Release Something! Day is back. For those of you who are unaware as to what RS!D is, it is an event wherein we release something on a predetermined date. That "something" can be a work-in-progress demo, an OST, a video, or whatever. And then right after that release, everyone plays everyone else's stuff.

This is the first time one of these will be run as an event. There are some limitations though - only game downloads can be submitted to the "official" event submission. But that's okay! I will manually compile all of the other types of submissions and update the event page.

Some rules:
1. If you are posting a game demo, make a Gameprofile and simply submit the download
2. If you are posting other media (like screens or music) submit it to the site and then post a link to it in the comments
3. If you are posting a review submit it to the site and post the title of the review, the title of the game and a link to the review

I've coincided the Release Day (December 1st) with the end of the National Game Development Month. This was on purpose. Work on your games for the NaGaDeMo, and then showcase them here on Release Something! Day 11!

Like always, the aim is to truly try to capture the spirit of releasing something. It is not about prepping a major release, or making something in a fury to have something new to show for the event. It is about showing your works-in-progress, getting feedback, and checking out what other people are working on. Like a snapshot of RMN's development community.

Sign up below!


  • 12/01/2011 12:00 AM
  • 12/02/2011 01:00 PM
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Teams Members Entry
The Next Generation
Final Finals
Bludgeon of Inspiration
Charged with Assault And Battery
Updated Demo Version of Seraphic Blue Translation
The Encephalon II
Team TCS
Dream Machine
A Penguin's Adventure (DEMO Only)
oh my god
Lone Wolf Productions
Revolution '11
Teh Studios
Colorless Quest. Now with 1% more colors!
Project BC
DQ goes Platformer (WIP)
House on Fire
Naughty vampire chicks and hot lingerie
The Mongolian Utopia: Knights of the Eastarn Calcus
Sucker Punch
Team FSNS Presents: Atom Pulsar and the Rusty Libido (Game Page)
Why not I guess..
Slipstream ranger
NaGaDeMo PeRe Demo
Shadow Sadness
Fortune Cookie
Jackalotrun N Tomstar
Peggy Sue For President
Team retro
JailBreakOut vs. FireWoman vs. Hunger Games vs. LoZ:Link in Time vs. New game!
Eager Kraken
yuna21's Team
I've chosen the AVCHD preset because it's pretty standard.
Deep Trouble


Planned to make a small game, but didn't work out... so here are some stuff I updated:

License= CC-BY 3.0

Also, this:

This is a map guide, to help you create dungeons easily... just make the mini map, and then go ahead and make the real dungeon map using your tileset.
I am Moana of Motunui. You killed my father. Prepare to die!
Ok, I'm going to bed. I will try to wake up super early tomorrow to get the last wave of potential submissions. Remember, you can submit game downloads that are in a Pending status.
must be all that rtp in your diet
Okay. Here's my submission.

I know the spriting is incredibly patchy. The "Unknown Proctor" turns into like three different people. Any walking animation is just turrible. I also know the compression is awful. D: I feel like it's pretty obvious what's just unfinished vs. poor judgment, but feel free to mention it if you don't. There's some tileset errors here and there during the "dark hour" segment as well... And yes, the sprite for the big shadow boss will be more intimidating than the dinky little VX RTP one. You'll see what I mean. XD Anyway, it's SOMETHING. :B
Sounds good, Kentona. I just finished revamping a couple levels and will submit.
I'm submitting a game demo. Game page will be made in approx 15 minutes. 0.0
Okay, actually I lied. Here is my pathetic contribution:

A blog post with sprites that hit on you, a battle mock-up, and music.

It's something, right? ;n; I can get an also-ran ribbon? ;n;
Two releases today!

Super Doki Doki World Demo 2
RMN Chain Game Chapters 1-2

Was going to release media but the neighbors are complaining about me talking loudly into a mic at night.
Uhm, I believe I've successfully submitted something, yay.
While my gamepage is being approved, here is my entry:

Download link:

I wish I had submitted this earlier. This site is blocked at my job, so I won't be able to submit the download to the event's page... *cries*
Max McGee
My name is Legion: for we are many.
Looking like my entry will be a few hours late because of how the submission queue works. Oh well! Close enough for me.
Morning Kentona! Are you awake? I'm not trying to hassle you I'm just interested what time zone you're in! :) I added the download for my RS! submission.
I am Pyrdoom, Hedgehog of Fire and the Time Controller.
Are we still allowed to release something on Dec. 2nd, or did I lose my chance yesterday -_-
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dammit I woke up 15 mins late. I will extend the deadline by 40 mins.
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
Quite a number of entries! Where to start?
Resident Nonexistence
I wish I had submitted this earlier. This site is blocked at my job, so I won't be able to submit the download to the event's page... *cries*

lol, found a way to get on at my school :p
RMN sex symbol
Oh yeah, here's the media link & gamepage also I guess those screens I submitted with the new gamepage could count? Wow so many participants this time around, it's nice to see!
Btw Kentona, I'm not sure if we said it already but this is our RS!D (a game page!) but we were too slow for the game download due to VXAce stuff =v=)b
I am Moana of Motunui. You killed my father. Prepare to die!
Okay, I downloaded all the submissions listed in the event page above (except LCPANES since it is an online version).

Next up is compiling a list of non-game submissions and updating the event description.
Max McGee
My name is Legion: for we are many.
Kenton you goddamn kanadian bastard. Please add me to the participants list once your goddamn kanadia submission queue approves my goddamn demo. Goddamnit.

(Seriously, I would have had my game up nine hours ago if not for the stupid clue. I don't want to be excluded from the event.)