RPG Maker VX Ace is OUT and we want to see what RMN can do with this new tool! The Nugget Crash Course is a competition for new Ace users to make a game to try and win a copy of RPG Maker VX Ace, courtesy of our friends at Degica (the company that markets and distributes RPG Maker outside of Japan)!

RPG Maker VX Ace is aptly named as it is RPG Maker VX {Insert Incremental Reference Here}. Imagine your regular VX with various changes and upgrades all over the place to make it a better tool all-round. The best way to see what the changes are is to download the Ace trial and give it a spin! You might even get your own copy out of it!

This is a fast and loose competition with a new tool and so will the theme. Simply make a game with RPG Maker VX Ace! It must be a new Ace game started with the English version so no carry overs from the Japanese release / trial. You can use any resources for Ace such as graphics, music, and scripts but I don't want to see any Ace-rized versions of your VX game.

Ace can handle any graphic, sound, or music VX can and more so all resources for VX are available. Ace also has a new feature of being able to create character and face graphics through putting premade templates together directly in the program. One critical difference between VX and Ace is the script backend got rewritten Ace which means a large majority of scripts for VX won't work for Ace. You can check the script repository on RMN for several scripts made to work with Ace.

Having trouble with Ace? There's a few places where you can try to get some help. Posting on the event itself is allowed but it's easy to lose track of such questions. You can post questions in RMN's Help & Request forum as long as you read the forum rules. You can also head onto RMN's IRC channel to try and get some real time assistance there too.

Judging will be handled by GreatRedSpirit, Archeia_Nessiah, Liberty, and Deckiller. After all the judges have played the games they will rank the games by their own preference. When a game is listed as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd the game gets 7, 5, or 3 points respectively. The game with the most points wins!

The dev lead for the game that scored the most points will be awarded a new Ace product key! We only have one key so teams will have to fight to the death against each other decide who gets the key. We'll also have achievements: The top prize achievement for the 1st place team, runner up achievements for the 2nd and 3rd teams, and participation achievements for everybody who participated.

Important Update! Our prize has been donated to us from our friends at Degica and RPG Maker Web:
I wanted to tell Kentona first, but the dude totally JUMPED OUT THE WINDOW WHEN I WAS TRYING TO TALK TO HIM. (Ok, not really, he just left the irc channel), but I'm just too happy not to want to announce it myself.

For people who don't know, I'm Nick Palmer, I work managing the official RPG Maker English site's( blog, Facebook, Twitter, Forum, and well, a billion other hats involved in RM Marketing.

Anyway, we at Degica (the company that markets and distributes RPG Maker outside of Japan) want to show appreciation to RMN for being such a great fan community for our products. As such, we will be supplying the Medal of Honor prize copy of RPG Maker VX Ace.
This is a great boon to RMN! Thank you Touchfuzzy, and thanks Degica! Your support of RMN is apprciated.

You get half a month starting when Ace is released until the end of April 1st giving two weeks and a weekend to create your game. There is some leeway in situations where game breaking bugs are found by the judges after the 1st and the devs will be allowed to fix these bugs.


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Honorary Entry of Mystery
Danger, danger! High voltage!
The Best Kind of Witchcraft
C# - - - - Maker of "Silent Eyes"
Team 'Who the Hell is That?'
Indy Jones and the VXAce Contest of DOOM
Never's Start
Team Youjustwastedtimereadingthislol
Let the Games Begin. . .Lady's and Gentlemen!?
Bludgeon of Inspiration
The Four Spirits
Fuck it! I want a snoopy badge but I won't get judged. XP
The Labs of Chrono
New game, come and join me!!!
Team Who Gives A Sh-
What is with all these team names?
jomarcenter studio "future helper and the seven tower"
HKOz Assal
Late Night Studio
Ace Hunters
Singing Deerhead Productions
Following the sun
For Snoopy~
oh yeah
Lovely Charmer
Team Wind-Up Bird
Vulkinshii productions
Attempting to complete the impossible...finishing a game
GENERIQUEST 2012: Where doing this man. Where MAKING THIS HAPEN.
Winter's Sorrow Announced!
Gourd Clae: Ace VxAcer
Black Skull Insignia
Trying to not copy from the tutorial.
Ralph's Party
The Last Minute "Team" of Glory
Eternallight's Team


if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year

(If you haven't played Lucidity, you won't get it.)

I'm uploading 1.c of Lucidity, which adds new skills for Hatter and fixes up skill descriptions for Rabbit :D also fixes a text cut off for Cheshire in it's status menu.
OK... ready to submit. So... do I submit the encrypted or un-encrypted version?
@HanzouMasta: Either works. Whichever you prefer. If you want to submit the unencrypted version, be sure to compress it - winzip, winrar, 7zip are all free compressing software that you can find via google.
Cool! :D I'm currently uploading the unencrypted version, compressed with the built-in compressor if it's ok (no .rar, but .exe).

OK this kinda silly, but how do I *upload* the game?
I figured it's not to the "Locker," so... :/

Sorry, I missed your post on the 9th page.
*waits patiently before it's approved*
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
I'm still working, but I should be on-track for OBELISK: DEVILKILLER's release.

Hopefully somebody will be manning the download submissions box tonight up to the last minute for the sake of getting downloads uploaded and ready? Because I know I'll likely be working to fifteen minutes prior, haha.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone was put in charge of it for the night. Don't worry!
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone was put in charge of it for the night. Don't worry!

Excellent. <3

Also just wanted to let people now, that, uh

she's back.
So, I made something for this contest after all. Something super short and super silly, but enough to score me a Snoopy badge, I hope. =P Also, hey, at least I gave Vx Ace a shot... right?

So far my experience was good. Ace has lots of missing options from rm2k3 but I guess the new ones make it up for it. And unlike VX I didn't experience any lag, so I can actually picture myself using Ace for future projects! ...My biggest turn off so far was that the debug mode (F9) is really clumsy compared with the one in rm2k3. I spend most of time in there as it is, and with Ace that time would only double. =/

Well that, and the fact that I know absolutely nothing about scripts... =/

Oh, and the price... =/

rm2k34lief ;^;
Welp, mines added. It's not long, but it'll do. Snoopy badge get!

40 signups. I wonder how many games we'll actually get! Only about 8 hours left. I should go to bed now so I'm well-rested for tomorrow...
Looking at the competition, my game has no chance. To be fair my entry only took a week to make, but still.
So? There are some of us who aren't even being judged, but at least we scored a Snoopy~

Also, you never know how well you'll do if you aren't in it, and I'm sure you had fun making the game and messing with a new maker, right? And you get to show off what you can do with the maker. Plus makerscore~

And a question for those out there~
What new things have you learned in these past two weeks of playing with VXA?

Personally I learned a lot about creating new skills and how easy it is to make abilities that are varied. There's a lot more flexibility in skill creation than in the previous makers. You can make skills that give bonuses or negatives to all kinds of stats and states. You don't even need a script to get a lot of different effects!

I also learned that there are more great scripts out there than I thought, and customising some of them is dead easy. There's also a lot to be said for item and character creation, though I'm not a great fan of classes being the mainstay for things like major stats.

I also found that the character generator can bug out sometimes if you're not careful and make all your rear hair disappear. Back ups are good!

How about you guys?
...How do I make it so only the judges can download my entry?
All entries must be made available to the public.

Also to anybody who hasn't submitted their game profile / download yet: To speed up the approval process for entries please mark in the game profile if they are for this contest.
You can't. It's a public competition. There's a lot of reasons for it, but basically, as I said to another competitor who asked the same question:

I talked to the other judges and we decided that since this is a competition, with a legitimate prize and a lot of competitors, that this (being only judges allowed to download and play) is not a viable stance. The reasons for this are many, but here are a few in case you were wondering.

-It's not fair on the other people who will be showing their projects. A lot of them will not be finished products, will have issues and still be shown in public, faults and all.
-It's not fair on the public who are looking forward to trying out the games and seeing what can be done with the program.
-It's not fair on the judges who would be called out for favouritism if an entry that was not available for public critique was chosen. This would cause a lot of issues among not just the judges but also the way events are held, the site goers and the other competitors. It's just not worth the hassle.

There are other reasons, such as having a perfectly capable event page and not using it, the trouble with dishing out the winnings and justifying them (due to the way the event it set up) and how the site is run.

Sorry, but you have two choices. Either submit by the rules of the competition or drop out. As it stands, we're looking forward to playing each game that is submitted and judging them on their merits. Whether they win or not will be up to all the judges, all the other submissions and whether the game stacks up.

Good luck!
Submitting it to the public is good even if you don't win. It means people can review your game and help in any areas you're not so strong. You'll only get better by getting feedback. Otherwise who's to say what's good about a game and what's not?

These are, of course, the non-competition-winning related reasons. :P
Fair enough, it's just a shame that another competition that I'm entering the same game in clashes with these rules. The other one has no prize though except for bragging rights anyway XP
"What new things have you learned in these past two weeks of playing with VXA?"

Hoo boy, a whole bunch! The last time I poked around at rpgmaker was when VX has just come out, back in I think 2007?

I learned a lot about making skills and their formulas, creating items that run common events (so cool btw), implementing scripts to add more functions (Yanfly and Yami, you both are my heroes!), more things about mapping than I could fit here, making enemies/troops, and how to make several auto-run events where the player is watching a little cutscene instead of being in full control. Those I'm especially proud of, because I had a real hard time in VX wrapping my head around the concept.

So I kinda learned almost everything I know about it in this two week period :).
I could go on for pages and pages about the technical details, but I guess overall I learned how to make a game in VX Ace! <3
Guardian of the Description Thread
What new things have you learned in these past two weeks of playing with VXA?

1) The character generator can do a lot of things. Sometimes, though, going with a base sprite (and making edits if necessary) is a better option.

2) The face generator can do a lot of things. Angry faces is not one of the things it does.

3) Maybe it's just me, but there seems almost no point in having a "Characters" tab anymore? It's all class attributes. If I were interested in making a game where class switching was a feature, then I'd be singing a different tune!

4) I'd still like to see a skill that deals both health and mana damage and/or healing based on a STR/INT/whatever calculation. I'm okay with using a percentile-based system for the moment.

5) Did I seriously listen to "Battle1.oog" for hours on end? And enjoy it?