Game Chill is a winter game making contest, the goal of which is to make a game in a little over two weeks. Entries will be commented on by a trio of judges and ranked accordingly. A simple theme will be announced at the start of the contest to ensure equal footing with respect to time of development, but otherwise just have fun making games.

Opposites! Your game must directly involve two opposing ideals, forces, or elements. Examples would be magnetic polarity, lightside vs. darkside, etc. BUT your game must allow you to play both sides.

- The contest starts on December 12th at 12:00 AM GMT and goes until December 28th at 11:59pm GMT. Entries should be made during this time-frame.
- Teams of any size may work together to create a game.
- A theme will be announced at the start of the contest and participants will be expected to follow it, to a degree decided on by the judges. (This theme will inevitably not be Christmas-related, as that is too overdone!). The theme can be nearly anything from a setting to an abstract concept.
- All art, music, and sound should be original or public domain. When you made it is not important so long as you have proper rights to it. Entrants may stray from this rule if they wish, but should expect harsher judgments towards ripped content than original.
- Your game must run on the Windows XP platform or above. Your game should not require any additional components that a judge would have to purchase.
- Games should come with a readme.txt file of some sort, describing how to play the game, listing any resources used that are not yours, and describing what components the game needs to run.
- At the end of the contest, 3 judges will rank each game using their own scoring system, and provide commentary for the entries. The combined ranking of each game will determine the final outcome.
- Games started before the start time are frowned upon.
- Entries not submitted by the end time will not be accepted.
- Extensions might be possible, but will be granted only by popular vote and judge approval (ie. don't rely on it). If extensions are given, they will apply to everyone, for fairness. If an extension does occur it will be only a few days at most.
- Your game can be of any genre, not just RPG.

Check out #compo on for real-time compo action!

Avarice (3 votes)
Ghost Voyage (1 vote)

We will be posting our individual thoughts on each entry in the near future!




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Fourth Dimension
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The Fighting Mongooses
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The Noblemens
The Finland-Swedish National Socialists (FSNS)
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Wing It
Winter Snow
My Pixels Are Round
Screw Gravity
Decrescent Moons
Decrescent Moons
This team totally kicks the ass of all the others also emo rocks marry me Pete Wentz
Dark Court
Kevils Entertainment
Stupid Me
Unlikely to Do Anything
Team Maybe I'll make something this time but probably not so don't get your hopes up
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Rage Agenst the Dragon
Team Sam and... Sam =_=
Neophytes on this Team. Do not expect anything sensible. Do not expect anything at all.
Crimson Dreamer
Just Redd
I'm OK By Myself


I'm doing better than I expected, usually I'm wasting time fighting with Acknex's quirky collision system getting the entities to stop sticking in the floors and such.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
ridakian, there is no game time requirement.
How would you even measure that anyway? Everyone plays games at different speeds, I've always wondered how the people came up with the Hours of Gameplay on the back of game boxes I've seen.
Hours of gameplay is usually estimated. Game companies measure the number of hours it would take to beat the game by using their playtesters. Even still, everyone has a different pace towards beating a game. How do I know that? Because I've actually been a playtester before...and man, it wasn't a pleasant experience...
Well, there is that difference between playing a game and enjoying it.
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Hmmm I just noticed that WIP is the judge for this.....

I better cancel my entry.....he wouldn't let me win even if I made the next A Blurred
More likely that you won't win because your game sucks.
That's just the kind of excuses people make when their games suck AFD.
your game sucks and your butt smells
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lol don't underestimate my skill with RM2k3....
don't underestimate my penchant for butts
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Continue amusing me.
What's the matter with you, I entered even if my game ends up being irrelevant and horrible! Don't let the suck stop you from fighting!
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
i don't know about you guys, but i'm in this to make a cool, fun game that hopefully at least a couple of people will enjoy playing. competition's great and all that, but seriously, i'd rather just play sum cool gams.

Same story as tardis only very impulsive.
@tardis - i'd rather just play sum cool gams (with overlays).
<horatioxgeodude> so guys
<horatioxgeodude> i am probably not going to throw in a game chill release :(
<horatioxgeodude> fuck christmas / other stuff
<horatioxgeodude> i will probably have changed my mind by tomorrow
<horatioxgeodude> don't worry too much
welp, geodude.... you better make a gam....
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
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