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Selection of past RMN Music Event entries.

Calling all composers! - It's RMN music event time again, but this time things are going to be a little different.

So, if you've participated or voted in the RMN music events before you'll have noticed that they have taken the form of competitions with set themes and public voting to determine the winner; this time around however, the main purpose of the event is going to be a bit different. Instead of competing, we're going to collaborate (and for the greater good, to boot! but more on that later)

For this event we're asking that the participating composers create pieces of original RPG/video-game music, as many tracks as they want and whatever they want (but adhering to some basic standards of quality and stuff, see below for details on this).

At the end of the time-frame for this event the tracks will be collected together, given the once-over, standardized into mp3/ogg formats (where necessary), given proper file information tags, given some sweet cover art and compiled into a downloadable "album" or "soundtrack" of royalty free, creative commons licensed music and then hosted on RMN for the whole community/internet to use as they wish in their not-for-profit game-making endeavors (The CC license model we'll be using will be attribution, non-profit).

Essentially, we'll be creating a free rpg music pack for anyone and everyone to use in their games and helping diversify the publicly available resource pool for rm users a little bit.

* For every approved submission you will receive an entry into a raffle draw with a $50 main prize by courtesy of RMN and $30 secondary prize by courtesy of Happy!

* Submitting 1 approved track grants you a 50 ms achievement.

* Submitting 3 approved tracks grants you a 100 ms achievement.

* Submitting 5 approved tracks grants you a 150 ms achievement.

* An excuse to get some practice in or try something new.

* The gratification of giving something back to the community.

* The possibility of your work and name ending up in some cool project you didn't even intend it to be included in.

* The chance to make something cool along with a bunch of other composers.

* A panel of judges will decide on a composer that has contributed the most and grant this person a $70 award by courtesy of Happy! - quality and quantity of the submissions are both taken in consideration. (If you win this award, you cannot win the raffle prize.)

* To receive any prize money you must have an active paypal account.

* First and foremost you understand that any work you submit to this event is going to be disseminated under a creative com-mons license as publicly usable without your permission and in any way the end-user wishes as long as they attribute the work to you in their credits and that they also do the same themselves with any derivative work based on yours. End-users of this material (and any derivative material) will not, however, be able to legally make any money from anything containing these tracks without your express permission. This is important because if people decide to back out or change their minds about work they've submitted mid-way through this event it's going to get a bit messy, so please make sure you're positive that you're happy with essentially giving away whatever you submit for this event to the public at large.

* Some minimum degree of quality is going to be required from the submissions, they don't need to be AAA studio quality compositions, but they do need to be decent enough that people would want to use them in their projects. Tracks that don't make the cut will not be included in the final package.

* When you have submitted your track, it will be listed as "pending" until judges have listened to it. If the track meets the required quality standards, it will be listed as "accepted." In case your track still requires further improvements before it can be accepted, the track will be listed as "validating" and you will receive a PM where we will explain you what we would like you to improve in your track. If the track fails to meet the required quality standards and no fixes are applied to it before the event deadline, the track will be listed as "rejected." Don't be afraid to submit your track, however! We aren't expecting full professional quality from our participants! You are also free to post your track in public for open feedback.

* Please, name your track and tag it with your author name (whether it's a nick or your real name.)

* Submissions are preferred to be in .mp3, .wav, or .ogg format.

* Considering that we're going to be giving this away it's important that any/all work you submit be, to your knowledge, 100% original work of yours and contain no copyrighted material either compositionally or in terms of sampled sounds. No arrange-ments of existing songs or lifting motifs from anywhere else please. (I doubt anyone would do this but you know, just in case).

* There is no fixed theme or style required for participation in this event but if we get 50 battle themes we might be in a bit of trouble so if you can, try something a bit different than the standard fare you'd expect from a generic rpg or pick a type of track that is less commonly created. We'll probably put up a list of themes to help out with ideas for anyone stuck as to what sort of track to make (and we're still gonna need at least some battle themes!) If you aren't a composer, but have ideas for themes, you can suggest them in the comment section of this page.

* It is preferred that your track can be made into a loop, which means that you have to include repetition of previously occurred sections after all the development in the song has occurred. You don't have to worry about actually looping the song (coding it into the .ogg file) as this can be done by the judges once the album is being put together. Just make sure you include some of your first sections in the end of the song (excluding a possible intro.) If you have questions regarding this matter, feel free to PM Happy!

* You can submit as many tracks as you want as long as they meet the requirements for the event. So if you're feeling bored and generous then knock yourself out and make more than one. You will gain 1 raffle ticket for each accepted track.

* Any and all music you submit should be made specifically for this event. No dumping your existing works here. We're expecting you to see some effort and create something new.

* The finished product will be a .zip file, which will be hosted on RMN, freely available for download by anyone and everyone. There will be both, .mp3 version and looped .ogg version of the album along with cover art by Yaichino and some .txt files listing the songs, creators and CC license details.

* The event will run for 2 months to help ensuring high quality and quantity of entries.

* Once the album is out we will hold a public vote and people can choose a composer to receive a "Voters' Choice" award for the best contributions. If you wish to donate any prize money for this cause and support the participating composers, please do and you will have our sincerest appreciation!

You can donate any amount you wish the best composer to receive. After you have made your donation, be sure to PM kentona and tell him the sum you have donated so that he can tell the Music Event donations apart from the regular RMN donations.

* Please have fun and be creative! Use this as an excuse to make something new and interesting (yet usable) and give something to the community.


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So do we PM the .mp3(s) to the judges, or do we post it/them here?
This is a wonderful idea. I kind of wish a lot of the tracks in the sampler were available for free creative commons use, so I approve!

Sadly, the closest I've ever gotten to composing music for a game was an old contest entry on GamingW where I sang every NPCs' dialogue. Welp.
To do, or not to do....
To try perhaps? I'll give it a shot... (Don't expect anything too ambitious though...)
(Remembers what happened last music event) eep... Best get practicing...
only 90s kids will like this admin
I am keen to see the results of this! Also, I promise not to submit any of my glorious Mario Paint Composer tracks.
Devil's in the details
Requested themes:

If you have suggestions for themes to be composed I will list them here.
Alternatively, if you're a composer and out of ideas, check this list for people's wishes.

Request #1: Completed by Snowy_Fox!
May I request a type of song? If I may, could I request a church/temple type theme? Like a Hymn? My only example I could think of to compare to what I'm requesting, would be similar to the Hymn of the Fayth from FFX. (FFX hymn)
Devil's in the details
Edit: you can check the status of your submission straight from the submission list now.

To recap: Pending means that all judges haven't heard your submission yet, while validating means that we have sent you our thoughts. Check the event guidelines for further information.