Summer, with fields of wheat and grain blowing in the gentle breeze. Warmth that sinks into the skin making days long and lazy, perfect for swimming and indulging in frozen treats.

Autumn, full of gusty breezes and warm afternoons. Turning paths to gold as leaves fall like a riotously coloured shower, leaving the trees bare of their foliage, stark against the sky.

Winter, with frozen evenings spent huddled around an open flame, telling tales of the past and future to loved ones, a decorated tree listening in from the corner, it's tiny lights twinkling between leaves of green.

Spring, bursting with new life as the long sleep ends and nature returns ten-fold to rejoice with explosions of colour as all kinds of new plants turn their faces up to catch the sweet drops of fresh rain.

The four seasons are wonderful times full of amazing moments and this event focuses on them. There will be a total of six of these events over the course of the next few years. Each of the first four events will have you focus on a different complete game based on a season you didn't do before, allowing you to collect all four of the seasonal badges. The fifth will be a game where you will use all four seasons in a game. The sixth will be a second-chance event where you can finish off games from the previous events in order to get the badges you missed out on during that time. Keep an eye out for these events if you want to nab every badge!

Your aim this time - to make a game that uses one of these seasons as the main inspiration. They can be represented in different ways - surviving the frozen wilds, a story set in autumn following the death of a character, a visual novel with spring colours as the palette... the use is up to you, as long as it's easy to tell which season has been referenced. And no, just having the name of a season in the title doesn't count!

- You have one month in which to make the game.
- You may use any engine.
- You may use any resources you've used in the past, however, the game itself needs to be made within the month period. That is; if you made custom resources for a game in the past you may use those, however, you can't just take an old game and finish it off for the event.
- The games must have an accepted game page. The game page must be accepted before Sunday the 14th of February.
- Event begins on Saturday the 23rd of January and ends at Midnight, Wednesday the 24th of February.
- Create a game based on a season. You must only use one season!
- You may not use a season that you have used in a previous Seasons of RMN event!

Each person who took part will receive a badge worth 10 MS.
Each person who completed a game will receive a badge worth 75 MS, themed around the season they drew inspiration from.

To reiterate - the season you choose doesn't have to be the season the game is set in but it needs to be a large component of the game, and easily recognisable as such.


Stream 1:
- Call of the Overseer
- Under the Hunter's Moon
- Decline (Part 1)

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  • 01/23/2021 12:00 AM
  • 02/24/2021 12:00 AM


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Liberty said 24th on Discord, so I guess that's the real ending date.
Yeah, 24th. Sorry, my brain sometimes breaks when it comes to dates/times/etc. What's on the side is usually the correct timezone.

(Okay, so I take that back. It's supposed to be 21st since that's the Sunday but again, brain is bad at dates/times, so I'll leave it as 24th since I already confirmed it as such earlier.)
I've just submitted a game page for my Deer hunting simulator (where you play the deer !). I hope I'm still on time.
Will it be too late if I submit the game page in like more than 10 hours??
I can be a bit flexible for game pages because I'm not sure what time I'll manage to get to them. As long as they're in on the 14th it should be good.
My game is up (Sweet Middleground 4).
Also, I'd like to request that it doesn't get played during the event stream.
I am sadly dropping out of the event :(
It's already the third time that I don't post anything for the season event, and it annoys me so much... But it's exam season in college, and I have to make three assignments for the end of February.
I wish everyone luck and fun with their games!
I am excited to play them when I get the possibility!!! :)
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I have released a game!
The building of my game is going fine: I've implemented all key features like making tracks in the now, smelling human hunter, eating grass, A-Star pathfinding, hitscan weapon...
It seems that I am too late to finish, and I am troubled by the lack of a good script...
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Hoping to upload tomorrow, as I might be busy Monday and I don't wanna push it on tuesday... we'll see lol. gonna have to skip a chunk of the ending dungeon but w/e

my current run is already three hours long
Hey all, we got four so far. Keep it up! You got a bit of time left. I believe in you all.
So basically my pc broke in the mid of game making. That's such a pity. Unfortunately I won't make it. T~T
Oh! Right! Since it seems that you livestream all the submitted games, I wanted to warn you that my game just... straight up uses copyrighted music. So if you DO decide to play it, I'd recommend turning the music volume way down or straight up muting the music! Sorry!
OrudoPatto, kisama!


Yeah. Not going to make it. I'll have to make up the season during the extra season event.
My game is up !

The submit button is not visible anymore. The event ends date is 02/24/2021 12:00 AM so I thought I had about 9 hours left. Did I fail so bad?

For those who want, my game is here:
I'll count it but as always, please remember to change hourly offset in settings to fit your current timezone.