This has been a big year for the RPG Maker series, with the release of RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003, as well as the news of RPG Maker MV coming in the future! As such, we've held a fair amount of RM-only events. But what about the other engines out there? There's a lot of them and with the recent Humble Bundle packs and new releases, they haven't seen much time in the spotlight in the site.

Thus, this time we're going to even the score - No RPG Maker event is a go!

Make a game during the month of October in an engine that is not part of the RPG Maker series.

- Make and release a project with-in the month of October, 2015.
- Only non-RM engines are allowed.
- No teams. (Though you can get people to help you, there's only a single prize and divvying it up would be quite difficult.)
- Only one per person.
- RM-clone engines are not allowed. It's a challenge people! Embrace it!
- You may release a demo or full game, but you an only win first prize with a full game. (Other prizes can be won with demos, though.)
- Games must have at least 10-20 minutes of game time.
- You cannot use an old game as a base, though you can certainly remake a game in a different engine. And pre-made resources are fine.
- Rips, edits, RTP and custom are all good.

All games must be submitted to the event page by the 31st of October, 11:59 GMT.

You may start brainstorming but nothing else until the 1st of October.

There will be NO extensions so plan your time wisely and make prayers to the Gods of Fate.

The First Place prize will be a 3D printed coin with the RMN logo on one side and your username on the other. The winner will also receive a badge and 80MS. Only a full game can win this prize.

2nd Place will receive a badge and 60MS.

3rd Place will receive a badge and 40MS.

All others will receive a badge and 25MS.

Placings will be picked by vote, but only votes by those who have been on the site before the competition started will count, so calling on tumblr or reddit to swing you to win won't work.

For those who don't recall (or know) we do have an engines page in case you've no idea where to start. You can also start checking out the different engines right away. Dive on in!

To sumbit:
Create a game page for your game, abiding by the rules of the site. It is highly recommended that you do this at least a few days before the end of the event!

Upload your game to the gamepage and then click the Submit button at the top of this page. From there you can choose the download you mean to submit.

This must all be done before the end date of the competition.


Is RPG Toolkit taken as a clone engine?
I'm gonna go with yes and say 'Go challenge yourself, mate'. There's a lot of engines out there. We have a huge list of them on the engines page and a bunch of them are free.

Does it have to cooperate with Windows 7?
Make it compatible with at least Windows XP and 7. If people can't play your game they can't vote for it after all. Also, yes, PC Master race.

Will there be any theme or more guidelines given?
There might be additions to the guidelines depending on questions asked, though that will be more clarification. No theme.

So I can start working on ma gam right now?
Is it October yet? The start and end dates are shown in the top-right corner of the page, under the submit and management buttons. You can mess around to get used to an engine, but no actually making a start on your game. Brainstorming is fine, though. No concrete work!


  • 10/01/2015 12:00 AM
  • 10/31/2015 11:59 PM



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Sunflower Games
The most beautiful user on RMN!

So... Sim RPG Maker 95. Is it in the non-RM camp?

It has the word RPG Maker in it right?

I think the only Enterbrain product that you could use is IG Maker.
I should give that a try sometime myself.
Yeah, I was hoping for an exemption based on the style of game it's used to make. Oh well.
"wait you made this a career?"
I started my unity project today I'll say this. It has dogs. I'm going to win.
(It's totally not going to be done but I'm sure I can get a demo)
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
There's more people doing shmups? Shit. That means mine is going to shine all the more due to shittiness in that regard. How sad.
I wonder which engine would work best on my computer? Time to learn!
You should look for the engine that works best on everyone's computers.
This intrigues me.
But I suck at any other engine...
does Knytt Stories count?
It's technically an engine, I guess.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This intrigues me.
But I suck at any other engine...
does Knytt Stories count?
It's technically an engine, I guess.

I thought knytt stories can only make maps for knytt stories? Also it's a game not really an engine.
Let the hunting game begin or why you guy are lying, hmmm...omg...why you are lying!!!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs

So far all I've got is a testbed. I've got the little guy jumping, though now I need to figure out how to make it walk properly and collide with the tiles right.
A mere three days in, and I've already run up several walls. I wanted to use construct 2 for my shmup, but since I don't have the license, it's not going to be good enough. I tried to do it in construct classic instead, but the program doesn't appear inclined to cooperate with me. So I went to stencyl, only to find out that I've already uninstalled it some time ago. Game maker is out of question (I hate it), and when I tried to approach unity, and only barely managed to escape with my limbs still attached.

Looks like Imma have to drop the candy shmup :(
Ah well. Renpy it is.
You should look for the engine that works best on everyone's computers.

For some reason, my computer is odd when using certain engines. Some load, some don't. So I dunno. o.o

I started on my game. I'm going to try to make a strategy game in ANSI C...without using any loops!.

I used to work on a lot of strategy games. This reminds me how much fun it is!
So, I'm still making a platformer, but I'm making it less like a Mega Man game since that's a little advanced in my scope, so I'm going a little more basic.

Here's a sprite from that game:
Jelime (Name is a combo of Jelly & Slime)

By the way, it's supposed to be a slime-like character, with a bit of inspiration from Minecraft slimes. :)
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
That's a very nice sprite zephire. In my case i'm not going to make something as beautiful. Since there's not much time i'll keep things as simple as possible.

Speaking of which, making cutscenes in game maker is super hard. Dialogue is even worse. I'm not a god damn programmer, i can't believe all these years have passed and they still haven't thought about making a simple dialogue action.

I decided to make a shmup, as i had said before.

This is the hero's planet, Panquesito.

This is the cutscene scene, his house. Which is supposed to be red but it was too jarring on the eyes so i desaturated the colors a bit and now it looks pink.

I also hope you guys like MIDI because that's going to be the music format i'll use.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Those screenies look adorable! :)
Is that a toast continent on the planet? YES!
As for me, I think I'm going to keep my project as a secret until I get the gamepage done.

The only thing I'm going to say, it's that is going to be in Ren'py. ;)
Wow, I guess a lot of people are using Renpy! That's just alright with me, Python can be a very beautiful language.

Pro-tip for anyone gearing up for RM MV (and by extension JS and JSON):
JSON is actually syntactically correct JS, you can use it as JS source code...but it actually works as correct Python code, too!
"wait you made this a career?"

Aw yeah puppy dogs! this rate I'm just gonna do a choose your own adventure in a word document with links...