The raffle has concluded! Congratulations to Ankylo (ticket #1), Killer Wolf (ticket #3), Sylenus (ticket #82), and Marcus (ticket #77) for winning prizes!

National Game Development Month (NaGaDeMo) is over, and we had a whopping 31 "official" submissions, as well as 30 other demos/completed games that were not submitted to the event page! This is a major achievement for RMN; we more than doubled our total of new downloads from May! However, this means that we now have 61 new games/demos that need feedback. And what's the best way to both offer feedback to developers and educate potential players on the quality of games? Reviews!

From now until Midnight UTC on August 15, we will be holding a review drive with the goal of reviewing all 61 demos/completed games submitted to RMN during June. If each game receives at least one review by August 15, everyone who submitted a review for this event will receive an achievement badge based on the number of reviews they submitted! (Check them out along the sidebar to the right.) You will also receive a raffle ticket via PM for each time you review one of the 61 games! (Check the Rules section for details.) For example, if you review 3 of the games, you will receive the achievement and three raffle tickets - but only if all 61 games are reviewed!

To enter and receive credit for this event, please do the following:
Step 1: Sign up for the event by clicking "Sign Up" at the top of the user list:

Step 2: Let us know which of the 61 games you are going to review by posting on this event page. (The list is below the Rules section on this page. Click "show" to view.)
Step 3: Write your review(s), keeping in mind our submission rules. Please make the reviews as insightful and engaging as possible! A member of staff may proofread the review for minor spelling and grammatical faults or inconsistencies.
Step 4: Submit your review(s) to the appropriate game page(s).

Be sure to include your score (if any) and an appropriate title:

Step 5: Wait for the review to be approved. It may take up to 24 hours. You might receive feedback on how to improve your review before approval.
Step 6: Submit the approved review to this event page by clicking the "submit" button on the top-right corner of the page.

Select the appropriate review from the list and submit!

Step 7: Repeat for each qualified review. To receive credit, each review must be submitted to this page by the August 15 deadline!
Step 8: Shortly before the raffle, I (Deckiller) will be issuing raffle tickets with numbers on them. You'll get one for each submitted review (up to 5 total). If your number is called during the raffle, you will win one of four possible...

Any one (1) product from the RPG Maker Official Store, courtesy of RPG Maker Web
A copy of RPG Maker VX Ace ($89.99 value!), courtesy of RMN
RPG Maker 3 Music Pack ($19.99 value!), courtesy of RPG Maker Web
A Modern Day Tiles Resource Pack ($6.99 value!), courtesy of Deckiller

If we meet our quota and end up holding the raffle (and I'm sure we will!), then it will likely take place on or near August 20. There will be a little twist involved with the raffle announcement: I think you'll like it!

IMPORTANT: Users must sign up for this event and submit their reviews to this event page to receive credit. Make sure to submit each review: the event page allows multiple submissions.
One (1) achievement will be issued to each user, and it will be based on the number of reviews he/she submitted. Achievements will be issued only if all 61 games have at least 1 review by the deadline. You don't have to review all 61 yourself, of course: that would be insane!
You will still receive the achievement and a raffle ticket even if the game has already been reviewed. It just has to be an approved, submitted review for a game on this list. This means you can review as many games on the list as you'd like!
There is a maximum of five (5) raffle tickets per user; alt accounts are forbidden. The raffle will be held only if all 61 games receive at least one review. We want to make sure nobody is neglected!
You can win multiple prizes, but the same raffle number will not be selected twice. To have a shot at multiple prizes, you must review multiple games.
Raffle tickets will contain a number and description of the raffle; they will be sent via PM shortly after the event ends on August 15. Staff will keep track of raffle numbers. Tickets cannot be exchanged or donated to other users.
Reviews are subject to approval per normal RMN procedures; if your review is denied, improve it and resubmit! Staff reserves the right to deny any review based on the Submission Rules. We are hoping for high quality reviews!
All games on this list (currently 61) must be reviewed for achievements to be issued and for the raffle to occur. This list may expand if other qualified games have been neglected.
The deadline is August 15, 2012, at Midnight UTC. Reviews must be submitted to this page by this point. To allow yourself some flexibility, make sure your reviews are submitted for approval by August 13.
If you are banned from RMN, your ticket(s) will be voided.
All of RMN's normal policies and procedures apply.
I (Deckiller) reserve the right to change the rules if necessary...except the one where he's excluded from the raffle no matter how many reviews he does. ;) (This includes the right to extend the deadline if all 61 games are not reviewed by August 15.)

Here is a list of the 61 games, as well as: (1) who has already reviewed it, and (2) who will be reviewing it. Let's divide and conquer as a team! You can review a game that's already been reviewed, but please try to prioritize the games without a review to ensure that we meet our goal. To receive credit, you must submit the review(s) to this event page once the review is approved! If your game should be listed here, PM me and I'll include it if it qualifies! Similarly, let me know if you don't want your game on this list.

You can submit more than one review to this event page. So Go! Go! Go!

A Hint of a Tint by flowerthief
Reviewed by: Jeroen_Sol

Arbiters From Another World by Marrend
Reviewed by: sbester, Munnin
Will be reviewed by: noellechan

Black Shadows by XRazorBlackX
Reviewed by: Calunio

Bob - Block Blob by Jpratt
Reviewed by: Mateui

Breach: Awakening by Killer Wolf
Reviewed by: Miracle

Catharsis by Melkino
Reviewed by: Irili
Will be reviewed by: Clareain_Christopher

Chronicles of Coldcrest by Milos

Combat Specialists by obsorber
Reviewed by: Seeric, ahillreborn

Conundrum by Zortik
Reviewed by: thatbennyguy

Dance of the Immortals by Brady
Reviewed by: Metatron

DBZ ABS DEMO by yiliang99
Reviewed by: Deckiller

Dead Host by purplex
Reviewed by: Marcus, Sylenus

Doppelganger by Archeia_Nessiah and Rhyme
Reviewed by: Liberty, Gourd_Clae

Dragon Kingdoms II by VideoWizard
Reviewed by: Muninn, Tau, Caz

Dragon Warrior: Legacy of Aiden by sjmorgan
Reviewed by: ankylo

Dream Catcher by Mateui
Reviewed by: spirit_young

Edel Sky: Revelation Chronicles by Vionneta and thatguy6556
Reviewed by: Clareain_Christopher

Epic Elf by spirit_young
Reviewed by: Sana, Caz

Ethereal Heart by noellechan
Reviewed by: SorceressKyrsty, Caz
Will be reviewed by: Zeuzio

Eyes of the Forest by Marcus
Reviewed by: Solitayre
Will be reviewed by:

Final Fantasy IV VX by darkdesigngames
Reviewed by: Seeric
Will be reviewed by: noellechan

Genesis by vitaliy7777
Reviewed by: hkoz, Caz
Will be reviewed by: jomarcenter

Golden Ark by XRazorBlackX
Reviewed by: kumada, Tau, Caz

Grissan by spirit_young
Reviewed by: Sana

Hiron's Path by guitargodd97
Reviewed by: Caz

Lost Dreams: The Last Magus by Jeroen_Sol, VGMusic_4_LIFE, adeleineko, and Bart_Sol
Reviewed by: Munnin, Neverm0re
Will be reviewed by: Clareain_Christopher

Lost Identity by QilleRz
Reviewed by: Caz, m4uesviecr, Lebeau4, Gourd_Clae

Lufia V: For the Savior by Dekar_the_Great
Reviewed by: Seeric
Will be reviewed by: Liberty

Mana Quest by NCP_Productions
Reviewed by: Muninn

Mana Quest 2 by NCP_Productions
Reviewed by: thatbennyguy

Maximus Jones by thatbennyguy
Reviewed by: Marrend, Munnin, hkoz

Maze of Heroes by ahillreborn
Reviewed by: Marrend, hkoz

Melon Journey by almondmelon
Reviewed by: Edchuy, Marrend

Monochrome by TestZero
Reviewed by: Seeric

No Time For Heroes by HedgeMage
Reviewed by: Marcus, Sylenus

Picturesque by Neverm0re
Reviewed by: Seeric, Tau

Pixel Brady: The Dungeon Crawler by Brady
Reviewed by: Killer Wolf, m4uesviecr, thatbennyguy, Munnin

Pokemon Trinity by TheRexion
Reviewed by: ldida1

Primeforce by Lymmet
Reviewed by: Clareain_Christopher, Seeric

ReEvolution by SorceressKyrsty
Reviewed by: Gourd_Clae
Will be reviewed by: Deckiller, ahillreborn

Sarasaland Adventure by Otabo
Reviewed by: Zortik

Scarlet Skies by skaraflame
Reviewed by: Seeric

Set Discrepancy by Gibmaker
Reviewed by: Killer Wolf
Will be reviewed by: Archeia_Nessiah

Shadowsong: Episode One by Shillishous
Reviewed by: Clareain_Christopher, Munnin

Shards of Xar by shadowshaw
Reviewed by: Happy, vitality7777, Munnin

Shinwa Special: Revenge by hkoz
Reviewed by: Marrend

Sleepless Nights by NoJoker
Reviewed by: Caz, Mr. Chearlie

Soulance by AbsoluteIce
Reviewed by: Clareain_Christopher

Super Doki Doki World by Deckiller, Kentona, and Solitayre
Reviewed by: Killer Wolf
Will be reviewed by: apa649

Super Mario Seasons by pyrodoom and Blobofgoo
Reviewed by: Deckiller, Killer Wolf

Surreality: Fabrication of Time by sbester
Reviewed by: Calunio

Synthetic Odyssey by Sana, cokidoki, Clareain_Christopher, Camupins, pyrofiend324, and BurningTyger
Reviewed by: Marrend

The Adventure by Shadowa11
Reviewed by: Caz
Will be reviewed by:

The Chronicles of Engea by hereisnowhy
Reviewed by: Neverm0re, Caz

The Here and Now of Yesterday by A Bunch of People
Reviewed by: Marcus

The Kings Quest by cammenball
Reviewed by: Caz, Antilurker77
Will be reviewed by: jomarcenter

The Last days according to Ezra by orochii
Reviewed by: Darken

The Out Casts by redwall10
Reviewed by: Munnin, Neverm0re, Gibmaker, Sana

Time Arena by Sylenus
Reviewed by: EnderX
Will be reviewed by: Gourd_Clae, Archeia_Nessiah, and a few others

Tina of the Stars by Ratty524
Reviewed by: Gourd_Clae
Will be reviewed by: ahillreborn

Uchioniko by Marrend
Reviewed by: Munnin, pyrodoom
Will be reviewed by: Adon237

Vagabond by Zeuzio
Reviewed by: Muninn, rabitz, thatbennyguy

Remaining number of games: NONE!
(Last updated: August 10 1:03am EST)

Special thanks to Archeia_Nessiah, Ankylo, Kentona, and Liberty for helping me forge this event!


  • 07/05/2012 12:00 PM
  • 08/18/2012 12:00 PM



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@ Deckiller: How exciting! What is the twist that you hinted at originally though?
Just a random RMNer once again.
Numbers have been issued. If you believe that you should've received a number or additional numbers, please let me know. Thanks.

I'll start dishing out achievements tonight.
Just a random RMNer once again.
Achievements have also been issued!
Just a random RMNer once again.
So, the twist was that we did fittingly held the raffle in RPG Maker VX Ace! I wanted to announce the results in the July/August podcast, but that sadly has been delayed due to technical difficulties.

Darn, I didn't win :'(
Cool video, though~
Grats to the people that won.
amusing tassadar, your taste in companionship grows ever more inexplicable
Congrats to the winners!
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
Congrats, Ankylo, Killer Wolf, Sylenus and Marcus!
Congratulations everyone who won! :D <3
Congrats you guys! And high fives all around, especially to those of you who reviewed a metric shit-ton of games.