Wealth, fame, power.
The man who had acquired every Misao in the world - the Pirate King - said these final words at his execution:

"My makerscore and misaos? If you want them, I'll let you have them. Look for them, I left them all in one game!"

Now people chasing their dreams head towards the Full Games List. The world has entered the Great Age of Games!

And it's up to you, as members of RMN, to hunt down the most elusive of these beauties and put them where they belong - in the reviewed pile.


What is this?
This is another review event! It's time to get your fingers out and start typing! Play games, review them, then add them here when they've been accepted and eventually accrue enough numbers to gain a specific badge!

Keep an eye out for the bounty posters! It's first-come, first served, and you can get a special badge each time you snag one! There are new ones every day!

- Over the course of the event write reviews for any games on the site and submit them between the starting and end dates of the event.
- The reviews need to be accepted to the site - which means they need to abide by the review rules.
- Every day there will be shown some bounties to aim for. Be the first to put in an acceptable review for that game and you'll get a special, repeatable badge. Leave a post in the comments below when you complete a bounty!
- Starting date: 26th January
- End date: 17th February

Captain Luffy - Given for writing 25 reviews - worth 50 MS
First Mate Zoro - Given for writing 21 reviews - worth 15 MS
Navigator Nami- Given for writing 18 reviews - worth 15 MS
Doctor Chopper - Given for writing 15 reviews - worth 15 MS
Cook Sanji - Given for writing 12 reviews - worth 15 MS
Carpenter Franky - Given for writing 9 reviews - worth 15 MS
Archaeologist Robin - Given for writing 6 reviews - worth 15 MS
Sniper Usopp - Given for writing 3 reviews - worth 15 MS
Musician Brook - Given for writing 1 review - worth 15 MS
Jolly Roger - Given for being the first to write an acceptable bounty review - worth 10 MS - repeatable


Claimed Bounties
Black Dog - El_Waka
Flowers for Kasumi - KrimsonKatt
White Magic - pianotm
Echoes - bicfarmer
Last Week - El_Waka
Super Dungeon Master VX - coelocanth
Echoes of the Mind - coelocanth
Super Rocket Bros - halibabica
An Unwanted Engagement - El_Waka
Deep Dark - Liberty
HardQuest - thesacredlobo
Monstruct! - thesacredlobo
Hirion - thesacredlobo
The Count of Venomlurk Manor - thesacredlobo
Traumerei - thesacredlobo
The Lost and Forgotten - Frogge
The Endless Empty - Frogge
Deymoun - coelocanth
The Unwanted Guest - thesacredlobo
The Doctrine of Perseverance - thesacredlobo
Chrono Shift - thesacredlobo
The Emperor of the Moon - pianotm
Sammy in Opaland - pianotm
Blank Slate - pianotm
The Little Music Box and the Daemon - pianotm
Deadly Shutter - pianotm
Green's Dream - pianotm
Crowded Spelunky - pianotm
Path of the Murderer - pianotm
Goatchild: Nightmare - pianotm
Most Stupidest Game Ever - pianotm
Outlandish Move - coelocanth
TiFa - coelocanth

Past Bounties
These are still applicable to be nabbed.
- Help Me
- The Treasured Medallion
- Detective Butler
- SRW 2: Yoshi's Archipelago
- Pixel Oscar 2: Mask of Nightmares
- Dark Eternal 2
- Will You Ever Return?
- Animal Crossing: Old Pals, New Friends
- The Fall of Gods
- Knight's Dungeon


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Participants Entries


Well, I got a review done for "The Unwelcome Guest". Though, I'm not sure if I was the best person to cover that game. After all, I tend to stick turn-based RPGs for the most part.

Review submitted for Deymoun

Oh yeah, did you find that weird NPC in the town.

You're magical to me.
Absolutely loving seeing the reviews pour in, and a lot of these hidden games getting some love! Great work, everyone ^_^
Oh yeah, did you find that weird NPC in the town.

I don't remember, I didn't make sure to speak to everybody in town.
(I don't recognise the character image, if that's significant)
I'm guessing that you didn't talk to him then.
I'm guessing that you didn't talk to him then.

OK, not obvious that house is enterable because of the fixed camera.
I suppose he's an easter egg (character from another game, or self portrait)
Day 2199
These new ones don't look half bad. People will be probably all over that obvious chrono trigger fan game so I'll be going for one of the other ones.
Well, I've crossed "The Doctrine of Perseverance" off the list at this point.

I suppose he's an easter egg (character from another game, or self portrait)

Perhaps, but I'm more of the opinion that the developer may have originally intended to go with that look for all of the characters, but changed his mind in the middle of the project and simply overlooked that NPC. After all, he is stashed away in an area that's easy to overlook because of the camera's fixed angle.
Makerscore is a structural weakness.
Right back off residential, time to play some games.

Did people avoid the missed bounties for a reason?
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
I did. Here's my reasoning for each.

Help Me: It's a demo
Crowded Spelunky: I don't know how to go about reviewing a spelunky mod
The Treasured Medallion: Apparently it's 30+ hours long
Detective Butler: Didn't catch my interest
Green's Dream: It's a demo
SRW 2: Yoshi's Archipelago: Literally half of us are listed as devs for it
Pixel Oscar 2: Mask of Nightmares: Didn't catch my interest

Can't speak for everyone, though.
I really wish I could get in on this, but between real life and my secret identity fighting doing crime, I only have time to either make or review, and I'll always choose creating over critiquing.

Anyway, I am 90% sure Liberty told me this was okay and if it's not I apologize:

(Yes I am aware what a messy hatchet job I did on the graphic design while making these up no I don't REALLY care.)

Bounty posters are links to games.

(While they're all jokes the bigamy "charge" is the only joke that isn't reflected at all in the game. I've just been playing WAY too much Red Dead 2, and usually the bounty posters in that say something like "Murder, Arson, and Bigamy" or "Armed Robbery, Attempted Murder, and Unnatural Animal Husbandry" in a running gag.)

The rewards I've offered aren't bogus, they're real. Historically 2500 words of my writing has been worth around $87.50 so it's a pretty good deal actually ;).
Well, I got a review in for "Chrono Shift". Though, If I managed to beat everyone else to the punch remains to be seen.

Did people avoid the missed bounties for a reason?

I mostly skipped over them because I don't care about the games themselves. Though, I might come back and cover a few of them if their still available on my days off from work.
I meant just throw a link in asking people to play. Not making up images. People looking for games to review can just check them out.
I meant just throw a link in asking people to play. Not making up images. People looking for games to review can just check them out.

You gotta give credit to him though, he took his time to work on these "unofficial bounties", which frankly, look pretty good aside from looking a little wonky at the bottom.
Honestly, I might be willing to take a look at one or both of them if StormCrow is willing to confirm that the game's are rather short. After all, I've been trying to push myself pretty hard in order to reach the 25 review mark.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
from Frogge
Crowded Spelunky: I don't know how to go about reviewing a spelunky mod

It's not so different from an RTP-based RM game. The graphics and mechanics are provided by the engine, and I changed some stuff to make it worse different. Familiarity with the original helps, but isn't completely necessary.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Blank Slate review is submitted.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Fuck, piano beat me to it by 5 mins. Oh well.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
And I reviewed Emperor of the Moon.

And I've done Sammy in Opaland.
A piano ate all the bounties. But this next set looks cool. As it turns out, I've played the Will Smith game on the gamepage of "will you ever return" but I havent played any of these games. And they arent all just demos this time. Someone did mention earlier that bounty systems make people rush thru the games, and I'm starting to feel it happening...
To be fair, it looks like a lot of the games in the last set were rather short. In fact, I'll probably tackle a few of them over the next couple of days in order to reach the 25 review mark.

On the plus side, this event has insured that I'll be the next person on this site to have over 20,000 MS. In fact, the only barrier to that at the moment is waiting for my reviews and Let's Plays that are currently in the queue to be accepted and my score updated accordingly.