Welcome to the first Release Something Weekend!

For those of you who are unaware as to what RSW! is, it is an event wherein we release something on a predetermined date. That "something" can be a work-in-progress demo, a full game, trailer, promo art or music of a game you have been working on. Right after that release, everyone plays everyone else's submissions and ideally gives feedback.

This event will also be running in collaboration with RMW, so check out their page to score more achievements! (Note that only games made in RMXP, VX, Ace and IGM are allowed on RMW.)

This is the second time a Release Something event will be run as an official forum event, and since the last time we’ve enabled submissions from media pages as well as game downloads. This will come in handy as it will make it a lot easier on both those who are running the event (henceforth known as Champions) and those who will be submitting to the event.

There will be different achievements for each submission type that is released. Let's go over them shall we?
Media - A trailer of your project, promo/concept art, original OST music and the kind.
Full Game - A completed project that - barring bug fixes - has no more work to be done on it.
Demo - A game that is still in production or requires much more work to make it a complete project.

Media will be handled a little differently than the other two types of submissions as they generally require less work to create than a project. Since it’s a small category, we’ve decided to make it a little weighted so that we don’t get one piece of art or a ten-second video.

Hence for media submissions you should release:

At least 5 pieces of promotional art - this can include concept art and the like - or,
At least 5 minutes worth of promotional video - whether it be a trailer or gameplay preview - or,
3-5 songs that contain at least 5 minutes worth of music - it can be over a series of songs.

To submit media, go to your game page and click on the 'Submit Media' link under the header. Add your media to that page and submit it to the event as you would a download.

Game submissions should include a download added on the actual Release Something Weekend and be added to the event page on one of those days. You may add more than one submission for each category, but note that you can only gain one achievement for each category - one Full game, one Demo and one Media achievement total.

Adding Submissions - A simple guide

● First, sign up to the event by scrolling to the end of the page and adding your information. If you are working in a team, be sure to head to the top and click on My Team after signing up and add names there.

● Add a game page to the site. To do this, hover over Submission on the black bar at the top of the page and click on Submit Game in the menu that drops down. Fill in the required information on the next few pages, taking care to read the directions required.

● You will have to wait 24-72 hours before it gets either accepted or rejected. (The submissions staff will be around more frequently to handle the increased volume.) If rejected, don’t stress - just change what you’re told to in the PM you get back from submissions staff and resubmit. As long as your grammar and spelling in the description is decent, there’s enough of a description, the mapping looks up to scratch and it abides by the submission rules and guidelines, it should be accepted.

● Of special note, please remember to add at least three different screenshots for your game profile. They should ideally show off the best your game has to offer the player without spoiling. Shots that won't be approved or counted in the three necessary: ones of the same map with different text; bland, empty maps with no details; ones containing terrible graphics that clash horribly; Title or Game Over screens.

● When the game page is accepted, you can add pages and downloads. To do this, hover over your name in the top bar and click on the Manage Games link. Choose your game and on the top left you’ll find some options. You can add a download, blogs, pages and more images via this area.

● Either create your media page or add your download.

Downloads - These should ideally be either zipped files (you can download winzip or winrar for free on their sites) or packaged in the auto-compression of the later engines (XP, VX and Ace have this option. 2k3 and 2k also have this option but sometimes they don’t work.)

Downloads - Choose the file from your computer and allow it to load. You can also host off-site by choosing to add a download link instead of a download file, but since RMN has free hosting for game files, it’s generally preferred that people host on site. It does take a while for RMN to upload, though, so be prepared for a wait if your file is quite large.

Downloads - Once your game is uploaded, come back to this page and click on the Manage Submissions/Submit link in the top-right of the page and choose your download from the drop-down menu. Easy done~

Media - Go to your game page's public profile (this is the page that everyone will be able to see) and click on the Submit Media link under the Header (left side). Add in the media (you can make it pretty, we won’t mind! ^.~ ). Don't mix your media - if you’re making a trailer and promo/concept art, make a page for the trailer and a separate one for the art. This way it will be easier for those who wish to check it out to find them and make it easier if you want to have media spread over different game profiles.

Media - Make sure that the Game Lead is the one who adds the media page as I believe there's an approval process for others adding Media. This will cut down time waiting for your submission to be added.

Media - Head to this page and click on the Submit/Manage Submissions link in the top-right corner of the page. Choose the type and pick the media page that you created.

● All submissions must be added to this game page during the weekend of May 4th/5th. Submit between Midnight GMT of Friday 3rd and Midnight GMT of Sunday 5th. Any submissions outside of that time frame will not be counted.

● Submit your submissions via this page. You can check the above hidden content if you don’t know how. Multiple submissions of each type are allowed, providing they aren't from the same game.

● We will only take the Media content and Game downloads detailed above. If you have an idea that does not fit into either type, ask about it in the comments and we’ll let you know if it’s allowed and how to go about submitting.

● You may submit any amount of any type of content detailed above to this event, but you will only gain one achievement for each type.

● You must have created or at least commissioned any media that you show off. If it is commissioned or made by someone else for your project, full accreditation must be added on the page for the achievement to be given.

● You may be in teams of any size if you so wish, but events currently don't support showing up in multiple teams so keep that in mind and don’t stress - at the end just let us know if you were a part of another team and we'll sort it all out from there, if we haven't before-hand. We'll keep you posted.

● You may have a demo and full game both, but they cannot be of the same game. A demo must be an unfinished game and a full game must be complete - barring any last second bug fixes. The demo must have at least 5-10 minutes of gameplay.

● While we won't enforce an RTP-inclusion rule, we'd appreciate two versions of download - one which can be played without RTP files and one that needs them.

To make a game read as including the RTP files you must first make sure that all the RTP files referenced in the game at any point - including battle animations, database additions and the like (sound effects are always forgotten) - then open the .ini file in the game project folder.
For RM2k/3 there should be a line that reads FullPackageFlag=RTP (or something similar). Make it FullPackageFlag=1 and make sure you have the harmony.dll file included in the folder.
For XP, VX and Ace, open the game.ini file and edit the line that reads RTP=RPGXP/VX/VXAce to RTP=.

As with most events, there will be achievements/badges that are given out to participants. In this event there are a number of hidden achievements as well as the ones that are already shown. These achievements will be given out after the event and will be based on certain pre-determined criteria that we Champions have crafted. Just something a little extra to make you all excited~

The main Achievements will given out for the following:
- Full game released
- Demo released
- Media meeting above criteria released
- Participating in the event by releasing any of the above
- People’s Choice - detailed below

There will also be a People’s Choice where the three releases with the highest voted score will gain a special achievement. The voting will run over the two weeks following the end of the event, ending GMT Midnight of the 19th.

There will also be a podcast that will include a discussion of the entries and unveil the hidden award winnings following the end of the event, but it might take a while depending on the amount of releases and content that needs to be played through. We’ll let you know more as we go.


As with the past events, the aim of a Release Something event is to capture the spirit of releasing something, whether it be complete or not. It is not just about preparing a major release, or making something in a fury to have something new to show for the event - though you are more than welcome to do so if you wish - but about putting something that you’ve created out into the world and being proud of your creation/s.

The Release Something event is and always has been about showing your works-in-progress, getting feedback, and checking out what other people are working on; almost akin to a snapshot of RMN's development community at that particular moment in time.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment area below, but please at least read the above information first.

Sign up and have fun!


● We currently have Ankylo looking at the event code so that people can be added to more than one team at a time. This will help in the case of people helping each other out. Despite popular belief, people do work together on projects and this should help in future events and RS Days.

● The group people ask about has a lot of crossover. They're a group of friends who help each other with their games. For example, both Nessy and Deckiller have helped me with one of the projects I'm releasing, I've helped Nessy and Decky and others in the group with their games too and there are others who have helped with each other etc. Overall it creates an overlap that can't be helped until the above hoped-for multi-team code is done. It seemed easier for all involved to go under the same banner (and it was a semi-joke among friends) for the time being.

● 'Prizes' won't be given out by team unless we get the aforementioned multi-team system working. In the case that we don't, Nessy and I will be checking each and every submission and giving out the 'prizes' manually. This means there won't be a chance to 'cheat'.

● This isn't a competition. The only person you're working against is yourself. You are the one who determines what 'prize' you get by what you release on the day.

● There is at least one chain game that will be added at a later date.

● The People's choice awards (note that it's multiple) will be decided by vote. It's the only one that will be and there are three up for grabs. Each person gets one vote and as always it will most likely be Honour-based. The votes will not be a team-by-team process but content by content, so if you release something that people enjoy, you'll probably get this prize.

● Ness and I are sick of being insulted by people saying that we're gaming the system. We've held and competed in many an event and competition on this site and NOT ONCE have we had an issue with cheating or gaming the system, even when we took part. There are not real prizes this time and just one goal: Release Something. We're not counting ourselves out because this isn't a competition, it's an event where the only people we're competing against is ourselves.

● If you have any questions then send me a PM. I don't want the thread cluttered up with idiocy and accusations. I'll answer any questions asked provided they're serious concerns.


Set Discrepancy Video
RMW Chain Game Gameplay Video
You Are Not the Hero Chapter 2 Trailer
Kanye Quest 3030 Trailer
Jaquio: Angel of Death Trailer
Eclipse Promo Art
Eclipse Concept Art
Monstructs Promo Art
Homework Salesman Gameplay Video
Blade of Rage Gameplay Video
Final Fantasy VIII: Sleeping Lion Heart Concept art
In Search of Immortality Trailer
Justice Wyle Style Media
Reincarnation Trailer

Crystals: Legend of the Sword Demo


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This+Game making Drive= Epic month XD
Totally intentional.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Team Nipples - All present and accounted for.
I'm a dog pirate
The largest team in contest history XD
Guardian of the Description Thread
I should be able to have out a demo of Konae Detective Agency for this. Dunno. Depends on procrastination things.
I hear that if you chop off one of the Division Princess dev's heads, two more grow in its place.

Until May, huh? If I don't have at least something to show by then, I don't know what I'll have to say.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I like how this is interacting with GMD April. Signed up, and hopefully I'll release something in these events I join.

By the way, the boobs on that thief sprite look like balloons.
This+Game making Drive= Epic month XD

Conspiracy! Yay!
This is incredibly tempting... nothing forces you to get your butt in gear like a deadline.
Honestly need to do this :D This + GMD gonna help loads with game development ^.^
Bad weekend for me, but sounds very interesting! I'll try to participate, but no guarantees.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
So it has to be game related?
It's kind of a game-related event, yeah.
did someone say angels
If a team can submit multiple unrelated entries, then what are the requirements to be considered on the same team as someone else?
Basically, because there's a lot of game overlap in that one group that I know you're not pointing at blatantly but darting not-so-subtle looks at non-the-less, we were happy to pop in to one group. This is because currently the Event pages don't support allowing people to have more than one entry.


We have a super awesometacular secret agent who is finding a way to fix the issues for us and allow the pages to support multiple team admissions so that you can join in one team that you're working with as well as have your own game or being on another team at the same time.

Also, it was for the lols. Personally I wanted to see a team with all of RMN but as there's only space for 999 people on a team, well, sadly it was not to be.

Also, there's nothing to stop you from doing so, but really? If we can't get the separation thing working we'll probably dole out the achievements manually, so it won't really matter.

Don't be 'that guy', dude. It ruins everyone's fun~
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
I guess if anyone needs an artist, I can help. Otherwise, out.
PM me if you need me.

Edit: when did I join a team? What the what.
Editedit: unless it was one of my favourite PP lovelies, please remove me from that giant group.