“Greetings, Clone! I see you have heeded the call; yes, the call to construct an episode of diabolical proportions! Even if you’re a fresh clone or a veteran, now is your chance! Assist me by contributing a level or three to my cause, and we’ll give Mario and Co. a run for his money!”
Memo #1: Toolkit
-You require the SMBX engine to build the levels with.

-Save your level inside this folder; the folder contains the graphics that will be consistent throughout all level. Additional custom assets are in fact encouraged. If you wish to override a certain graphic, please submit a request form to Toadly Labeled: Seiromem

-Please name your levels like so: Username_Levelname

Memo #2: Level Creation Guidlines
-Your may create up to three levels of any difficulty. There will, however, be three “Worlds” not defined by theme, but by difficulty. Creating an easy level, a moderate level, and a difficult level is the recommended spread.

-Your level must contain a factory sub-theme. This theme may be as prominent or subtle as you like. Otherwise, you have creative freedom.

-Your levels must contain at least 1 variety of Hypno-Toad, as given in the Super Doctor Toadly World folder. Custom Hypno-toads are acceptable and encouraged.

-Your level must contain these essentials to every level: A Midway point (SMBX only allows one per level) A Power up at the beginning of the level and right after the midpoint at least, 5 Yoshi coins, which will have the same value as a 1-up, and must end in a SMB2 Exit, which is the pinkish orb next to Birdo on the SMB2 tap of the NPC screen.

-Avoid these common design pitfalls: Soft-Locking: Where Mario can become trapped in a level and not able to exit bar closing the game and starting back up again. Examples of soft-locking include: A pit Mario cannot jump out of, an essential NPC (such as a P-Switch) not spawning, or generally having forward progress be halted without any way to progress. Use Invisible Blocks responsibly, do not put them over pits players are supposed to jump over to cheat them out of a life. Such strategies are below a mad genius such as yourself!

-Your level must be able to be beaten by these characters: Mario, Luigi, and Toad.

-Your level cannot contain a boss; mini-bosses are fine, however.

-Your level may have a secret exit (a SMW Key and SMW Keyhole) but only a total of 6 levels may contain one. These secret exits will lead to treasure vaults, so hide them well!

Memo #3: Quality Control
Dr. Toadly labeled: Seiromem will be testing all levels submitted and providing feedback, which you are expected to take into consideration and revise your level until it is acceptable. Other participants are encouraged to test each others levels and give feedback as well, however Seiromem will have the final say on whether a level is accepted or not. Don’t worry about having the level be perfect on the first try; Seiromem will be making levels too, and would like your feedback on them!

”As you can see, quality is preferred and will be cultivated! Do not worry too much, as us Veteran Toadlys will assist you and make your level the best it can be! While we work together, we shall create an episode that shall never be forgotten by Mario!

Memo #4: Endgame
Once the event is over, all participants’ levels that have been accepted will be compiled into a single episode. After it has been compiled, a beta-version shall be released for testing by those who have submitted their levels. Once testing is completed, the episode shall be released, for all to play!


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