Last year you made new games of horror and suspense. This year we're doing something different. Break out your ouija boards, people, and get prepared to tackle some ghosts!

It's time to raise the dead...

This is an event that will focus on breathing new life in to old games, to taking from the past and remaking the future.

The idea of the competition is to take an old game and rework it back into being. It can be a cancelled project, a project idea that didn't work out or something you lost in the past for whatever reason. You can build off the base of the old project or start something new using the ideas that you had. Revive, rework, restore, remake... it's up to you. As long as something of the original project remains then it counts.

Each entry will gain two badges - one for participation and one for the area in which they worked.

Those areas are:=
Revival - Taking parts of a dead project and bringing it back. Parts can include resources, ideas, systems and the like. Note that it doesn't have to be built off the remains of a game, but should have something of the old game in it. You can, however, use the old game as base if you want to. Needs to be a complete game, though.

Rebirth - Taking the ideas that you once had in an old game and reusing them to build a new game instead. This game shouldn't be the old game - it should be new, but use ideas and such that are old. Needs to be a complete game, though.

Reanimate - Taking an old project and building off it in the intent to finish. You do not need to complete the game - a new build or demo with sufficient additions will grant you this badge.

Readying - Taking part and trying, even if all you end up with are words on a page. This will be granted to people who take part in the comment section when certain questions and mini-challenges are thrown there.

At the end of the event the four judges will pick their favourite game each and award a special prize. There will also be a prize for the Most Valuable Participator.

Judges for this event are Nessiah, Unity, Gourd and Liberty.

+ You must start reworking your dead projects/ideas on the 1st of October and have until the 30th to finish. All are due on the 30th of October, 12 Midnight, EST.

+ Games must have all files included that have been used. If you don't know how to set it so that no RTP is required, just ask.

+ The main focus of your game must come from an old idea, lost or cancelled game or series of ideas/games.

+ The game must be complete at the deadline to count for a badge and MS. If it is not complete, you can still gain a participation badge by participating in the discussions and feedback in the comment section of this event.

+ You may have more than one team, more than one game. Teams of up to ten are allowed.

+ You may use any engine you wish.

+ When you add your complete game, please me know which category it falls under.

Any questions and queries, ask in the comments below.


  • 10/01/2014 12:00 AM
  • 10/31/2014 11:59 AM
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Bubble Flower Pony Glitter Rainbow Friends
Glory Glory ManUTunger!
Team of One
Old Ideas Unite!
GRS, add me on XIV and mail me Grade 1 Clothcraft Prisms.
Legacy Reborn Revival?
Team Maximus
It's a crisis alright...
FilleCraft Gaming Productions
Bring dat beat back.
I Am Not Boxbot
N.T.S. "Not so original"
Space Opera in Space
Gourdy Judgy
Celdran's neverending Curse
Few Paths Forbidden
I _knew_ I should've just grinded WVR instead of trying to get back to work!
Every 'active' project of mine would qualify as a dead project
Let what's dead stay dead.
Slimey's gonna get work put in!
So You’re Telling Me That There’s A Chance
Let's Mak Gams
Gam Mak? When was the last time I did that?
So Not Gonna Sleep for the Month
GRS, don't add me on XIV and mail me Grade 1 Clothcraft Prisms.
Something. I don't know, but SOMETHING.
In Search of Dragons, the revenge
Holy Gam Mak, Batman!
Here goes nothing...
Ba-dum tish
egg party
Well, time to get the ol' shovel...
Jomarcenter games (this time going to release something)
Finally a halloween contest without the pesky halloween part!
A Hill Reborn
Game Cemetery
game on, nerds!!
conditions of descent
EH I can probably get the game page and screenshots up by the 30th
Gems Are Shining
Role-Playing Game Breaker 2101 AD
It's "Descendant" not "Decendant"
Monster Closets


I dropped this project partly because it was a practice project, so it was a very low priority, but mainly because I was having trouble with the version of Twine I was making it in. See, it was made before the big update of Twine released late last year that fixed a bunch of bugs, so there were quite a few unusual snags in development. One of the biggest is that new passages would sometimes be hashed incorrectly (this was before Twine stopped hashing URLs by default), so when you went to a new affected passage, it would treat it as the old one. This broke the <<back>> macro, which I relied on heavily, and each time it happened it was a pain in the neck to debug (I had to delete some passages and hope that would fix it). After a while I got tired of fixing it all the time and quit.

The reason why I picked it back up is that it's practically the only one of my Twine projects that got past the idea stage, and all of my other abandoned projects are in Knytt Stories, which I don't know if it's kosher or not. Plus it's pretty short; I think I'm about a third of the way through it already.
Yeah, I’m in the same boat with LockeZ on that one too, SorceressKyrsty; great concept behind it, but just lacking in overall execution for me (and all those bugs didn’t help out either, I.E.: Ragnarok getting stuck behind all those mountains that caused me to play the game twice because I happened to save on the world map). Either way, if you’re planning on remaking it again, I guess that’s fine. If it was me, however, I’d probably just leave it alone, seeing how it’s complete, cut my loses, and do something else. But, whatever...

Tell us a little about why you dropped the ball project/ideas originally and why you decided on this project/idea to work on.

Well, I didn’t really necessary drop it, as it was more just something that happened by accident, I suppose.

Back in 2003, Heavenly Orb, my first semi-serious game, was coming along pretty good at the time; 30% overall done, over 12 hours of gameplay, 10 different dungeons to explore, tons of (horribly coded, but still worked) mini-games…oh yeah, *drooling* it was going great.

But then, something just had to crash my party and spoil my fun.

Back then, my dad, my little brother and I all shared the same desktop computer, so whatever they did to it also affected everybody else that used it. My dad always loved to surf on all those many different pornographic websites, and we all know how many trojans and virus doohickies you get when you happen to go on there. My little brother also didn’t help that much, as he always liked to turn the firewalls off and claiming that it “sped up his game,” a shooting game that he was playing at the time, and going on places like Back then, I didn’t have a job, still in highschool, and USB flash drivers were pretty expensive back then along with CD’s to save and record data. Also, I didn’t get as much time on the computer as I do now, considering my little brother and dad would always kick me off it, so I never really had much of a chance.

After the fourth or so virus that we got that managed to disable our entire monitor display, I couldn’t see anything, do anything, as I painfully watched all my hard work get wiped out in a systems harddrive crash. It was definitely a tough pill to swallow back then, as I was actually pretty down in the dumps for quite a while after that. Actually, for quite a long time after that, before Monopolo came along and got finished and sort of rejuvenated my spirits and got me on the right track, I had this little superstition thing known as the “HO curse,” because anything I made after that always seemed to get deleted or never really progressed that much. It was a frustrating time back then. I look at it now and have pretty forgiven what has happened since, but, still…a lot of lost years and a lot of hard work have been lost over time…

I never really forget Heavenly Orb over the years, because it was sort of the first game I ever came up with back in the day on my own. I was so heavily invested into to it that it was just sort of sad that it was just…gone.

Even though I managed to save an earlier copy of a demo that’s only around four hours of gameplay, it just would have been nice to finish something like that back in the day and say that you had that megasized RPG game that you always wanted. Sure, graphically and presentation wise, it looks like shit - but it was a fun piece of shit to play back then. I still play the original demo once in a while. I guess the main reason why I haven’t uploaded it to something like RMN or Gaming World back then because it was pretty bad and there was no way I was going to restart from that and do it all over again.

Flash forward over ten years later: I’m wiser, a lot more injury prone, and have a better grasp of things than I did when I was bright eyed little kid. When I was thinking about possible games to possibly do in the future, I had a lot of choices, but I decided to revive Heavenly Orb and maybe try to shoot for something a little bit shorter, something that I could possibly do, and maybe cut out some of the fat in regards to grinding, locations to explore, and just make something with a drastic graphical improvement but within my own means. I thought it would be nice to revive something that I did so long ago and see if it would still hold up for today's standards.
Tell us a little about why you dropped the project/ideas
originally and why you decided on this project/idea to work on.

I'd been planning to adapt a short radio piece I'd previously recorded (in a bid to impress my fiance who I had just started seeing at the time :P) into an RPG Maker project a few years back, but its tight linearity was not suitable to the format. I set it aside for a long time, but this contest inspired me to try giving it a new spin as a kinetic visual novel.

Really, I was mega in to gam mak in the late 90s-early 00s, but real life took over for a long time. I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things and prepare myself for my EVENTUAL OPUS@£$%^&* If that means releasing some short-form works, so be it.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Addit, LockeZ: It's not a full remake of the game, and I'm not touching the old project. It's essentially a complete gutting and removal of a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge amount of the really explicit fangame elements to make them more subtle references, and focus on the actual, core plot that lay underneath the glorified fetch quest that is Cosplay Crisis.

Basically, there is another work of mine that follows the non-fangame lore/is set in the same universe, and while I've had to make CC unnecessary to play (because it's basically uncompletable unless you have an unbreakable will), CC's underlying plot is extremely important to the overall outcomes of the other game, and knowing it is humongously beneficial to a person's understanding. plus it actually has levi and kumo in it so

plus there is no way i am touching rmxp are you nuts?
I'd been planning to adapt a short radio piece I'd previously recorded (in a bid to impress my fiance who I had just started seeing at the time :P) into an RPG Maker project a few years back...

I had a hearty laugh.
Which of your games are you thinking about using for this event?

I´m Working on an idea I onced Had, but I was too Focused on another project that I completly forgot about it.
The Game Won´t Be A Long Game, But If I make It Right It Could Be Played More Than Once :D
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
I had to go check youtube to doublecheck and you're right: I knew the Ordeals Zombie Dragon fight was in front of the exit throne but the chest is next to that square too! And yeah, the Eye is in front of the chest with the Floater and there's some dragon guarding Ice? Armor in the Ice Cave. I thought there was one with sorcerers when you entered a room with pits but I can't find any supporting information so it's probably some fevered dream of mine.

There are sorcerers in the ice cave but i BELIEVE they're only random encounters.

...i like how i haven't added anything to this topic except talking about oldschool final fantasy. i am clearly the most valuable participator
I've worked on games and game engines for 12~13 years and computer science for 7 years, but I've only just now been able to get close to actually finishing something (and likewise, finally had peer review science literature published a few weeks ago).

I'm going to tell each and every one of you here not to feel bad that you don't finish anything as long as you don't stop altogether.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I'd been planning to adapt a short radio piece I'd previously recorded (in a bid to impress my fiance who I had just started seeing at the time :P) into an RPG Maker project a few years back...
I had a hearty laugh.

welp clearly it worked, man
so late to the discussion, time to do a catching up-alogue:
I am choosing to do a sequel to many games at one time, where i'll mix it in with characters of a few of my newer games.

this one is going to have may from ghost suburb, simply because she was in at least 35% of my unreleased games as a main character- and also since I didn't release the sequel to ghost suburb exploration a- so I'm mixing it in as well.

itt:a bittersweet beautiful trainwreck
Your mom is a hero
what about him?
Snark needs a context throat lozenge.
Kinda late to the party here... I've never actually made an RPG, but I've started a lot of them! So we're going to try and finish up an RPG, I think! A lot of the details are up in the air at the moment though, heh :P
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
How do you get three thousand makerscore on the rpg maker network without ever making an rpg
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
How do you get three thousand makerscore on the rpg maker network without ever making an rpg

I had to look at it myself after you brought my attention to it. This and contributing to the RMN commonwealth probably has something to do with it.

But seriously, slash, you should make an RPG like the rest of us.

Speaking of RPGs...

Well shit...

If this ever goes live, I swear.
How do you get three thousand makerscore on the rpg maker network without ever making an rpg

I tricked people into thinking I know how to make action games, eheheh ;^_^

I love experimenting with all the design behind RPGs but I'm terrible at cutting the chaff with them like I can with an action game. They always spiral out of control and ruin my plans and leave the refrigerator door open.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
neither of i, weird huh
you guys noooo