Halloween has come again and this time we let you guys pick the theme.

Fairy Tales are often stories told to give children a moralistic lesson. In and of themselves they can be pretty scary, but they tend to end happily or are resolved in a way that good triumphs in some way.

For this event you are being tasked with taking some of those Fairy Tales that you grew up with and giving them dark twists. From Little Red Riding Hood to Sleeping Beauty to Jack and the Beanstalk, any Fairy Tale is pickable. You can even smush a few together if you like!

- Games must be new - not an old game that you're finishing off - and should have been started after the event starting date. They must abide by site rules and be at least 10 minutes long.
- Submit a gamepage before the end of the event. It must abide by site rules and standards. Upload your game to your gamepage then submit via this event page.
- Team-ups are available.
- You may have more than one entry (in case you want to team up for one game with someone and make your own as well).
- You may pick any Fairy Tale you like, from anywhere in the world - it just has to be recognisable as that story when presented in the game.*
- Start Date: 1st of October
- End date: Midnight of 31st October - SITE TIME! (Remember to change your hourly offset in Settings so you have the right time show up on the page!)

There are three badges up for grabs.
- The Shattered Slipper: 50 MS for a completed game.
- The Bloody Apple: 10 MS for a demo.
- The Bone-filled Oven: 50 MS for being picked by our judge, LockeZ, as the best of the bunch. (Only complete games will be judged!)

"- You may pick any Fairy Tale you like, from anywhere in the world - it just has to be recognisable as that story when presented in the game."
That is, having a story based on little red riding hood and it being about a girl called Ridley who goes to school and kills all her friends... well, it might have inspired something of the plot (maybe) but it's not recognisable as such. But a girl who gets convicted of killing her grandmother and runs to hide in the woods where she meets a down-and-out lawyer called Wolfe who tries to help her but finds out that she has a second personality called Cutter who likes to, well, axe questions... that is recognisable as being based in said Fairy Tale.


  • 10/01/2018 12:00 AM
  • 11/01/2018 12:59 AM
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Let's murder your childhood-open to team ups.
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Time to ruin a happy end
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Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil...
Hansel and Gretel beating dead esbys?
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Link Kills Red Riding Hood
sure why not
i am not a coward, see I added Caz
Working with Fairy Tales
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Twisted Fairy Tale
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The true tale of Sleeping Beauty
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This isn't where I parked my car...
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OH MAN I REALLY HOPE I WILL FINISH THIS- i'm never going to finish a game ever again in my life, am i?
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I'm Making Cope Island Instead But What The
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Baba Yaga Eats a Burger
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Glass Slipper
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Crimson Dream
I'll SEA what I can do
Hansel and Gret-evil
I'm Not (un)Dead Yet
A Lovely Pot
hoots mon!
I don't have time for this, and I'm doomed, so whatever. At this point I'm just going for the longest team name possible without
Killerella: A twisted Cinderella Story
Why are all you fairy tale children getting lost in forests and hallucinating about animals that can talk?
Shinwa Ep.2 the naked king
Sam's Solo Struggle
Rapunzel but not really
Bread House
Fitcher's Bird
The Fisherman and his Soul
sleeper squad


gamepage uploaded, pretty much have all of the maps done but probably gonna spend all weekend hashing out the cutscenes and the "combat"
just add some vore at the end

I also thought of adding something right at the end, but I didn't find anything, which matches the story I have in head... T^T

The badges are awarded for completed games, not if they have a dark twist. Only thing you might miss out on is the judges pick. And of course there is the shame of not following the theme exactly.

Mine isn't that scary either. I tried to have finished, simple, and correct. Kinda a short and sweet game that doesn't have a ton of glitches.

Yeah, I'm just trying to keep my story close to the original with a little bit of horror elements to keep it interesting and entertaining.

I think I will take your advice guys, and focus myself on doing an enjoyable game, without any bugs. Either way now it's too late to think about something new. I will stick to my idea and hope it would be good enough for the event.
Thanks to you all for your help! >u<
I'm still under a load of work. I'm dedicated to finish something, but it might end up being more of a prototype than a finished game. I think 9 games are enough to make a decent game but I have some drawing to do today and only 3 free evenings next week.

I hope for something like release something in November/December for the final release.
Hey guys. I hope you're doing well with your games. Just wanted to say that maybe my game will be more like a visual novel, cuz there aren't puzzles or anything like that (until now). I hope it won't be boring. So yeah... Guess I'm the only one since here everyone seems to like puzzles and stuff.
I'm sadly going to have to pull out.

I admittedly didn't do myself any favours signing up a week in while already doing Inktober, but I'm also getting married this Saturday and my word was there a LOT more prep left than I thought. My Mmind was foolishly thinking "All the invoices are due 6 weeks before, so at that point, we can't have any jobs left." WRONG! There are so many jobs left!

So here's what I had planned that sadly won't come to fruition. Based on Cinderella, you're a detective invited to the Prince's Ball. The Prince is found floating dead in the pool and the only clue is a single glass slipper. Then the clock strikes midnight and horses and footmen start turning into rats and lizards while more bodies pile up. It was going to turn out one of the jealous step sisters murdered the Prince and tried to frame Cinderella, at which point Cinderella absolutely flipped out.

Gameplay was aiming for a classic Resident Evil / SNES Clock Tower vibe.

Super WIP screenshot:

Oh well, always next time.

Hey Sam. Just submit what you got as a demo. You'll get 10 MS for a demo, I won't be the only one who submitted (yes, I'll actually be pissed about being a 100 MS winner, if it's by default), and you'll have something rather than nothing for the event.

After the wedding, you can make your game awesome, but at this point, if you put TO BE CONTINUED in some odd place, all of us will understand.

Also. Clock Tower? I thought I was the only one who played that game.

Be careful ! I'm French
I won't be the only one who submitted (yes, I'll actually be pissed about being a 100 MS winner, if it's by default)

No need to worry, I'll be submitting a download very soon: just need to work on some details.
only five days left *panic* XD
Bulma, while I appreciate the sentiment, I don't have enough material for a demo, I'm not going to have time to work on the project further before the deadline, and my wedding is far more important to me than your sense of pride being hurt if you win by default.
I'm not sure it's about pride so much as feeling horribly singled-out/lonely/something like that.

When it's interesting to think like "I'm gonna win the prize someday", I have a realistic sense of my game, seeing as how I threw it together in like 3 days. It's a quick game to pass about 15 or 20 minutes tops. Unless you're grinding for more health & attack power, in the latter case odds are you've missed some weapons anyway.

But yeah, you gotta do the wedding. I just figured maybe you had enough for one, in which case you could quit right where you were.
Well, I'll definitely release something. It might be garbage. Probably.

Maybe we'll have a hard-fought garbage fight?

EDIT: I have enough that I can at least make a gamepage tomorrow.
Better garbage than nothing at all.

(They should add that to the RMN mottos. Along with this.)

well I have enough that I could release as a full game now but I want to add in a few more details yet
Be careful ! I'm French
Hey ! I've put a download !
The Beauty's Nightmares

RTP are not included inside. (And it's only 7 Mb !)
Hey ! I've put a download !
The Beauty's Nightmares

RTP are not included inside. (And it's only 7 Mb !)

I like this one. Got to the end but without the chests. I'm not sure I found all 10 deaths either. Does the lack of chests change the ending?

I wouldn't call that a demo though. That's a mini-game, same as mine. A demo is typically an unfinished game, as in you cannot get from start to finish. Sure, you could add levels, but still no demo.
Pretty sure a bunch of people already posted that they were finished. They just didn't submit the games to the event page yet.
Ok so I'm finished, Uploaded and linked to the event page. Have fun everyone.
I won't be making any more changes(apart from any possible errors people may encounter)
I found out that November is the real October.
Oh sweet, my game page is up! Now I get to play the most dangerous game, "Will I Finish in Time with My Awful Work Schedule."