RPG Maker 2003 is back and out of retirement! Degica by order of KADOKAWA GAMES/Enterbrain and with the cooperation of Cherry and Archeia_Nessiah has released an official English version of RPG Maker 2003. To celebrate we're having a Golden Week of RPG Maker 2003 and everybody's invited! Veterans, dust off your copy of RM2k3 and reach into the depths of forgotten memories and show you still have your skills. Newbies to RM2k3, try out a new RPG Maker engine, experience one of the tools that brought RPG Maker to fame in the English communities, and show those oldbies up with your spunk and RPG dev skills!

Your quest is to make a game in RPG Maker 2003 in a week and a weekend! Form a party or take it solo in any version of RPG Maker 2003 and tell your story. Our judges - Liberty, GRS and unity - will decide which game is the best and who will become the Heros of A Golden Week of RPG Maker 2003!

RPG Maker 2003 aka RM2k3 is a modified version of RPG Maker 2000 aka RM2k released in 2002 only in Japan. RM2k itself was released in 2000 also only in Japan but was translated into English by Don Miguel. RM2k's ease of use, quality included graphic and audio assets, and number of features for creating RPGs made it an instant hit and a community around RM2k formed.

When RM2k3 came out a few years later it was quickly translated to English by RPGAdvocate and it became a community favorite for its side view battle system and ATB turn system similar to the one used by the SNES Final Fantasy games. Many classic and revered games like Hero's Realm, Alter A.I.L.A Genesis, Leo & Leah: A Love Story, and Phantom Legacy were made using RM2k3. Over time users moved on, some from constraints of the engine and others a desire to use the newer and more robust RPG Makers, and RM2k3's usage has waned. Some enterprising hackers like Cherry worked on hacking the RM2k3 executable itself to make it more extensible called DynRPG. Others like WolfCoder have been working on their own RPG Maker inspired by RM2k and RM2k3. Others yet have also made their own player for RM2k and RM2k3 games called Easy RPG. RM2k3 may have been hurting but it certainly wasn't out and there was still a lot of interest in using it.

In April 2015 an official translation of RPG Maker 2003 was finally released, and celebrating that is what this event is all about. To differentiate the new official RPG Maker 2003 is called RPG Maker 2003 on RMN's engines list with new icons. The fan translated version of RPG Maker 2003 is called RPG Tsukuru 2003 with the classic icons.

Here are the official rules of the event:

  • Your game must be made in RPG Maker 2003, the trial for RPG Maker 2003, or RPG Tsukuru 2003 (the fan translation of RM2k3). No other engine will be accepted.

  • Your game must be complete. This may be a celebration of an old favorite tool but we won't accept the trend of never finishing a game for this event!

  • Your game must be submitted by the end of of May 10th. Check the time the event ends on the right and make sure your timezone in your account settings is correct.

  • Your game can only use the RM2k3 RTP. What you get with the editor is what's allowed! The RPG Maker 2k RTP is not allowed except what's already part of the 2k3 RTP, such as sounds or music. This means no rips or other assets from other games, resource packs, or RTPs. You can download the 2k3 RTP here.

  • No DynRPG or similar patches are allowed.

Only the following non-RTP assets are allowed:
  • Splicing and rearranging existing RTP graphics. For example you can make a new tileset out of existing tilesets or create a faceset out of battler graphics.

  • A custom title screen for your game. Your title screen must use an RTP title screen as a base and recognizable as such.

No other edits or custom assets are allowed.

To submit your game to the contest:
  • Create a new gameprofile (by going to Submissions > Submit Game). The game must go through RMN's standard game approval process. (Get your gameprofile submitted early so that you aren't at the mercy of the whims of the Submission Manager!)

  • After the gameprofile is approved, upload the game to the Downloads section of your gameprofile.

  • Come back to this event and submit the download for judging! There is a Submit button in the upper right of the event page.

We have five achievements participants can earn:
  • Friend of 2k3: Everybody who participates during Golden Week earns this. No game submission needed! Take part in the discussion, give feedback, and cheer others on! Just like a good NPC!

  • Player of 2k3: Everybody who plays a game created for this event and reviews it (either through an official review or Let's Play video) is dubbed a Player of 2k3. This award will be available until the end of May 2015.

  • Party Member of 2k3: All teams that submit a game that abides by the above rules earn this achievement. These devs were not content to repeat their one line ad infinitum and found their way to the Hero's side to fight evil!

  • Villain of 2k3: What's a quest without a villain? The team whose game is judged to be second only to the Hero's own will earn this achievement. Foiled again!

  • Hero of 2k3: Only the best game will earn this achievement! Whichever team's game is judged to be the best will become the Hero of A Golden Week of RPG Maker 2003!

We have additional prizes beyond the above achievements. The Hero and Villain teams both get one game gifted to them on Steam. All teams that submitted a game get a ticket in a raffle to win an official copy of RPG Maker 2003 on Steam!

Only one game or copy of RM2k3 awarded per prize; the winning team is responsible for receiving and distributing their prize. The Hero team gets dibs on the Steam game award over the Villain team.

There are many resources available for learning RM2k3 and tips and tricks on using it. You can check the RPG Tsukuru 2003 engine page for a collection of tutorials and articles users have written over the years. Some articles that are recommended reading are:

If you're looking for more specific advice feel free to ask questions on the event page or post a new topic on the Help Me! forums. We have many RM2k3 veterans here that would be happy to help.




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Teams Members Entry
Gimme dat shiz ;p
Why the hell not?
McBacon's right eye
J-Team (I'll try and get something finished in 10 days.)
Longtime procrastinator trying to finish a full mini-game in a week! :D
r m 2 k 3 b o y z
No Self Switches I'm Going to Cry
My body is ready
A very silly entry
Zombies ate my videogames
Co-op block pushing!
GoldenGuard GO!GO!GO!
the old dog squad
Good morning, you have amnesia!
jk i'm using 2k3
Babby's first RMN event
Loyalty Pays Off
Not In The Slightest
*Smash announcer* BABBY!
Count me in!... Now. How do you use this thing.
Strong Opinions on ATB
aight lets do this
Project Starcrossed
It's time to shine (light flickers)
Because Pizza
hi i ned 9 more teamates join plz
I dont have time but I'm doing this anyway
Pom Gets 2k3
Team Review Something
Gam mak tyme!
I've got too much going on right now but whatever
Why do I keep signing up for these?
Butterball Babe
'Cuz Nostalgia, That's Why!
A New Game of Thrones


I was waiting for this.


edit: Also this CSS is BALLER
edit: Also this CSS is BALLER

I love it. it just screams "My first 2k3 game" gameprofile.

Anywho, here is the available prize pool:

Borderlands 2 GOTY
Two Worlds II Castle Defense
Endless Space - Emperor Edition
Planetary Annihilation
Planetary Annihilation
Fallout New Vegas
Fight The Dragon
Portal 2
Portal 2
Never Alone
Castle Storm
Shadow Warrior (2013)
8bit Boy
Trails in the Sky
Child of Light
Child of Light
RPG Maker 2003
Rogue Legacy
Hero Siege

plus there is a second RPG Maker 2003 for raffle.

I will say that I'm so glad that I understand how roofing and wall tiles work now. No more of that "I made a rectangle that's the walls and roof in one" shit.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I'm too bogged down with work to get a game out this week, but I can write a review.
What kind of game is everyone thinking about making?
What kind of game is everyone thinking about making?

Probably just going to go for a solid RPG (or as solid as possible in 2k3). I plan to really try my balls off with the RTP mapping though.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
What kind of game is everyone thinking about making?

I'm not. I'm probably gonna record myself playing them! All of them.

Speaking of which, by "Let's Play" do you mean a video review, or just a let's play?
Video review counts as a review. Let's Plays are a playthrough of the game.
What kind of game is everyone thinking about making?

the most epic game featuring 45 unique unforgettable characters spanning 60 hours across 5 world maps and an alternate dimension that will be remembered in the annals of history as a modern day classic.

It will be called 'Lost Fantasy'
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
god dmanitna

also, is the trial not a real thing yet?

edit: GRS replace characters wit hclaseses and that's ff5. make ff5 in a week to wow (at least one) judges
The trial is supposed to be here in a day or so.
What kind of game is everyone thinking about making?

I don't know, but I plan to make it short.

Don't expect the game to be exactly good. In fact, don't expect it to even have a custom title screen! :p

I joined to this pretty much just to get more makerscore! :)
god dmanitna

also, is the trial not a real thing yet?

edit: GRS replace characters wit hclaseses and that's ff5. make ff5 in a week to wow (at least one) judges

the thought of making ff5 never mind a timeframe is enough to make me sweat

fuck demon's gate was basically a shitty copy of ff5 and I had all kinds of time to make that turd

now ff6 on the other hand
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Grabbing the RTP and putting a new whirlygig on my review hat.
"wait you made this a career?"
*Sits at the "I still haven't gotten an official copy of RM2k3" table*
like... now seriously... can we draw faces for this project?? like that's the only thing that bothers me about the 2k3 rtp, because the faces are just so ;_;
if not i'm simply not using faces at all ;^;'

but idk at least we could use roco's or some other rtp faces like that XD
Nope, it's a 2k3 RTP exclusive event. Being able to splice and arrange the existing resources exists largely because of how bad the 2k3 faces look. I plan on using battlers as faces so I don't have to look at them.
Damn, you stole my idea. Guess I'll have to go for charasets instead. XD

But yeah, no custom stuff, sorry. This way everyone is on an even standing.