Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls; I'm sure many of you have wished to work with someone new, especially someone well known and respected, or maybe just someone who's gotten your attention and appreciation of their work. Perhaps you aren't well know but would like to meet and collaborate with some people, show what you got? Are you just looking for something a little different? While not all of these can be promised, it would be nice to be able to do some of these, yes? I give you, McBacon Jam.

The idea and goal of McBacon jam is to give people a chance (and excuse) to team up with people they wouldn't normally team up with an give them an idea of what its like to work with them. Hopefully, this encourages less cliques and more willingness to diversify collaborations.

Here are the basics:
  • This event will run from 1/21/2015 to 2/11/2015 (3 weeks because everyone been getting sick and McBacon loves you)
  • I will announce a theme on the 21st; that is when your team can officially begin.
  • Team sizes must be a minimum of 2 with a maximum of 4 (remember, this is about collaborations). Solo entries will not be accepted for this.
  • You may be in only 1 team.
  • You may submit some basic info about yourself so that others can get a better idea about you at a glance.
  • Just to set the record once and for all, there IS NO APPLICATON OR APPLICATION PROCESS. all info is provided voluntarily and for the benefit of others.
  • If you already have a team decided, be sure all members join said team.
  • If you dont have a team, but want to join one, make a team with just you in it. if someone joins your team, make sure everyone in said team talks about it too.
    If no one does join said team, I will be talking to everyone without a team and helping everyone get teamed up.
  • If you don't care one bit about who you're teamed up with, consider going into reserve. Being in reserve allows me to makes sure anyone that wants to be in a team can. plus, it grants you the best trophy in this event!
  • Assuming this is a success, don't expect to team up with the exact same people every time. Each new jam means different team arrangements!
  • If bizarre circumstances occur or if you're having some team issues, let me know and I will take care of things accordingly.

Only 1 badge will be handed out, depending on the circumstances:

McBacon Jam Effort: 10 MS
  • Given to people on a team who at least turns in something remotely playable and tries to meet the theme.

McBacon Jam Pioneer: 25 MS
  • Given to people on a team that end up making something and meets the theme quite well (I expect this one to be the one handed out mostly)

McBacon Jam Reserve: 30 MS
  • This award overrides the others and is given only to people who went the extra mile and put themselves in reserve, provided they still turn in something though.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Speak up and post!


  • 01/21/2015 12:00 PM
  • 02/12/2015 02:59 AM
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I was gonna do this but I think it's too late to start now. But if there are any teams that need someone to help with resources, (music, graphics, all that stuff) then I can make them you. Just message me and I will show you some stuff I have made.
You're magical to me.
Urgh I contracted a flu and have a slight fever but, at least we have something to show now >_<

Oh no, Nessy! ;_; I hope you feel better! That looks awesome, tho!
Thanks! Spriting takes most of the time imo, especially trying to fit in all the information on small sprites (that is 32x32).

That's one neat looking menu screen. A++
Also, I got flu too! I guess that means it's high five time! (I got better already tho' ,fortunately). Coincidentally, the next day (after I got sick) was when the contest was extended by a day.

Talk about good timing.
WTF is everyone sick??? like a global sickness or something
I`ve been coughing for 8 days now and now my eyeballs feel so freaking heavy and i feel so sick

what a lovely pic @Archeia, gotta love that manbra and those eyelashes <3 <3 <3 <3

awesome design btw

as for us team Angry Beavers, our game`s
so cute! Right Cap? Right Cash? Ain't it cute???? <3 <3 <3 <3

lol i`m getting good vibes from this event

and i`m really annoying
Guardian of the Description Thread
and i`m really annoying

Actually need a Hug of Reassurance +5, there?

*Edit: A small bit of progress on my end. I had some mock-up maps from before, but, I've actually placed some events on them for a bit of function-testing! So far, so good!
I so want to play those games
Nessiah's Seme-kun
@cashmerecat: ;w; yes I did the Pink Lady portrait, Nivlacart will be doing some as well! As for the GUI, that is actually Archeia's handiwork~
"wait you made this a career?"
Our team hasn't said anything so have this drawing.
We don't even have a name yet Char D:

Then again I was told to work on that...

sprites sprites sprites walking talking sprites

I'm slow at spriting and still pretty new to it, but it's fun doing them once in a while!

EDIT: oh no loose pixels
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
slash: those are simple, but cute! good for a small project :)

I'm currently at 6/7 maps and 10.5/12 scenes written. After the last little bit of mapping/writing, I can paste the dialogue into actual map events, then my part will be done ~

Sprite Battle! Yeah!

I don't feel like spriting any more spheres.

You're magical to me.
Wow, that's amazing, Aethers! :D
Wow, that's amazing, Aethers! :D
Thanks! There are some still being worked on, so look forward for them in the game!
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
FYI: This event has gone from 2 weeks to 2 weeks and finally 3 weeks.
Resident foodmonster
I think the teams are gonna be generally happy to have more time, but as a suggestion, can we please not have any more extensions? Eventually we do need to release our projects and work on whatever we had before!

I'm glad it's not a contest at least.

Our game is turning out totally sweet though
If it gets extended any further, the idea of a Valentines Review event to follow it up will be shot. (Can anyone say perfect timing!)
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
ocean. are you friends with chaos or rhyme at all.

because our game is an AP-based vampire rpg.
Resident foodmonster
ocean. are you friends with chaos or rhyme at all.

because our game is an AP-based vampire rpg.

They're cool but no I didn't discuss that, it being a vampire screen was entirely because I thought the stick figure sword I drew looked like a cross!
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
oh okay. because like that's literally the basis of our project and i was amazed at the sheer coincidence...

in our game (uh no title yet, codename "wampyr" but i'm leaning toward "Menschwerdung") you actually play as the vampire though. sorta. welp