Results are in!

1st Place: Will You Ever Return? by jackspinoza
2nd Place: Wine & Roses by Craze
3rd Place: Dead Moon Night by Fomar0153 and Indra

Judges' comments forthcoming.

First and foremost, thanks to Archeia_Nessiah for the wonderful event page CSS!

October's already here! It sure did sneak up on us like a creepy crawly black widow spider, fangs poised for a nasty, venomous bite! Like all arachnaphobes, we sprang to our feet, panicked, and tripped over the night stand decided that we're overdue for another month-long game development contest!

The Theme? Anything related to Halloween! Horror, trick-or-treating, zombie attacks,'s your call!

This is a very broad theme: as long as the game is in the spirit of Halloween, you'll be fine. Feel free to ask if you don't think your game applies to the theme. You may use any game development engine. Additional rules are listed below.

The deadline is 12pm UTC on Halloween4pm UTC on November 3rd. A panel of judges will play each game and rank the top three entries. Users may vote for their favorite game once the contest is over; voting will be handled through this page. Results will be announced via podcast. It's the All Hallows' Event...or, I guess you could say, the Nightmare Before Halloween!

Step 1: Sign up for the contest in the "Registration" section below this event description. You can enter this event solo or as a team. Additionally, you may submit as many games or join as many teams as you'd like.
Step 2: Create your game page. Normal submission rules apply.
Step 3: Post your download to the game page once it's approved.
Step 4: Submit your game download to the contest by using the commands on the upper-right corner of this page.

Winner: Patron Spirit of Halloween Achievement (worth 100 makerscore), an LP from one of the judges, a review from one of the judges, and a free copy of RPG Maker VX Ace.
2nd place: Ragdoll Love Interest Achievement (worth 75 makerscore), an LP from one of the judges, and a review from one of the judges.
3rd place: Duckbilled Evil Scientist Achievement (worth 60 makerscore) and a review from one of the judges.
Voters' choice: Two-Faced Mayor Achievement (worth 100 makerscore).
Participation (including judges): Sadistic Sack's Shadow Achievement (worth 50 makerscore).

(Feel free to nag the judges until you get your review.)

  • The game must be related to Halloween. Unsure if you game meets the theme? Just ask!
  • You may use any game development engine.
  • Only completed games are allowed! No demos!
  • Preexisting resources may be used, but no games that were started before the beginning of the event are allowed.
  • No late submissions; the deadline is strictly 12pm UTC on Halloween (October 31, 2012). Exceptions may be made if judges find a game-breaking bug.
  • There is no limit on team size; you may also work alone.
  • You may submit as many games and join as many teams as you'd like.
  • Judges' entries will not be ranked, but they will still quality for the voters' choice achievement.
  • All necessary files must be included in the download.
  • Only one VX Ace copy is available - please take this into account if you're on a team.
  • If the winner does not want VX Ace, s/he will pass it to the 2nd place winner, and so on, until we find a person who wants it.
  • All of RMN's normal policies apply.
  • If you have any questions, ask in the comments section or PM Deckiller.




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Teams Members Entry Votes
Mario's Mansion II
  • 1
Spirit Yumm
  • 1
Forest Map Madness
  • 3
She Who Likes Achievements
  • 0
Bludgeon of Inspiration
  • 0
Blue Pumpkin Games
  • 3
Demented Jester
  • 1
candies omg candies everywhere
  • 1
Resident Evil
  • 1
Wine & Roses
  • 5
dragons_fire games
  • 2
Haunted House Here, Ha Ha
  • 1
Team Me
  • 3
  • 0
Jack Spinoza
  • 3
  • 0
Flying Jester
  • 2
Slenderman's Army
  • 0
The Horrorterrors of Candy Cane Mountain: A Choose Your Own Adventure
Headless Eldritch Horror with a Sphincter for a Face with a Walker
Crayons and Papers
Arguably the perfect man
Will probably finish something this time
(Trick || Treat)
Let's Carve a Gourd
Samhain Sassy Soiree
Just in case I do anything
jomarcenter games
Onward! Defrosted Tuna Team
Xp hunters
Lord of CC will CC you... TO DEATH
Just Jude
Team Of One
Generic horror game.
Spooky Specters
It's Acezon
Deadly Dimention
Lucifer's Worshipper
Demonfly Studios
1 Person, 1 Game, 1 Month
Night Of The Terror
Evil Pyro: Killing by Mario Game
Memoirs of a Grimoire
Bump in the Night
Haunted Moors
Cthulhu Rises Over The City of Arkham
Insideous Horrors
Gold Team
Blue Rooms
Home Alone
Mansion of Doom


Thanks for the congratulations Craze, FlyingJester and Jonnie91. I feel very honoured to say the least. I really enjoyed this contest and - to be honest - it has perhaps been seminal in my practice. I really enjoyed all of the games and I'm sorry that some people feel underwhelmed by my efforts.

edit: thanks to dragons_fire too (sorry for missing you, I feel ashamed)
Dear me no, I do congradulate you. That you won just means that I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, and that there is likely a great little game there.

I will admit to being quite biased when it comes to games, and that is just me. Your style reminded me of the Evil Dead films (at least I think that's what they were called) and that may have influenced me somewhat as I cringed my way through those films when I was shown them.

But seriously, congrats on winning everyone who did.
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
Man it is bumming me out to see jackspinoza feel like he has to apologize for winning.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
maybe he's canadian
maybe he's canadian

Hahaha, worse... Scottish.
Hey, no worries there.

My English side balances my Irish tendancy to apologise for everything... but only barely. lol. I do have the insaitable need to explain myself constantly though.

Ah well, the wonders of Celtic nationality. lol.
Ah well, the wonders of Celtic nationality. lol.

Pff, I apologise for nothing!

But I do congratulate everyone who won stuff! I haven't gotten around to playing most of the games yet, but I will soon. Maybe then I can actually do some reviews and stuff.

I also love delicious achievement. :3
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Good. *thinks he may have got Flyingjester's joke* That must be some kinky duck. Or is he drunk?
No, the duck isn't kinky or duck.

Get it? He needs something for his bill, but the pharmacy doesn't have anything for ducks? Because Pharmacies don't have duck medicine? See what I did there?
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Just showed my parents Veil of Darkness. They enjoyed it.

I think you fudged a pun, FJ, and the joke got lost. Did you mean this?

A duck went to a pharmacy. "Help me," he wheezed, "I have a sore throat and can barely honk."
"I'm sorry," said the pharmacist, "but we don't carry quack medicine."
Nope. It's from the book 'The Areas of my Expertise'. I recited it correctly.

...but it's from a section of the book called 'jokes that have never produced laughter'.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Nope. It's from the book 'The Areas of my Expertise'. I recited it correctly.

...but it's from a section of the book called 'jokes that have never produced laughter'.
Now that's funny!
*Edit* While showing the game to my parents I noticed a mistake I'd missed- a phrase is cut off. It's now fixed.