The dead armies of games forgotten lurk in the dark, waiting for unsuspecting developers to lose their way on the path to their current games and stop in their tracks to think of days gone by.

It's time to dig them up from their early graves and release them on the world come this Hallowe'en.

Yup, it's that time of year again! Combining Release Something and the annual Halloween event, we task you with taking an old, abandonned game, shining it up and letting it run free in the fields of 2019.

- Start on October 1st
- Finish by October 30th
- Game MUST be abandoned. In this case, not worked on for at least a few months or put aside whilst you worked on something else. It can be game ideas that you threw away and didn't get far into creation, too.
- There needs to be a decent chunk of work done on it over the course of the month.
- Any engine, any resources, etc
- Must have a game page made and accepted to the site BEFORE the end date.

To Submit:
- You need a gamepage that has been accepted to the site (either newly made or an older one from the initial creation of the game)
- Sign up to this page as a participant.
- Click the Submit button at the top-right of the page.
- Upload the game to your gamepage.
- Choose the proper download for the game from the drop-down list and hit Submit.

- A badge for those who release a full game - 60 MS
- A badge for those who release a demo - 30 MS
- A badge for those who take part in at least one of the prompts that will put up over the course of the month to showcase progress made - 10 MS


  • 10/01/2019 01:00 AM
  • 10/30/2019 11:59 PM



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I was going to post that here. Unfortunately, we don't have a twitch embed so a link will have to do, but yes, I've kinda left youtube a bit due to twitch just being better as a platform.
Check her twitch, hopefully the footage is saved there.
Checked Liberty's YouTube and last stream seems to be from the Abrupt Ending Party. Did the Release the Dead stream go ahead in the end?
Thanks for the badges and thank you for organizing this event.
Around about nowish. Sorry for the wait! If I've got any wrong, please let me know and remember to tag your games as complete when they are!

Great job, everyone, on an event well-made!
When do we receive the badges?
Doodoodoo~ Added a C patch to update some map layouts, added small bit on how to Augment equipment, fixed a bug preventing completion, and a couple smol things. The title screen now shows the current sub-patch letter, so 0.16C.

C Patch-
should probably re-download my game again as well, minor bug fix.
Bugfixed the heck outta my game and uploaded a new version.
Here's the link.
Looking forwards to the stream!
I have uploaded a new version of the event game :3
I used edit instead of new download, with the old download being main download.
So there shouldn't be much issue or broken link.
Ah since Libs wanted an update thingy posted here-
For 0.16 there are 2 main parts and 1 patch bringing it up to 0.16B.
(The B is not reflected on the title screen.)

Part 1:
Part 2:

Changes from original 0.15- added in files missing from MV's 'remove unused files' tickbox. Never using it again, blargh. Added in a handful of skills for 2 characters, making 1 of them less useless, Herbalism is still not fleshed out however, fixed changed faceset to that one sign I missed, clarified location in quest log for initial quest (difference between ground floor and first floor), and I think a few small tweaks to item costs, spells, armor, and enemies. No new story content, just fixes and tweaks and stuff, heh.

Thanks to WheelmanZero, Oshun, and WaKa for finding and reportin bugs!
Every life has another side...
I too have made an updated version of my Release the Dead game. It fixes quite a few glitches and adds in a couple tutorials for a few of the more complex aspects of my game.

You can check it out here.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I just wanted to note that I have uploaded an improved version of the demo for Final Fantasy: World's Edge, if Libby would prefer to play that for the event stream instead of the event version of the game. It seems the fights are too easy and the encounters are too high in the earlier versions.
;-; MV borked and there is another music file missing from my thing. Add it to the bgm folder.

---Screw the rules, but not really, I decided to just add a new version
It's in 2 parts since I want to make sure all the files are there. Tested several times, added some skills, tweaked shop prices, added some new sounds, and fixed some errors on stuff that worked before. Blargl.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Mine's a Final Fantasy fangame. There's copyrighted music...EVERYWHERE. Except the fan music I made.
Fair warning for when my games get streamed (so nervous):

There is about 45 seconds of copyrighted music at the start of the Firing Range and 15-30 seconds of copyrighted music when the CalFree Resistance shows up.

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really (I typed all of those, not C + P) don't think anyone with any stake in those copyright laws will both somehow notice and remotely care. Both artists heard are well known for (read: synonymous with) being anti-authoritarian, anti-establishment, anarchist, and punk to the point where their labels follow their lead on this type of stuff, not the other way around. So basically, copyright holders being aware of stream has worse odds than my winning the lottery and being struck by lightning on the same day, and their actual caring to bully your channel over it with a DMCA strike is something I'd bet my right foot won't happen.

But still, wanted to be *considerate* since it is being streamed.

Now to unfuck my page CSS cuz GODDAMN.
Oops, seems that I missed a file when re-adding the plugin stuff after doing the remove uneeded files from package. Basically just a music file that olivia's victory screen calls. Kinda important. Added below and as a seperate download in game thing, since its not worth uploading a whole version for one file.

F. Wheel also found that the doodads folder was missing.
Unzip into the img folder. ;-; Why mv y?
Glad you enjoyed.

And yeah, for those who don't have time to catch the stream, I'll highlight each game to be it's own video some time after I recover. >.<)b
I'd just be grateful to see the game played, hear a player's live thoughts and reactions. Treat it almost as a usability test.

When, where, how, and even if they decide to stream it is up to them. They're doing me a favour, I don't get to dictate terms. We're not owed an audience.

I think some of us need to be careful. Telling someone to organise their stream around your schedule feels a bit entitled to me. Besides, even if you miss the stream, there's an archive you can watch back at any time.

I think exactly the same. As long as there is a recorded video to watch later, I'll be happy watching you play.

Liberty, that "I can pop myself" while playing Red Balloon of Happiness was priceless !