game, I could have gotten the War badge too. And if only I were any good with them fancy "werds", maybe I could even write some reviews to get the Discipline badge, but... *sigh* Maybe in another life. -_-
author=Little Wing Guy
Also, I’d like to personally thank my win on Minnow and Gourd_Clae for not being able to finish Razed are the Powerful in time. Thanks guys.

It was our pleasure, LWG~<3 Hahaha!
Congrats to all who participated and finished! And to those that didn't finish their entry (including myself): at least you tried! Maybe you even learned something from the experience! the only thing I learned was to never try to make a game in a week again >.>
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Congrats to all who participated and finished! And to those that didn't finish their entry (including myself): at least you tried! Maybe you even learned something from the experience! the only thing I learned was to never try to make a game in a week again >.>
I learned that working on my Pokémon project was way more engaging for me by comparison to what I was going to do for this. Lol, I'm selectively attentive like that. :P

I also wasn't confident with the idea I was going for with it, so I had a bad start from the get-go. I wasn't going to do a regular RPG or visual novel because everyone else does that and those genres really don't appeal to me as much as more action-based ones, so that's kind of what I was going for with mine.

My game was going to be a time-based RPG that centered more on navigating though three dungeon-like areas in the quickest way possible, with the rpg battles and level-up stuff downplayed to accommodate it. It was kind of a nod to the "less than one hour" requirement of this event, though I would have probably made the time you need to complete it even less. I was really struggling with this idea, however, because I needed to figure out how to make something like that work with a genre that is notoriously slow-paced, and TOTALLY picked the right event and right engine (this reminded me of why I dislike RM2k) for it!

The story would have went like this: Two treasure hunters named Zack and Alex are working together to obtain a mysterious artifact on a magical landmark called Sunset Island. This island is known to rise from the bottom of the sea once at every end of the year, then sink back to the bottom right around sunset on the same day it rises. Zack and Alex's mission is to get that artifact before the island sinks again (this is how the story connects to the gameplay). I was even considering multiple endings based on the time it takes you to beat it, kind of like Kid Kool only it'd be a bit more fair.

It would have also featured cheesy enemy names and a Sega Genesis-styled remix of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" as a part of its soundtrack.

It would have probably earned me a booby prize in that regard!

Congrats to those who won this, btw! :D