So we've played with the engine a bit and gotten used to how it works. Some of us focussed on graphics, others dabbled in eventing and plugins. Now it's time to put our experimentation to use.

Let's mak gam!

- Make and release a demo or full game by Midnight (GMT) of the 15th of November.
- Only RMMV is allowed.
- Team up as you will.
- As many as you like.
- Games must have at least 5-10 minutes of game time.
- Rips, edits, RTP and custom are all good.
- Must have the default 4 characters as your party (you may add more but those four must be playable characters).

All games must be submitted to the event page by the 15th of November, 11:59 GMT.

To sumbit:
Create a game page for your game, abiding by the rules of the site. It is highly recommended that you do this at least a few days before the end of the event!

Upload your game file to the gamepage and then click the Submit button at the top of this page. From there you can choose the download you mean to submit.

This must all be done before the end date of the competition.

Meet your team!

Harold, the Brave Hero/Facepuncher

Therese, the Serious Knight/Beekeeper

Marsha, the Cheerful Mage/Gastromancer

Lucius, the Calm Priest/Rockin' Guitaromancer


  • 11/09/2015 01:24 AM
  • 11/16/2015 07:00 AM
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Teams Members Entry
Liberty is probably gonna be playing Fallout 4 too much to participate but whatever.
McBacon was here
4+2 Good Guys
just playing
Sleep Interrupts muh Gam Mak
solo q
destination procrastination
most likely won't make it
Sleep Chamber Productions
Team Last Minute Entry
Beyond the Pale - 'full' by EZ
Cue the Flying Pigs
Leapfrog's Team
dr myklos please put that snake away no in its cage
I need more Makscore.
I'm trying to pull myself away from Final Fantasy 14 for this
Good Misfortune Studios: 95% Procrastination and 5% Game making
Sounds good to me
why am i signing up
Doing something! Maybe...
style is more important than all things
Guess who's not participating
All alone
probably not in the next four days, but maybe one day
Proxy Calamity


why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
I'm expecting a 70+% or greater return rate from you folks. Reverse the RMN norm...
Goddamnit! If only I wasn't busy this week, I could participate! ;_;
One-day game is a go?
brb assembling my crack team of 99 other rmmv'ers
I was wondering who the first person to point that out would be. XD
One-day game is a go?

Yeah, I really doubt it... :(
Demos allowed as long as there's at least 5 minutes of play time. Maybe a quick weekend job?
Maybe? I'll see what I can do...
Maybe I'll do a generic old-school romp for once.

Edit: Oh good, I can start. ^^
Just like Liberty im probably gonna play Fallout 4 all week and make the game 2 hours before the deadline or something. (Im gonna try not to do that though xD)
I find myself wishing I didn't have class so I could gam mak more easily. Ah well. Best to do the most with the time I have, I suppose.

Who knows, whatever I make certainly will be far from the worst at the very least.
I'm just joining so that I can keep an eye on the page. I very, very much doubt I will get anything done. I'm sure someone would let you join their group though, so maybe ask others?
I dropped from the event. Unfortunately, I only have 4 days left in my trial for MV and apparently there's no mp3 format in MV. I probably wouldn't have time to put anything together with only four days anyways, not with class being on two of those days.
Ok how about you Craze? Can I join your team?
doesn't live here anymore
Again?! Bah! I'll think about it.

Liberty is probably gonna be playing Fallout 4 too much to participate but whatever.

This is the correct response.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
31372 to have animated enemy battlers?
There's a script for it, so yes. Here:
One of the first plugins in the A category~

Also, I started a project. However, I must try to get as much done as I can in the next... 14 or so hours. XD