What is it?
Media Madness Month is an event where participants create media for other people's games over the given period. The aim is to either give feedback or show support for the games you enjoy or the ones that need it. Let's show each other some love!

Media in this event is defined as one of the following: Reviews, Let's Play/Try videos, Fan-made trailers, Fan Art, Fan Fiction and Musical scores. If you want to try something else, send either Nessiah or Liberty a PM and we'll let you know.

You may only submit media that is for games that you are not the lead developer of. You can give media to games that you've helped out with, but if you created a project then it's not allowed and won't count.
Follow the Guidelines on how to submit. Read them, learn them, breathe them, love them.
Submissions should be added during the course of the event. You can check it by looking at the top-right of the event page. The date shown there will be the end point. (It's set to whatever offset you have the site time set to, so if you're +8 hours and have set your site-clock to such, it will show the ending time in your zone.)
You may have multiple submissions - in fact we encourage it!
No teams.
Be respectful and put at least a little effort into your media submissions, please~

Each day bounties will be posted at the bottom of this post. These games are completely optional and judged by Liberty as to who collects the bounty. The better quality the submission for that bounty, the more likely it will be chosen as the 'winner'.

You will be told how many days you have to complete a bounty when that particular bounty is posted. If you haven't completed that bounty by the due time, you may still add it as a general submission to the event.

Wanted games will be ones chosen at semi-random which haven't had much love shown to them - both old and new, from any engine and genre. Essentially, they'll be another 'list' of games provided for this event, but rest assured that they're completely optional.

Each successful bounty will award you with one Bounty Point. These will be used at the end of the event to determine a special something...

To submit media to a project, go to that projects game page. Under the title image there should be some options including Review, Subscribe, Nominate, Submit Media and RSS.

Click on Submit Media and fill in the media page, choosing the correct category.
Add Media Madness Month to the title.

If you are submitting video content where there are more than one video (so LPs or LTs) you MUST have at least 5 videos to a page if there are more than 5 videos in the series or at least a balance.
For example, if you have a total of 8 videos, 4 over two pages is acceptable, as long as each video is at least 10 minutes long. All 8 on the same page is also acceptable.)

If you have done more than one piece of art, add them to the same media page. In the case of over 5 pieces, or if they're large, you should use hide tags.

Be aware that it takes time for media submissions to appear as they are subject to being checked. This means that if you're writing something on the page it should be of good quality - ie, readable with minimal spelling and grammar errors.

In the case of Fan Fiction, use a normal media page. If it's a very long piece or of questionable nature (that is, over M rating) use hide tags and - in the case of Mature themes - add a tag above the hidden work letting readers know that there is questionable content within.

To submit a review, go to the game page and click on Review. Follow the directions on that page, making sure that the written parts of the review are of sound quality - that is, proper grammar and spelling; decent aesthetic properties (paragraphs, working picture tags, not hard to read colours or font sizes) and non-inflammatory.

Remember the Golden Rule of Reviews - point out the good as well as the bad and try to be unbiased or at least, keep your opinion as correct and non-abrasive as you can.

Once done, make a comment on this page using the following code:

[b][color=green]Review for[url=<address of review> [color=orange][u]<name of game>[/u][/color][/url].[/color][/b]

Due to the way the event pages are set up, reviews and Media cannot be submitted at the same time to the same event. Hopefully this will change in the future, but as it stands it is easier for reviews to be done like this. I will post a list of the reviews at the bottom of this post.

If you have any questions, submit them in the comments and either Nessy or Liberty will get back to you.

To collect a bounty, follow the above submission guide except adding the word 'Bounty' in the title of the piece. Then submit as a normal submission.

After that, drop a comment with a link to your bounty submission before the date/time you are told and add the following line in Bold/Blue:
"Bounty Collection for <name and link of game in grey and underlined>."

Underline, grey and link the name of the game to the media page.
A handy code:

[b][color=blue]Bounty Collection for [url=<address of media/review> [color=grey][u]<nameof game>[/u][/color][/url].[/color][/b]

In the hide tag are a list of games for us, as a group, to aim towards completing. If every game gets crossed off there may be a special little something for all who contributed to the aim.

We will also be hosting a super special raffle with a secret prize up for grabs!

One ticket per media/review submission for any of the games from the below list.




The Arementon Marine Office asks that these three amigos be rounded up before Tuesday 11th, 11:59pm GMT.

Forced Recall still roams free! The Marines have upped their bounties! The first to catch them (with decent quality) will gain double the bounty! Contact the Arementon Marine Bounty Dept before the 9th to claim your bounty!

REMEMBER! Don't post the link to reviews unless they've been accepted to the site. Bounties are exempt from this as they need to be claimed before the due time.

Artworks presented in this page belongs to:
Wild Arms official art
Background by Dumaker@DeviantArt
Achievement Badges by mitsuharu nene


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Alright, I'll add them to the OP, though neither Nessy or I can add them to the actual event (It's only Admins that can do that, unfortunately). Rest assured, there are badges, though~
Ah, I love events like this. I've gotten out of the habit of writing reviews and having a game list and a time limit factor always helps me get back on track. I'm a bit busier than usual this month, but I should be able to submit 2-3 or so reviews for the purposes of this event.
You the practice of self-promotion
So I guess I'll be writing some reviews since that is the one thing I know how to do for sure!

I would like to ask a couple of things:

- What program do you suggest to make a LP or LT video?
- Are there any guideline for the Fan Fic submissions?
- How come the "Voting Ends" has an end time that has already passed? BTW is there any actual voting involved?

Also, a suggestion:

It would be nice for the sake of ease of access to make the entries of the Game Aims list linked to their corresponding games.
You the practice of self-promotion
I just noted that some of the entries in the Game Aims list are actually linked but to the RPGMakerWeb forum. How would submissions for those work?
For the RMW ones, post the actual content in their thread, but leave a link back to it here. Use the code provided for reviews so we can see them, though, even if they are media.

Videos: I'd recommend Camtasia Studio or Fraps. It depends if you like to edit your work afterwards. There's many good video capture software, but personally I highly recommend Camtasia. It's really good.

For the Fan Fics, just as long as you tag appropriately and use hide tags if it's too gory or risque, it'll be fine.

No, there's no voting. I'm... not sure why that shows up. It might be the default for no-votes. I'll double check.

I'll be adding links to the Aim list later, when I have the time. ATM I'm a little busy, but I'll probably add them tomorrow.
The event was flagged as user voting so I abused my powers to turn it off.
Oh, thanks GRS!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
So what exactly is the game aims list? I'm just having trouble understanding the description. Do you complete them by adding media?
Wow! Echoes of the Past is on the list (even though there's not much story available for public :( )! ;)
Would it be okay if let's say I'd like to post two fanfics for one game, each relating to different character(s)? Also, they'd be in the same entry so there wouldn't be much crowd. :P What is the minimum number of words for a fanfic? From the story I wrote, chapter has an average of 2,000-like words, although shorter and longer happen as well.
The aims list is basically a list of games to aim for getting at least one media or review. If the list is completed, then all contributors go into a raffle for a secret prize. It's something to aim for.

Of course, it's not mandatory, but if you're at a loss for a game to choose, pick one from the list and have at~ We'll cross them off as they gain reviews/media so that there's not as much double up and you guys can see what has been completed already.

That's fine, Noel. I'd say to use your own thoughts about fan fiction length, but part of the rules is to make some effort at quality. If your Fan Fic is a drabble, maybe make a couple of them instead? 300 or so words should be easy enough to aim for.
I don't really like limits of words: the place where I come from, everything related to English studies is word-limited when it regards making some creative work, like letter should have between 120-150 words, or a story that should not be longer than 300 words if I remember correctly. Very limiting if you ask me and you ask someone to be creative. >.<

Also, can I only make a submission to one game, or more?

And the day limit is to July 13th, yes? I ask because the event's name is "Media Madness Month" and you give a time limit to July 13th.

Also, a space is missing in the introductory paragraph called "What is it?".
Guardian of the Description Thread
I can see me adding a review, possibly three, for this event.
This is one of those times where I wish I knew how to draw. At least it'll be a good fire to put under my buttocks so I can learn how to write reviews.

edit : This ends on July 13th? That's quite the "month".
You the practice of self-promotion
edit : This ends on July 13th? That's quite the "month".

I guess that's part of the Madness! I wouldn't call a review "media" either, but what do I know ...
I just realised: E3 is coming next month, and we are now holding M3! ;P
a month is just....

what you mawk of it
a month is just....

what you mawk of it


What a punny joke.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Great now I'm going to get over 30 notices for this event over a single day,
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
So... I was going through the "Game Aims" list and noticed a few games for which I could submit a thing or two, but those that I had in mind already have something submitted. Are the still part of the list, or are they already done?

EDIT: Also, how do I sub to this event?
Hit Sign Up right before the list of users and after the event description. No obligation or anything, I sign up to most events just for the notices and never submit a thing