The resource creation event years in the making!

Kids Design The Darndest Things 3
Make sprites from my 10 year old's designs

At the end of 2016 I held an impromptu event for you to create monster sprites and/or game art based on my then-7-year-old's crayon artwork. Then again in 2018 I created an event for you to create sprites from my then-5-year-old's designs. Now it is 2023 and my now-10-year-old still hasn't stopped making monster designs, so here we go again!

In this short event we will:
  • Create pixel art version of these monster/item/map designs
  • Submit them all to this event page
  • Vote on our favourite entries
  • Have some fun (not required)

The submission deadline is January 31st.

Submit your entries using the toolbar in the upper right, and then make a post showing them off in the comments below!

If you submit at least one design, you will be deemed a participant and receive a Cybarren achievement worth 5ms. If you submit at least five designs, you will receive an additional Mechaboom achievement worth 10ms. Participants who submit a monster and its evolution will receive an additional Lemoshade achievement worth 10ms. Participants who submit an item card will receive an additional Angry Gnome achievement worth 10ms. A fan-favourite (determined by a voting round after the event on a per-monster basis) will receive a Laveger achievement worth 15ms!

When naming your file submissions, please include your username and monster/item name directly in the filename. Makes things easier for me! Like "kentona_cybarren.png".





Wisp (evolves from Willantern)

(from left-to-right, top-to-bottom)
Grim Reaper


Harpoon Zombie

Lemoshade (evolves from Lemonade)

Shock (evolves from Bolt)

Laveger (evolves from Levender)

Moist (evolves from Mist)

Helcina (evolves from Cavigaul)
(Shiny alternates)

Feel free to either map this in the engine of your choice and take a screenshot, or create a monster sprite from one of the monsters in the map!

Rainbow Falls!


Create a sprite of the item, or design the entire item card!

Scale Armour
Qwertyte Arrowhead

Moopid's Arrow

Blessed Leggings
Grimlawn Beta

Jackalope Antler
Tinfoil Hat

Sinister Flora

Grimlawn Alpha
Angry Gnome

Grimlawn Omega

Wicked Wonder
Grimlawn Omega (again?)

At the end of this event, I will create voting topics in the forums so that we can vote on each monsters' fan-favourite entry. Fan-faves (after a set period of time) will receive the Laveger achievement.

Here are images I missed when I first prepared this event.

(from left-to-right, top-to-bottom)

Frozen Horsefly
Arachnid Snowman
Hooded Figure


(from left-to-right, top-to-bottom)

Spooken Ladybug
Spooken Spider

Headless Horsefly

(from left-to-right, top-to-bottom)
Butterfly Bot

NPC Mosquito


The Spookentown

Greenhouse Map

Spiders Den


Unleash your inner-10-year-old and make some monsters!


  • 01/06/2023 10:00 PM
  • 01/31/2023 11:59 PM



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Your mom is a hero
Achievements have been distributed! I hope I didn't miss anyone or any achievement. Let me know if I did.

Thanks again to all the participants! I will create the fan-fave voting topics early next week. Stay tuned.
Your mom is a hero
Alrighty! I'll compile the results, and hand out the first batch of achievements tomorrow!

Thanks everyone who participated and commented! It was fun running one of these again.
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
Nope I've done everything I wanted to do. 5 monsters/items in, one evolution chain, one item card, and 2 other random monsters.
Your mom is a hero
how is everyone feeling about this event? were there any of you out there who wanted to submit something but didn't get a chance to? I can extend the deadline if you like.
I tried out Willantern! I like Unity's version a lot too! Your 10 year old is very creative.

I like the cards especially lmao "Only you can protect yourself from burns" is top-tier comedy actually.


Thank you! I really enjoy the design, lighting and pastel color pallet of your Willantern.
Here is my final monster for the event, Helcina.

woah, cool art style!!! You did helcina justice for sure!
Here is my final monster for the event, Helcina.
sorry, i forgot.

here's my entry.

kinda satisfied with how the leaves become, but it seems that the colors are too similar...

was trying to make it have gradient but it doesn't look as good as i thought...

it seems i need to learn making that diamond shape more... it looks like a moustache here.

overall, i learned some new things this time and it gives me an excuse to practice spriting again, so thanks for the event as always.
For what it's worth I really appreciate this website and the community.
And even though I sometimes go long stretches without posting on the site. I'm pretty certain I will continue to visit this site as long as it exists.

Anyways, I'm going to show my new Grimlawn designs. One is an update of one that I previously submited. Also, I might still make one more monster if I can make it in time.

Guardian of the Description Thread
I kinda suspect part of the reason might be because, well, look at the achievement list, sorted by recipients. The last event that handed out achievements was an asset-making event, which wasn't even on-site. It was run entirely on our Discord channel, to the best of my knowledge.

It ran April and May of 2022. So, even in the best case, it's been somewhere around 8 months since an event, and I feel I need to stress this, any event, actually produced achievements. Now, maybe this is just me talking, but, does that not seem more than kinda demoralizing, it it's own right?

*Edit: Did a quick cross-check. Here's a list of events that have related achievement casualties:
Seasons 5 of RMN
RMN's 15 Birthday Bash
Rainbow of Pos2vitity
Swap in 3 Middle with You
Resurrect the Dying
Your mom is a hero
yeah probably.
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
Womp womp, no new posts in ages and barely any submissions. I've already submitted my 5 but there's only 3 other people who posted the full number. Everyone else in this event either only posted one or two or didn't post any at all. Sadface. :( Is this site really that dead? I'm pretty disappointed with the lack of participation in events recently.
For the cards I decided to do pixel art instead of 3D. Just felt like it made sense.
Anyway, I turned Grimlawn Omega into a corn monster. That wasn't planned it just worked out that way.
I did Lavender and their evolution!
Your mom is a hero
Ha these posts are fantastic


here's my take on the Grim Reaper as a SFAVDI boss. upon enough damage, it would unhood itself, whip out the spell hand and the scythe hand and ready for Proper Battle

(this is not a real fight sorry :( )
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
Here's the ones I did so far. I did the lantern guy and his evolution which I made very spooky. I also did the "blessed leggings" item which I gave my own spin to:

Seablessed Leggings (Version 1)



Edit: Made one more, the Exobot! I gave this one a cool exoskeleton for a bit of an extra touch.


Edit 2: Made one more and updated the seablessed leggings to actually be a card.


Seablessed Leggings (Version 2)
Although I'm very busy right now, I'll try to make some stuff for this, since I really enjoyed it last time. I likely won't do a video for it though like I did last time. Unfortunately I removed my old video of this event, it's a long story. Anyway, if possible I'd like to do a map but at the very least I'll try to do a monster.

EDIT: Just finished one. I'm using a simple 3D program like I did last time.

Who's that monster? It's Cavigaul.

Oh, I thought nobody have done the bedbug n.n' Seems the list is still not updated. Either way, more bedbugs!

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