“Greetings, Clone! I see you have heeded the call; yes, the call to construct an episode of diabolical proportions! Even if you’re a fresh clone or a veteran, now is your chance! Assist me by contributing a level or three to my cause, and we’ll give Mario and Co. a run for his money!”
Memo #1: Toolkit
-You require the SMBX engine to build the levels with.

-Save your level inside this folder; the folder contains the graphics that will be consistent throughout all level. Additional custom assets are in fact encouraged. If you wish to override a certain graphic, please submit a request form to Toadly Labeled: Seiromem

-Please name your levels like so: Username_Levelname

Memo #2: Level Creation Guidlines
-Your may create up to three levels of any difficulty. There will, however, be three “Worlds” not defined by theme, but by difficulty. Creating an easy level, a moderate level, and a difficult level is the recommended spread.

-Your level must contain a factory sub-theme. This theme may be as prominent or subtle as you like. Otherwise, you have creative freedom.

-Your levels must contain at least 1 variety of Hypno-Toad, as given in the Super Doctor Toadly World folder. Custom Hypno-toads are acceptable and encouraged.

-Your level must contain these essentials to every level: A Midway point (SMBX only allows one per level) A Power up at the beginning of the level and right after the midpoint at least, 5 Yoshi coins, which will have the same value as a 1-up, and must end in a SMB2 Exit, which is the pinkish orb next to Birdo on the SMB2 tap of the NPC screen.

-Avoid these common design pitfalls: Soft-Locking: Where Mario can become trapped in a level and not able to exit bar closing the game and starting back up again. Examples of soft-locking include: A pit Mario cannot jump out of, an essential NPC (such as a P-Switch) not spawning, or generally having forward progress be halted without any way to progress. Use Invisible Blocks responsibly, do not put them over pits players are supposed to jump over to cheat them out of a life. Such strategies are below a mad genius such as yourself!

-Your level must be able to be beaten by these characters: Mario, Luigi, and Toad.

-Your level cannot contain a boss; mini-bosses are fine, however.

-Your level may have a secret exit (a SMW Key and SMW Keyhole) but only a total of 6 levels may contain one. These secret exits will lead to treasure vaults, so hide them well!

Memo #3: Quality Control
Dr. Toadly labeled: Seiromem will be testing all levels submitted and providing feedback, which you are expected to take into consideration and revise your level until it is acceptable. Other participants are encouraged to test each others levels and give feedback as well, however Seiromem will have the final say on whether a level is accepted or not. Don’t worry about having the level be perfect on the first try; Seiromem will be making levels too, and would like your feedback on them!

”As you can see, quality is preferred and will be cultivated! Do not worry too much, as us Veteran Toadlys will assist you and make your level the best it can be! While we work together, we shall create an episode that shall never be forgotten by Mario!

Memo #4: Endgame
Once the event is over, all participants’ levels that have been accepted will be compiled into a single episode. After it has been compiled, a beta-version shall be released for testing by those who have submitted their levels. Once testing is completed, the episode shall be released, for all to play!


  • 04/10/2018 05:10 AM
  • 05/20/2018 05:10 AM


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Just submitted my level "Aquatic Apotheosis", Dr. Toadly labelled Julian's factory. I'm considering it my easy or medium difficulty level since it's relatively short and safe, where most of the challenge lies in the second half of the stage in the gauntlet - constantly changing conveyor belts with moving platforms and enemies firing projectiles from below and the sides.

I won't say I'm too proud of it and I expect many changes to be made, but I don't think it's really a bad level.
I'll be getting to Hali's level soon. .3.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Well, now that I've given some feedback, have at me!


I'll make the boss level (Unless I get 'Ebonflow' or 'Strike the Foes!' done first for some reason) for you guys to play too.
Here's version 2 of my Poison Mushroom Factory:

I was going to work on my next level, Hypno-Toad Processing Center (Easy Level) but SMBX gave me the finger (Run-time error '481' Invalid picture) because of the tileset I'm using for the level. Going to go on the SMBX forums to see whats really causing it & find a workaround if I can. I'll test the other levels & have their videos uploaded by tomorrow as well.
Might I ask which one is the Hypno-Toad?

And I have a level in the works, just hope I can get time to finish it for this event.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
All the Toads with purple eyes are Hypno-Toads. There are many different types of them.
I got 4 hours before work, might as well start a thing.
Well, I have some bad news. My laptop went out of commission last night (screen is non-functioning so I can't use it), therefor, my days of using SMBX are over for now. Its gonna take a long while before I can save up enough money to get it either fixed or replaced entirely. This means I can't edit my Poison Mushroom Factory anymore nor can I make the other 2 levels that I was planning.

Also, this means I can't record videos anymore, so no testing videos from me on this project. Not only that, but that means I can't upload anymore videos to Youtube, meaning my YT account is pretty much dead (as far as uploads are concerned). At least I got 1 in before I 'kicked the bucket' so there's that. I may or may not be online anymore because of this. Anyway, this is my official & unfortunate resignation from the project.

I hope you guys will strive to make this a good project. Should I be able to fix or replace my laptop in the future, I'll be looking forward to playing this.

Edit: Seems removing myself from the event made my submitted levels unavailable. Does this mean my level won't be in the project after all?
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
You can stay on the event without actively participating. It's a shame about your laptop, though. That really sucks!
You can stay on the event without actively participating. It's a shame about your laptop, though. That really sucks!

OK, its still there. Yeah, my home life completely revolved around it. Games, Music, Anime & Movies, Manga, H, Pics, etc. Without it, all I have is an antenna with shitty reception, a SNES & N64 with only a small collection of games & a moderate collection of DVDs. Its barely enough to keep me occupied (read: sane).

I'm back in the Dark Ages again. I might be able to hold out for a year before 'Cabin Fever' sets in.
I had to temporarily pawn my laptop for gas, and unless someone can make SMBX work I'm ducked until the first.
Food, drink, and gas comes before games. I'll see if I can do something in the ~20 remaining days(hopefully if I get my laptop back I could do at least a level and level edits in 20 days._. ) if I can get it back.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Alright, I'll take it upon myself to edit Poison Mushroom Factory minimally. Unfortunate, but sometimes that's just what life does to ya.

Either way don't forget to test the Lumberyard, whoever can, and I've gotten the concept for the boss battle. It's obvious Dr. Toadly, but how you fight him will be different from any other times.
Okay got a level name and most of the level done, Frantic Fanatical Factory, a lot of the level involves navigating around hypno toads being cloned and carried through out the factory. I should have it done by Monday if I really pour in the work.

I'll add my name to the list of people having life get in the way. I ended up being able to move into my new apartment early so I've been busy with that. Finally settled in though, got a few days of no work, now's the time to get things done.

I'll probably test levels before I start work on mine.
Finally got my level done, any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
I tested the stages that are up so far, but I need to collect my thoughts on them. It also sucks that like half the people who submitted can't benefit from it, either. Just a word of advice to Seiro: if you feel strongly enough about something that needs to change in a stage, don't be afraid to make that change yourself in the end. It's scary to tread that sacred ground, but often necessary.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Having a few time issues, will PM some feedback when I get the chance.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger

I apologize for this breach. I just couldn't contain myself.

Bryan’s Bad Shroom Trip

Although it didn’t happen while I was playing, SMBX does have that notorious game-crashing bug where mushrooms enter lava. You may want to empty the pits that the shrooms fall into just in case.

The shroom cannon after the 2nd power-up took me completely by surprise. It’s spaced so far away that you can’t anticipate it until you’re already in the line of fire.

In section 2, a series of three pipes is connected to a silver pipe above. My eyes fooled me here constantly as I tried to jump over the shrooms and hit my head on the pipe. It looks like open air because of the grey backdrop.

The boomerang toads need longer platforms so they can walk back and forth properly. As is, they get stuck on the edges, and occasionally fall off completely. Also, their firing is somehow perfectly timed with the spawning raccoon toads, so wrangling your ammo is a serious pain.

Lonestar’s factonatic franctory

This stage has the same threat of mushrooms finding their way into lava. Take measures to ensure it can’t happen.

Your sideways pipe warps are slightly off. They should be level with the ground to warp correctly.

I don’t know why you need off-screen lava to dispose of your Toads. SMBX will despawn them on its own once they leave the screen. Also, having lava right up on the screen edge can let the player kill themselves if they touch the side.

The jump over the spikes near the end of section 2 is deceptive. If you jump and hit the side of the platform above, you’ll fall and hurt yourself. The coins aren’t even a good hint for how to get through.

Part 3 is really easy to blitz at the start. There aren’t enough hindrances to make the ice toads a threat.

Pyro’s aquapotheotoseesos

I like this stage, but it’s really repetitive in its challenges. Especially in the final section, it’s roughly the same segment three or four times in a row.

Why are there tiny gaps between message boxes? You can set the timer to Instant so they don’t have any time between them.

The secret above the start can’t be gotten without a leaf, and the stage’s only leaf is already the first power-up. If they player comes in small, they can’t get up there, and it looks like you should be able to warp in or out of it.

The computer room secret is overly generous.

Seiros lumbar support

If this is the first boss stage, I’m afraid to see the rest. This is WAY HARD dude.

The black box backgrounds you use near the saws at the start are very deceptive. They look like solid ground, when they’re actually a pit of death. You should reconsider what you use there.

The saws that bounce on bumpers are a neat hazard, but they are SO BUGGY. If you take damage while they’re on-screen, they hit the ceiling and hang there a moment. SMBX manages their momentum in a weird way, and I know from experience that they have the potential to be even less predictable. You don’t have to get rid of them exactly, but have a look at what I did with your bouncing platforms in Bonestrewn Barrow. You can use a single length of rail line to reset their momentum so things don’t get out of hand.

The jump to the switch after the tunnel of pipes is stupidly far. Mario can make it, sure, but it requires momentum and it doesn’t look doable at a glance.

The ice toad before the end was so distracting to me that I got killed by sudden buzzsaws twice.

Overall, this stage is really mean and could afford to be a lot less mean. You may also want to split it up into multiple sections, which is easier to do than it sounds. The section cloning function can make it simple, but it can also be tricky to work with. I can advise further if you like.

halis objectionable object

My stage is still weird and bad and I'm WORKING ON IT.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Do not worry, its not the first boss stage; It's technically not even placed yet. I'm using it as a sort of base reference; whatever difficulty this ends up at, I can scale it back or up depending; for this level and future ones.

I've gone ahead and made it clear that those are backgrounds just before that; hopefully this will dispel any confusion about whether you can stand on them or not. Which you can't.

I thought I did do that? Guess I made a note to do that but never did =X Fixed!

Added a box!

??? Ok? I moved them to the side by one tile to make them appear almost the same time the saws do, so the saws start spawning before you can be confused

What benefit does sectioning it off bring? Does it make the level any easier?
Either way, I'll cut some of the fat(enemies) and see if I can't modify a few jumps.

(Haven't uploaded it yet, gonna upload it alongside the second boss level)
Okay updated Fanatical Frantic Factory, and currently have a 2nd level in the works, called The Green House, its going to be harder than the last one.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
from Seiromem
I've gone ahead and made it clear that those are backgrounds just before that; hopefully this will dispel any confusion about whether you can stand on them or not. Which you can't.

Just so you know, this was a visual confusion issue for me. I'm well aware these things are backgrounds, but they look solid if you're not being conscious of them. I think part of the problem is that they cover the entire bottom of the screen at that spot, so you can't see that the backdrop goes all the way down to a cliff.

from Seiromem
What benefit does sectioning it off bring? Does it make the level any easier?

Sectioning a stage can have lots of benefits while not making things any easier, per se. Having multiple sections can help establish a stage's pace. The player gets a sense of progression when one section is cleared, and they see the midpoint at the start of the next. Sections can allow you to focus the platforming in certain ways, like horizontal or vertical instead of both at once. Sections can help prevent some parts of your stage from interfering with other parts in unintended ways (like Snifits continuing to fire from off-screen). It can also help you avoid negative space if some parts of an area are filled while others are not. Do you remember the Crazy Mine Madness stage from SRW2? That used to be all one section. I broke it into four, cutting it down into digestible parts and eliminating about 12,000 unnecessary ceiling tiles. Not saying your stage needs that exactly, but it's worth considering.