It's RMN's 16th birthday and we need to celebrate this milestone!

Come one, come all to the sweetest sixteenth around. This year we're making games based around SWEETS! Sweets, commonly known as candy or lollies depending on where you come from, can be a variety of sugary treats - from donuts to cakes to gummies to hard-boiled drops! We're making the sweetest, sugariest, most tooth-decaying games this year!

Get your dentist appointments lined up because we are about to lose some teeth!

- Make a game between the 11th and the 18th (check DETAILS for times) of June!
- You can use any resources.
- Games must be under 1 hour of playtime.
- Games must adhere to the theme - SWEETS
- Any engine.
- Team-ups allowed.

- Completed games will gain the SWEET SIXTEEN badge worth 100MS.
- Uncompleted games will gain the TOOTH DECAY badge worth 20MS.


  • 06/11/2023 12:00 AM
  • 06/19/2023 12:00 AM
  • 10



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Birthday Maker Network
Sugar Sweet Sgammak
Pour some sugar on me
Accept Sugar Diet
Black Sheep
Sweet & Sour
Sweet Heaven Above
Sweeties for my Sweaty
Koros in Candyland
I'm gonna do it this time, FOR REAL!! Right after this TV show...


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Did we ever get the rewards and MS for the 15th anniversary event?
Did we ever get the rewards and MS for the 15th anniversary event?

You know what, I don't think you guys did. Right, I'm gonna have to go back through and make a list of who did what for it. Sorry for the wait. I know I've gotta get a bunch of other stuff badges. I'll work on doing that when I've got a bit more time. orz
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
It is time for sweet gam mak.
Certified Godot convert.
yo happy beerday rmn :o
Ooh, I like this theme!
Guardian of the Description Thread
It's a cute theme. If I get any equally cute ideas, I might join this.

Did we ever get the rewards and MS for the 15th anniversary event?

In the background, one can hear "Taps" for the fallen.
<3 thank you marrend
How close to the theme do we have to stick? Like, what if there are just a lot of sweets in the game?
How close to the theme do we have to stick? Like, what if there are just a lot of sweets in the game?

That works. It's a birthday event so we're liable to be more flexible. As long as sweets exist and it's one of the themes of the game, no problemo~
My minimal build is complete -- that is, the minimum that I wanted my game to be. I may add more in the future.

UPDATE: Mac and Linux builds are now available!
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
Mayday! Mayday! To get my game for this event to work, I need the fossil plugin for the MV plugins to work with MZ. I no longer have that plugin on my current computer due to me losing all my files, and when I tried to download it from the original thread it just came up with a 404. The only other link is directly from RPG Maker Web but I'm banned from there and have been for over 2 years, which means I can't download it and I don't want to make a new account since that's ban evading and will only get me in more trouble over there. I've tried to get in touch with the admins over there multiple times to apologize/learn more about the situation, but they won't ever respond. Can someone please send me a google drive/dropbox/whatever link if you still have the plugin somewhere on your PC? It's called FOSSIL for RPG Maker MZ, which makes plugins from RPG Maker MV compatible with MZ. Thanks!

Edit: Okay, I found a way to recover the files from my old computer. Very stressful trying to get in, but once I did it was pretty easy to transfer everything. However, the version I have is only Fossil 1.0. I would really like the later versions as well to streamline everything. If anyone has an updated version of fossil, hit me up in my DMs. I would really appreciate it.
The event time is too short, it seems that it is too late to make...
Final update submitted. This one fixed a bug with the boss fight at the end and changes the ending.
I didn't have enough time to actually finish, so I just finished my maps and a few events.
OrudoPatto, kisama!
I've upload my silly little game on Mediafire, just in case people are having trouble downloading it from RMN!
Happy gam mak!

Submitted my entry! I hope it’s balanced enough to play.
I want to balance it more but I’m closer to the deadline more than I’m comfortable with.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
We're almost done with our entry, we're just ironing out the final details and cutting polishing some corners. Really excited what everyone else has come up with! Really looking forward to all other cool games that got submitted and will be submitted in these last 5 hours of the event! :D
We're done! Hope you all enjoy. Please read the README included in the folder if you decide to play. Fonts might appear weird if you don't.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Done! Submitted at the final minute, I thought I still had an extra hour to go, but it seems we didn't. We managed to scrounge up a small little baking game, have fun!

Also, sadly, you will need to have the RTP on your system if you want to play Emily's Sweets.

Edit: Turns out I had my deadlines wrong and rushed even though we still had an hour. Uploaded a slightly more updated version with more complete credits at the end.
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