RPG Maker 2000 was many peoples' introduction to the world of RPG Maker and has just been released in English! Degica, by order of KADOKAWA GAMES/Enterbrain and with the cooperation of Cherry and Archeia_Nessiah, have added another notch in their belt of old releases.

To celebrate we're having an event celebrating the Golden Age of game making! Grab your version of the program (whichever that might be) and jump on the gammak train!

Of course, the IGMC is on and a lot of people are going to be playing with it, but for those who aren't... there's this!

  • Your game must be made in RPG Maker 2000, no matter which version you use. No other engine will be accepted.
  • Your game must be be at least 20 minutes long to count for a badge. Demos can only get the Demo badge, none of the others.
  • Your game must be submitted by the end of Sunday, July 26th. Check the time the event ends on the right and make sure your timezone in your account settings is correct.
  • You may use any resources as long as they aren't rips. Go custom, make edits, use the RTP or use graphics from packs that are already available. As long as they aren't rips, you're good to go. This includes music, sounds and the like.
  • Games must be playable without having to download the RTP files. This is due to the new files not currently being downloadable. That said, the RTP is about 30MB, if that, so just include it if you use any of the files.
  • No DynRPG or similar patches allowed. Base engine only guys!

  • You must abide by the theme.

To submit your game to the contest:
  • Create a new gameprofile (by going to Submissions > Submit Game). The game must go through RMN's standard game approval process. (Get your gameprofile submitted early so that you aren't at the mercy of the whims of the Submission Manager!)
  • After the gameprofile is approved, upload the game to the Downloads section of your gameprofile.
  • Come back to this event and submit the download for judging! There is a Submit button in the upper right of the event page.

When you think of old, golden age games, you think of the many cliches they used. Thus, in homage to the old days of game creation, we're taking you back. Back to the time of cliche-ridden games.

Using the above link your challenge is to pick a cliche from the list and either play it to the nines or subvert it completely.

You may choose more than one cliche, but one must be used and easily recognisable as either subverted, lampshaded or in use. The most cliche-filled game/s will receive a special badge, as will the games with the most recognisably subverted/lampshaded cliches.

We have four achievements. Full games can only get two of them.
  • Helen the All-Rounder: Complete in every way! Full games will receive this badge.
  • Carol the Half-baked Magician: Half-baked by name, half-baked by nature. Only demos will receive this badge.
  • Alex the Cliche Hero: He's the most obvious choice for a hero. The full game filled with the most cliche of cliches will receive this badge.
  • Brian the Unexpected Healer: Who expects a healer with an eye-patch? The full game filled with the most lampshaded cliches will receive this badge.


  • 07/18/2015 10:00 AM
  • 07/27/2015 12:00 AM
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Why have you got to run an event like this during IGMC? Meh, I'm in.
Bludgeon of Inspiration
Team The Team
I can totaly do this in 5 days. No problem!
Team Discovery Channel!
I'm only going to use one cliche...
Let's try this
wtf why am i signing up if i have the igmc OH WHATEVER
Forget the rules, I'm sooo using Ace.
Team Judging you alllll
a fire emblem where the peace isn't shattered by a sneak attack
Dark Reality 2
Team here for makerscore
Gotta keep up the streak of joining but not submitting anything
Team "Time to learn RPG Maker 2k"
why not
gotta get em badges
Turlington's Turkey Sandwich
Team IGMC is Better
Channel 4 News
Bro Quest


It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

RPG Maker Web hasn't released the RTP for the new RPG Maker 2000 yet.
So you guys will need to package it with it I guess.
Thanks for the reminder. Added to the rules that RTP, if used, must be added. It's what? 30MB and change?
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Guys you may want to look at the description for the badges, it says

We have four achievements. Full games can only get two of them.

but three of the badges are awarded for full games, only one is for a demo.

Edit: Also, yay! It's been a while since I played a 2K game.
Yes, but if your game is full of cliches, it's not going to be full of subverted cliches, is it? You can go either route - either full on cliche brigade or subverting everything to your will.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Oh, I see it's an either/or situation. Cool.
Well, to be fair, if someone has the skills to do both in their full game, I'd be shocked enough to give all three badges, but I really don't see that happening. XD

So yeah, either/or.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Yes, but if your game is full of cliches, it's not going to be full of subverted cliches, is it? You can go either route - either full on cliche brigade or subverting everything to your will.

So to clarify, I can deliberately set up cliches and break them, i.e. the hero always oversleeps, but for this game, he manages to get up early for a change, or everyone expects the hero to fight with a giant sword and are notably shocked when they realize he never carries anything bigger than a dagger.

I ask because I was actually thinking of doing that and just now see your comment.
Yup, that's subverting/lampshading. ^.^
Damn. The idea I had when you said you were thinking about this involved some of the most epic I-will-literally-be-the-first-to-use-them-in-RM2K rips that I've started tooling up for use in RM2K. Not that I have time to make an ABS in 2K in a week hahahahahaha

I think I'd rather work on Riot Grrrl for a while, but I'll probably change my mind if I have a good idea in the next couple of days.
Eh, I'll probably sit this one out. The theme is sort of junky and I can't stand that godawful list. Might have a lot of work on my plate very soon too.

I hope everyone has fun though.
demo up on the my website <removed link> <:|
User was warned for this post
We do not allow links to illegal downloads of engines. If you want the engine either google the Tsu-version or buy the official one.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Making something stupid-simple in TsuK... might not be a terrible idea. Not gonna promise anything, though.
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

My game page would =

In a world where a game developer has sat comfortably making average games with RPG Maker VX Ace comes a game so crappy you won't believe it exists. Experience the RTP mess of a game as this developer flips and flops around with an editor he has never used and makes a game within one week.


Characters That Move From One Place To Another Place
Events Where You Can Actually See Text
Turn Based Battles
And A Total Lack Of Substance

Random question: Why do we have to create a game page before submitting to the event? Wouldn't after be better?
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

In the 2003 event couldn't you put the file in you locker? I didn't even think you needed a game page for that. Maybe I'm wrong.


Nevermind that was for the birthday event.
Your event submission is tied to a game profile download. Submitting a game profile before the last day means you have time for your profile to get approved and then a download added when you're finished instead of in the last hour of the event. Having everything ready before the end of the event means everything goes smoother fore everybody.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Waffling between focusing on an Okiku-like character going through "The Compulsories", or some kind of Legacy reference involving a "Heads I Win, Tails You Loose" scenario.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I'm just using straight RTP for the simple reason that it'll be easier to make a game in a week. I've already got the dimensional transcendence down pat. I'm not subverting it, but I did subvert the oversleeping hero trope. I've got the single parent cliche. I may subvert it or I may not. I haven't decided yet.

Edit: I'm looking through these and my goodness. I've only made a handful of games, almost all of them for events, and I've already used almost all of these.
I think the best way to subvert the parent cliche isn't to go just for the number. TeenageBoy McHero is woken up by his Mom and he heads downstairs for breakfast cooked by his other Mom! Bam, not a single parent but still has the cliche part where a male's living parent(s) is a (are) mother(s).

What I am really saying is trying to subvert the trope by doing the bare bones opposite is boring. Having the Good Guy Empire fight the Nefarious Scumsucker Alliance is boring. Now being the rebels trying to return the Emperor to his rightful place on the throne after external forces staged a coup so the Empire would be a puppet to the Alliance of Free States or so is a step up!