Wealth, fame, power.
The man who had acquired every Misao in the world - the Pirate King - said these final words at his execution:

"My makerscore and misaos? If you want them, I'll let you have them. Look for them, I left them all in one game!"

Now people chasing their dreams head towards the Full Games List. The world has entered the Great Age of Games!

And it's up to you, as members of RMN, to hunt down the most elusive of these beauties and put them where they belong - in the reviewed pile.


What is this?
This is another review event! It's time to get your fingers out and start typing! Play games, review them, then add them here when they've been accepted and eventually accrue enough numbers to gain a specific badge!

Keep an eye out for the bounty posters! It's first-come, first served, and you can get a special badge each time you snag one! There are new ones every day!

- Over the course of the event write reviews for any games on the site and submit them between the starting and end dates of the event.
- The reviews need to be accepted to the site - which means they need to abide by the review rules.
- Every day there will be shown some bounties to aim for. Be the first to put in an acceptable review for that game and you'll get a special, repeatable badge. Leave a post in the comments below when you complete a bounty!
- Starting date: 26th January
- End date: 17th February

Captain Luffy - Given for writing 25 reviews - worth 50 MS
First Mate Zoro - Given for writing 21 reviews - worth 15 MS
Navigator Nami- Given for writing 18 reviews - worth 15 MS
Doctor Chopper - Given for writing 15 reviews - worth 15 MS
Cook Sanji - Given for writing 12 reviews - worth 15 MS
Carpenter Franky - Given for writing 9 reviews - worth 15 MS
Archaeologist Robin - Given for writing 6 reviews - worth 15 MS
Sniper Usopp - Given for writing 3 reviews - worth 15 MS
Musician Brook - Given for writing 1 review - worth 15 MS
Jolly Roger - Given for being the first to write an acceptable bounty review - worth 10 MS - repeatable


Claimed Bounties
Black Dog - El_Waka
Flowers for Kasumi - KrimsonKatt
White Magic - pianotm
Echoes - bicfarmer
Last Week - El_Waka
Super Dungeon Master VX - coelocanth
Echoes of the Mind - coelocanth
Super Rocket Bros - halibabica
An Unwanted Engagement - El_Waka
Deep Dark - Liberty
HardQuest - thesacredlobo
Monstruct! - thesacredlobo
Hirion - thesacredlobo
The Count of Venomlurk Manor - thesacredlobo
Traumerei - thesacredlobo
The Lost and Forgotten - Frogge
The Endless Empty - Frogge
Deymoun - coelocanth
The Unwanted Guest - thesacredlobo
The Doctrine of Perseverance - thesacredlobo
Chrono Shift - thesacredlobo
The Emperor of the Moon - pianotm
Sammy in Opaland - pianotm
Blank Slate - pianotm
The Little Music Box and the Daemon - pianotm
Deadly Shutter - pianotm
Green's Dream - pianotm
Crowded Spelunky - pianotm
Path of the Murderer - pianotm
Goatchild: Nightmare - pianotm
Most Stupidest Game Ever - pianotm
Outlandish Move - coelocanth
TiFa - coelocanth

Past Bounties
These are still applicable to be nabbed.
- Help Me
- The Treasured Medallion
- Detective Butler
- SRW 2: Yoshi's Archipelago
- Pixel Oscar 2: Mask of Nightmares
- Dark Eternal 2
- Will You Ever Return?
- Animal Crossing: Old Pals, New Friends
- The Fall of Gods
- Knight's Dungeon


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Participants Entries


Well, I'm planning on taking a crack at "Monstruct". Though, it's going to have to wait until after I get off work tomorrow.
Is it possible once the current bounties are done if my game Super Penguin Guy could get one at a later point? I could defiantly use any feedback for my new project I'm working on.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Well, I've got a review submitted for "Monstruct!".
Is it possible once the current bounties are done if my game Super Penguin Guy could get one at a later point? I could defiantly use any feedback for my new project I'm working on.

Sorry, but I had them all picked out before the event started. ^.^;

New Bounties will be up shortly!
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Those Yoshis have evaded the law for far too long!
Day whatever
Based on my comment from some year ago it seems Hirion was an extremely short early demo, that would probably be even shorter than the other demo I reviewed. I could go for the smbx game but smbx is on my other computer, i think
I might join bicfarmer in taking a look at Hirion. Though, I'll probably have to wait until after work tomorrow to take a crack at it.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
To whomever may choose SRW2 - I sincerely hope you enjoy my levels. I hope you enjoy my levels. You better fucking enjoy my levels.

Still waiting on a bounty I actually wanna do. I wanted to play The Endless Empty, but I know that if I download it from rmn now I won’t ever purchase it on steam, which I wanna do eventually.
Well, I got review submitted for Hirion though if I beat bicfarmer to the punch remains to be seen.
I was reviewing another game before so its your win.

There's another platformer, and I've already seen traumerei, the "angsty sheep boy" visual novel. So I'm going for venomlurk manor, it sounded interesting enough from the game page.

EDIT: I put a review in for venomlurk manor. I'll save y'all the trouble of trying to figure out that puzzle.
Well, I'll wish you good luck since I also decided to take a crack at. Though, I can't imagine any reason why you wouldn't have beaten me to the punch. At least if you managed to knock out your review before I posted this comment.

Edit: Well, I've got review in the queue for "Träumerei" at this point. Though, I'm more then willing to admit that I was probably not the best pick for reviewing that game.
lol, sacred you have hirion added to your list three times XD

And piano has a dupe too. It's fine, I'll be checking the numbers manually at the end so it's not a big deal.

Edit: Oh dang. sacred sniped that review from you by 2 hours, bic. >.<;
I also had Might and Magic on their twice as well. Though, I'm not entirely sure how that happened to be honest.

Though, I'm guessing I beat bicfarmer just slightly to the punch if I'm the one getting the bounty on "The Count of Venomlurk Manor".
The bounties are getting better and better.
I suppose I'll try taking a look at one or two of these tomorrow. Though, I'm not sure which ones I want to go after at the moment.
Day 2Intense
I've seen the lost and forgotten and its very short, but other than that I dont have much for y'all this time
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Just fetched the bounty for Lost and Forgotten.

edit: and the endless empty
You monsters! I request a call from the navy! I was victimized by review pirates! XD