Hey hey hey! Welcome! Aim for the Stars is a review of RMN’s present and future music events.

Here you can find a recap of what Summoner of Sounds - RMN's current music event series - has so far produced, and information about the future of RMN Music Pack 2: the community's next big music collaboration!

By participating in this event you can affect the development process of RMN Music Pack 2, give feedback to the composers, and win yourself a ticket to the Star raffle.

Summoner of Sounds is a series of community events where video game music has been celebrated by the means of craftsmanship and community interaction.

In Summoner of Sounds the community members with experience in music production have been dared to participate in monthly changing challenges testing their ability to perform well as a versatile video game composer, while the game developers with other areas of expertise have been encouraged to analyze the challenges, and provide the composers with commentary, feedback and constructive criticism.

The event series has entered its ninth chapter and is nearing completion.

So far the yields are:

  • Over 132 tracks of video game music by 46 participants!

  • Over 395 messages of commentary and feedback!

  • Over 58 Favorites given and received!

We have a raffle with two copies of Stardew Valley and one copy of StarCrawlers and Eden Star as the prizes.


The purpose of this event is to shed more (star)light to the musical creations of the community and encourage people to come in touch with their creators, so what you have to do in order to enter the Star Raffle is to hand out some stars!

  • Listen to the entries submitted to the Summoner of Sounds event, pick your favorite ones and describe them in your post.

  • To gain a ticket to the raffle, pick at least three favorites and give each one a star.

    Image code for the star:

  • You may comment, post feedback and pick any amount of favorites by handing out stars, but you may only gain one ticket to the raffle in total.

  • Specify which game you want to receive.

  • The raffle will be held on 2nd of May 2016 as this event is over!

  • Additionally, the following achievements are obtainable through this event:

RMN Music Pack 2 will be the second entry in the RMN Music Pack series which is aimed to offer the community a selection of decent quality musical resources for free use.

RMN Music Packs are constructed as collaborative effort in community events that run for limited time periods.
The construction of RMN Music Pack 2 will begin this summer with some updates and improvements to its format.

This time around the plan is to make it possible for everyone in the community to be a bit more involved, even if they aren't music producers:

  • The new music pack will need new cover artwork which follows the style of the first album. You can vote for the theme of the next cover right here!

  • You can also make your voice heard in what sort of music you'd like the next album to include. Vote in this topic!

And lastly, you can help us arrange events such as RMN Music Pack, Summoner of Sounds and RMN Music Pack 2 by donating to the cause and becoming "Guardian of The Groove."

Every penny counts and the money will be used first and foremost to have artwork to go with the music and then to offer rewards for participating members. Any extra funds to the cause will be spent on future RMN Music events.

To get the Guardian of the Groove achievement you have to PM Happy after the transaction goes through, so that he knows to apply the benefits to your RMN account.

Thank you everyone! Don't forget to check out Summoner of Sounds which is still running and nearing its final chapter! Let's keep this show rolling!

Aim for the Stars graphical material: PaulineMoss @ Devíantart, muddymelly @ Deviantart, CookiemagiK @ Deviantart

Summoner of Sounds chapter graphics: カラカモ @ twitter, utopies-charlene @ blogspot, Djahal @ Deviantart, thomaswievegg @ Deviantart, Reluin @ Deviantart, yuumei @ Deviantart, wylielise @ Deviantart, Square Enix, kuvshinov-ilya @ Deviantart

Event concept design, visual design, direction and supervision: Happy @ RMN


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Got any Dexreth amulets?
I don't know a lot about composing or music theory, but I had been planning to give some feedback on the Summoner of Sounds tracks anyway. So this seems like a good event to sign up for. (I can't guarantee that my comments will be anywhere close to professional quality, however.)
My favourite was Forest_Strolls by Dysenergy!
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
The music that I liked the most are...

A Battle by TungerManU

It's a really emotional song, and would work well in a battle against a old friend turned bad or something like that.

End of Hardship - by Trism

Another emotional song, it would work great for an ending theme. Nice piano work there dude.

The Gamble by pianotm

This song would be perfect in some sort of mini-game, especially a game requiring luck.

Tanz Erbe - by pianotm

Wow! painotm made a lot of these amazing music tracks! :O Keep up the great work! It sounds like it would work good in an opening sequence with a kind of serene tribal flare that makes it sound great. Plus, it sounds like a tribal version of Back to Zanarkland, one of the best songs on the FFX soundtrack. Now that's a compliment!

Mura no Uta - by Fulminis-ictus

This is one Japanese song! It's just flowing with Japanese culture and attitude! It kinds of reminds me of the FE: Fates Hoshido soundtrack, but a lot better.

Well that all for me! First achievement, here we come!
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I am not going to go through everything and try to cram all my opinions into a single post. I will, however, casually listen day to day and put my ten cents in about the pieces I listen to. I also promised myself that I wouldn't critique technique because I feel that what the music elicits is more important.

Cyber Assault - by Oshimura

At first glance, this is disjointed and erratic, but if one takes the time to listen to the whole thing, you discover one of those exceptionally rare treats in music: a piece that actually tells a story. That erratic disjointedness very nicely conveys the chaos of a combat situation, and for much of it, I can almost picture mechs or some other form of robot or cyborg pursuing people that are desperately trying to flee. However, in that desperation is someone who's giving the attackers a run for their money. A good battle track, but not for a standard encounter, I think. This is more like a combat cutscene in the game, or perhaps a drawn out boss battle. I've got a game I could definitely picture using this in.

Mura no Una - Fulminis-ictis

This is a very nice, calming piece. It has a very Oriental sound to it, and Japanese is clearly the influencing culture. This puts me in mind of seeing a traditional Japanese village through the eyes of a traveler. The reason is that in spite of it's Japanese sound, it depends on the metered rhythms of Western style measures. And no, I'm not criticizing; I'm merely observing. This can also be interpreted as a piece set in a traditional setting where Western influences are beginning to intrude. I would likely end up using this is in a rural town with distinct Eastern flairs.

Pyramid Mystery - Shade_Hunter

This one was a lot of fun and I could definitely picture a labyrinth type puzzle where you have to solve problems on multiple levels. Very well composed with clear Middle Eastern flavor. It makes me wish I were good at designing puzzles so that I could tell you definitely where I would use it.

Flying Dove - Shade_Hunter

Okay, I swore I was going to be sparing with handing out stars and that I would only allow one to a post. I put some pretty heavy criteria on the music I added a star too, and this one really pops. It gives you an almost giddy feeling. The use of the goblin and echo synthesizers really gives this an ephemeral feeling. I could almost picture using this on a happy ending. Really, really wonderful work.


Thank you! Ironically, the songs you enjoyed so much are my least favorite of all of them. That gives me a bit of hope for the other pieces I've submitted.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I think I'll set some time aside later to do this. I haven't heard many of the Summoner of Sounds tracks before, plus I want Stardew Valley. :P
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I'm going to try and do super-quick off-the-dome timestamp-based reviews for all of these in turn, starting from the last chapter and working my way back.

Chapter VIII: Seizing the Feeling

Anxiety - by Beaker (7/10)
0:00 Starts off with some contemplative strings
0:14 These chords are quite nice
0:20 I like the overarching string melody
0:25 That's quite brooding
0:31 Nice resolve
0:36 Then bringing it upwards... quite involving
0:45 I like how these chords are structured. This would fit well in a game


A Battle - by TungerManU (6.5/10)
0:00 Nice piano introduction
0:04 The EQ'ing itself is quite subdued
0:13 The drums are a bit loud in my opinion, especially the snare
0:16 But they are decently programmed
0:20 I really like this... especially the strings as well as the nice little plucks
0:30 Ooh, uplifting chord, going upwards
0:54 Consistently melodic
1:02 Still, that snare is a bit loud
1:09 I like this little chord change... varies it up
1:17 The additional string riffs and a bit of pitch bending add some interest
1:29 I liked this overall, even if it was a bit simple and the drums too loud.

Behind You - by acidhedz (5/10)
0:00 Quite dissonant and creepy
0:20 Even though this is random and dissonant, the sound design makes it feel very good
0:37 I can see it getting quite harsh after a while
0:47 Then you bring in this interesting distorted synth...
0:54 This is definitely experimental. It'd be difficult hearing this for a long while, though
1:09 Wow this is quite long. I'm going to skip for a bit.
5:46 Skipped to here. It's still quite similar. I don't see anyone really hacking their way through this huge piece without tearing out their hair. It's so long.
11:55 Still more of the same. Sorry, not feeling it. Way too long.

Dread - by Beaker (7.5/10)
0:00 Very suspenseful. I like the chords
0:28 You do know how to compose quite well.
0:34 The thundering drums are quite suspenseful. This would fit great in a game.
0:46 Repeating, but not repetitious. It's a good loop.

Feeling of Smile - by Cats777 (6.5/10)
0:00 Wow! This is so cute! The mixing hurts my ears a little, but the instruments are so cute that I can't help but smile.
0:26 I can see how this would hurt after a while, especially due to the intense panning and the high pitched flute.
0:42 But it is so cute! I love the composition.
0:55 It seems like it's repeating again... I can see the melody getting old after a while though, or is it the mixing in those toms?
1:18 Overall, very cute though :)

Hope - by Fulminis-ictus (7/10)
0:00 Quite full mix.
0:05 That string line is kind of repetitious.
0:17 Triumphant brass. Quite magnificent.
0:23 Except something about the release on that brass synth leaves much to be desired. It bleeds a little bit too much.
0:35 Yes, the brass is really loud.
0:42 Ooooooh. I love that beautiful string line. The way it trills is so beautiful.
0:54 It somehow reminds me of Hawaii Five-O or something
1:08 I love the triumph that it seems to represent
1:15 Except some of the synths, especially in the left side, are quite harsh
1:24 This part is beautiful, probably the best part of the track. I love the piano here. It is amazing
1:36 Yes. This without the brass is probably a lot more palatable... the brass and other instruments just seem way too loud

Hunted - by acidhedz (5.5/10)
0:00 Very interesting... quite random
2:19 Quite long still...
4:55 Your songs seem quite long and random and don't contain much progression throughout. It's almost like it's randomly generated music
5:01 The sounds themselves are nice, though, but it'd be nice if they cohered into something more than the sum of their parts

Love is Trust - by Shade_Hunter (8.5/10)

0:00 I like this vibes intro
0:10 Quite cute... ooooooooh I like the mixing
0:27 I love this... so simple yet nostalgic... this could be a theme
0:38 OOOOH i love that coming in right there. The vibes higher up on the spectrum. Purely blissful.
0:57 OK there's a bit of distortion here.
1:03 Back to basics. I like the progression. Simple yet sweet.
1:16 I love the reverb/delay. It feels like I'm in some forgotten cave.
1:32 Blissful.

Melancholia - by acidhedz (9/10)

0:00 That reverb on the mix... it echoes like in a cave
0:15 it sounds modern. you got some modern crashes in there. that's coo.
0:23 A bit too much reverb clashing, i'd say
0:30 And I can't feel resolution of those chords occurring... it'd be nice if other instruments made their way in soon
0:45 The piano is quite "plonky" and needs a bit of nuance in my opinion
1:05 OH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY this is the best part by far
1:15 I just changed my entire opinion of the track by this one portion
1:25 Yes this is absolutely awesome. love it. i am floored
1:40 (note: please tell me what choir vst you used)
1:52 this choir line is simply flooring me
1:58 Yes it overlaps. I love the overlap
2:04 Whoa... that was outta nowhere... plaintive organ chords
2:22 ew, sorry, the piano chords don't do it for me. the sound is too "plonky"... and some of the chords don't flow
3:31 You've got a nice quiet part here
3:39 I still don't like this piano
3:46 But I love this choir
4:33 This could be seen as a bit repetitious but it's got some really nice vibes going on so it's nice
4:48 Very very good. Loved the vibe... and my favourite part was the part like the part at 1:05 where the choir just floors you. Love those parts. My least favourite part is probably the plonking piano. If you found a great sound for that piano, this could be even more blissful than it already is

Still Fighting - by JarGamer (6/10)
0:00 The mixing is quite harsh, even though the composition is good
0:25 The drums are a little flat, no velocity changes.
0:33 The composition itself is quite cute, though. Even though the flute is harsh.
0:42 It needs a bit of mixing, that's all. :)

There's Always an Edge - by pianotm (8.5/10)

0:00 Quite low quality, it seems
0:10 But has a nice retro feel to it
0:17 The strums are a bit *too* slow, between notes, I'd reckon
0:26 But the general composition is cute and nicely done!
0:35 OH YES. love the arpeggios. this is very beautiful. it really lifted the track. i am enjoying this greatly.
0:52 This sounds professional, like something early Final Fantasy. So beautiful.
1:03 I loved that part while it lasted
1:13 Yes... so emotional
1:19 I loved the progression in this track. It was very beautiful <3

Unease - by Beaker (6/10)
0:00 Love this string sound... it is really deep
0:12 This song needs to be longer too, and have a better composition, i think
0:24 It's just a bit repetitious and that could get annoying after a while.
0:24 but the string sound itself sounds nice enough to redeem it
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I did some more quick impressions.

Chapter VII: An Open Field

Alone With the Stars - by Beaker (7/10)
0:00 That's quite a brilliantly melancholic background sound.
0:10 I like the mixing of this instrument (what sounds to be an electric piano)
0:23 The melody is so well-composed, too. Very melodic
0:33 Somehow the underlying swelling choirs haven't got annoying. They lend a certain creepiness to the overall vibe. This'd be great for a dungeon level.
0:55 Are the choirs growing louder? Interesting. Even if they aren't... the choirs still aren't sounding grating.
1:10 OK now I kinda wish that the background sound would fade or change at least a LITTLE BIT
1:24 Because it's kind of overwhelming the instrument under it... want to have some breathing space
1:40 It's still OK, though. This piece is overall quite moody. I liked the background ambience, even if it droned on for a little too long. I give this a

Desolation - by Beaker (8.5/10)

0:00 Nice brass intro... or is that brass? Actually, it's probably some woodwind instrument. I'm not good at picking out instruments among the woodwind section.
0:28 I like this. The melodies are cool and soothing. They are therapy to the soul.
0:40 I definitely like this section here. That small rest gives us a little breather, then we get right back into it.
1:00 I don't know how this works. The chords seem random, but they work exceptionally.
1:18 This is so soothing. I would almost expect this for a AAA title.
1:34 Oh wow. That new instrument that comes in just at this point is divinely mixed. I want this to go for longer. Brilliant. One of the best pieces I've heard for this event so far!

Evasive Maneuvers - by Beaker (8/10)
0:00 Now that's a driving beat. Reminds me a bit of "Nightcall" by Kavinsky.
0:15 This is exceptional. Well-mixed.
0:30 The bass is a bit hard to hear, and it's quite distorted... but in a soothing kind of way.
0:45 I like this synth that is coming in very slowly. This throbbing chord-synth. I don't know how else to describe it, but it's lurking under there somewhere.
1:10 This doesn't seem repetitive at all. This'd be great for some futuristic infiltration/heist type scenario, to build tension. Pretty great.

Exploring the Open Field - by curryisnice (9.25/10)

0:00 I love that flute synth! It's very cute.
0:09 The composition here is very balanced, too.
0:15 Maybe the flute could use some tweaking of velocities to seem more natural? Like, a little trill here and there? I don't know, that might ruin it.
0:32 Those arpeggio plucks are beautiful. And the swelling strings
0:40 Ooh, you bring in a very beautiful vibes line here. This is incredibly well-mixed.
0:57 Maybe the flute gets a little harsh at points, but overall good mixing.
1:05 This would fit extremely well for some forest-related intro sequence, or I could even see it in a slice-of-life sequence for the life of an ambitious teen. (I know, I'm being a bit specific here!)
1:40 This relief was needed. Love it. Your sense of progression is excellent.
1:55 Another really serene bit. This is great. I'd use this in a game of mine.

Flying Dove - by Shade_Hunter (9.5/10)

0:00 This synth here is fantastic. I like the melodies as well.
0:13 You've got a slowed down, pitched down voice in the background, too? This is great.
0:38 Wow. Love the synthetic voices. They are fantastic.
0:45 Ooh, love this flourish.
0:50 Exceptional mixing. LOVE THIS SYNTH (can you please tell me what it is)
1:05 OK you had me at the choirs but this is absolutely lovely. Enjoying this so much. Trying not to buzz out too much over it...
1:25 OK i'm gonna skip a little
3:18 This is great... love it still.
3:34 The piano is a *liiiiiitle bit stale*, but forgivable (just sounds a bit "plonky", that's all
4:02 I wish it would keep going, and resolve... it is so good. (i bet you can tell how much I love this one)

Into the Expanse - by pianotm (7.5/10)
0:00 This is well-composed, even if the instruments themselves are a little harsh.
0:30 The strings are a bit too quick on the attack, in my opinion... that or they're too harsh on the upper side of the spectrum...
1:00 I like these underlying brass chords. They are quite good
1:10 This feels like a decent soundtrack for an older game
1:18 Quite beautiful... I just wish it used higher quality instruments. I mean, I understand the retro feel and all, but
1:35 Ooh, these plucks are quite good. But I wish the plucks went on for longer. Overall, a good song, even if I reckon the instrument selection should be a bit more high quality

Realization - by Shade_Hunter (8/10)
0:10 The strings are okay here.
0:20 The guitar plucks are a bit too saccharine, in my opinion.
0:35 the piano on the off-beats are nice
0:43 the pluck on this part is a bit harsh, in my opinion
0:50 OK now here is where it start to build up a bit
1:00 OK this synth here is the best part so far, in my opinion. elevates it. I like the glitches at 1:09 and such, also
1:15 this could work for a harvest moon type game
1:35 This is good background for an exploration-based game
SKIP TO 2:40
2:40 The vibes are very high quality
2:50 I prefer this section to the intro... i like how busy and well-adorned it is. second half is more exciting than the first, i'd think
3:11 However, it is very skilfully made, and would fit well into a commercial game. so i have to give it props

Solar System - by Beaker (6.5/10)
0:15 Nice vibes, here.
0:22 The pad is a bit slow, but it's bringing the mood up a bit
0:30 I like the delay on this instrument
0:40 I don't know about the chords here, or is it the instrument? It just seems a little weird and disjointed
0:57 However, those plucks on top are holding up quite nicely.
1:27 I wish something a bit more exciting would happen to distinguish the piece. Even though it's well-composed, it is a bit repetitious
1:45 OK, this was a fairly good piece, but it didn't grab me as unique in any particular way. It was fairly well-mixed, though.

A Title - by TungerManU (7/10)
0:00 The piano here is very interesting and pensive.
0:22 I really like this... except I wish somehow that the piano would have a bit more weight to it, it feels just a little bit thin.
0:33 But it is very well composed.
0:51 This is good music for a flashback/memory.
1:04 Has a childhood memory vibe about it. Quite nice.

Wanderer - by pianotm (6.5/10)
0:00 Instruments are a bit weirdly mixed. The woodwind (I think) instrument swells a bit too much, and the piano is weirdly stiff.
0:30 Even the vibes on top are a little too harsh. Even though the melody is quite nice.
0:40 This brass portion has good vibes, but I'm afraid it's not very well mixed. It needs to be brought down a tad, to fill the background, in my opinion.
1:00 The strings swell up a little too much, I think, also.
1:15 The progression of the song throughout is quite varied, though, which will provide a lot of interest as someone is playing. It's just the mixing that needs to be figured out, to make it a more enjoyable experience. Still well-composed, though.

What Lies Ahead - by pianotm (6.5/10)
0:00 The vibes that start this one off are quite nice.
0:07 I like the bass that underlies this. It gives it a nice heft.
0:15 The little synth that permeates it is a bit harsh.
0:33 I love this little melody, though. When it reaches high notes, it gets a bit loud, though.
1:05 OK, I'm going to skip a bit.
1:45 I like the arpeggios somewhat, but they are a bit overwhelming.
2:05 I get a little bit of a castle vibe from this. The solemn minors along with the contrasting majors provide this, I think... But who am I kidding? My music theory is terrible.
2:35 Quite good overall, just seemingly harsh in parts, especially with the high notes of the strings. Very loopable.
Devil's in the details
I don't know a lot about composing or music theory, but I had been planning to give some feedback on the Summoner of Sounds tracks anyway. So this seems like a good event to sign up for. (I can't guarantee that my comments will be anywhere close to professional quality, however.)

Doesn't necessarily have to be any educated critique. You can just tell what you like or dislike and why. :P

My favourite was Forest_Strolls by Dysenergy!

If you want to enter the raffle, pick a few more!
Done. This is my submission. Note that i'm not really good with music so i can't really give you a professional feedback. But at least i tried =)

I'll be listing my top 3 per chapters, so here it is:

Chapter 1

Fabian Fabro A Blissful Step - by FirahFabe
A great casual song. I don't think i'll be bored listening it for hours.

The Fellow With the Hat - by TheRexion
I love the smooth transition which is happening several times, making the music not boring. It's also very calming.

So Happy - by jasprelao
I love how cheerful this music is. I feel better after listening to this music. I wish it was longer! :)

Chapter 2

Battle for Xaetera - by fxsnowy
It start off as being serious, showing its "military" feel. After that, i was quite shocked (and i love it) at 0:39 when it completely changes its tone, showing its "modern" feel.

Challenge 2 - by SignInColor
I am impressed in how you pulled the intro and how it connects with the main tone. I also like how the tone changes from somewhat comfortable to somewhat serious in 1:00 (and then both of them combined soon after that)

Fight on the Orbit - by Shade_Hunter
I feel the "battling" feeling from this music and it sounds pleasant. I love the piano sounds, especially when it's on the fast tempo. I also like the tone in 0:42. Also, the repeat variation in 1:03 is very nice.

Chapter 3

Into the Woods - by Giznads
I feel the creepy feeling in the first minute! After that, it's combined with the mysterious feeling which flows very well. The ghostly like sound also make the song sounds more creepy.

The Market Yard - by chenbaiwan
The folklore feel is really spot on. However, it lack variation (or it's just not too different at all) and i somehow getting bored after a few minutes hearing it.

Noble Town - by Giznads
I like how calming and refreshing it is. I love the backsound in 0:29. However, it also lacks variation on the main tone and it can get boring quickly.

Chapter 4

The Mother's Dance - by pianotm
I like on how there are a lot of variations in this music. The first two tones connect so well which makes it looks like a preparation for 1:20. After that, i was shocked on how it transitioned to fast in 1:30 (i think i have heard the tone in Kingdom Hearts 2, or maybe i just misheard it.) The music transition in 2:00 is also nice to hear.

Mountain Fortress - by Pancake
The calming and somewhat gloomy tone at the start brings up the atmosphere quickly. However, imo, the tone in 0:46 doesn't flow well with the rest of the song.

Mura no Uta - by Fulminis-ictus
I love the traditional feeling in it. I think the tone in 2:19 isn't needed though, because it's ruining the calming feeling.

Chapter 5

City of Funk - by TungerManU
Although it starts with a very low tone, the tone sounds pleasant, especially in the middle. My favorite is in 0:38. The backsound in 1:10 sounds too low though. Also, the tone in 2:57 seems too long for an ending.

Dance Floor - by Shade_Hunter
I love the tone at the start. I was expecting to hear more of it, but the tone changes to a lower one, which is not to my liking (especially 0:46 and 1:14).

Jazz Fight - by Fulminis-ictus
I like the start. I also like how casual and smooth it is. I like 0:45 the most. The combination between the piano and the jazz sound blends very well.

Chapter 6

Catch Him - by Shade_Hunter
I simply like the tone and how it captures the title very well. I am not quite satisfied in how it ends though.

A Game for Two Players - by Snowy_Fox
It's very relaxing and it shows the traditional feeling in it. The song also flows very well. I have to admit that like every part of this song.

The Shell Game - by pianotm
I like how the cheerful this song is. I am not bored listening to the tone for a long time, which is great.

Chapter 7

Evasive Maneuvers - by Beaker
I like on how it's different from other entries on the chapter, with it being so serious and the like. It also sounds nice and it can fit well in desert like area or maybe some boss fight.

Flying Dove - by Shade_Hunter
It flows smoothly and calming. However, i don't really like how the song somehow looks like about to end in 1:55-1:59. Maybe you can make it faster or something.

Into the Expanse - by pianotm
It reminds me of some old songs and somehow i was enticed to this song. You can really feel the "expanse" feeling.

Chapter 8

A Battle - by TungerManU
I am quite excited when listening to this song and it must admit that i really like this song!

Dread - by Beaker
Just like the title name, it matches with the song very well. It's perfect.

Feeling of Smile - by Cats777
A cheerful song. I am quite impressed on how the various musical instruments flows well with each other.

I would like to receive:

ps: uhh.. how do i hide my entry above? i want to hide all of those because it's very long, but it's screwed up when i put a hide tag..
I feel bored. How odd.
A Battle-TungerManU

It feels really like a simple battle theme, but an enjoyable one, like you and your friends are sparring on the beach simply for fun.

There's Always an Edge- pianotm

A really depressing theme, as though one has just sacrificed their life to save the world.

Jazz Fight- Fulminis-ictus

Exactly what the name implies, it's a jazzy battle theme that is quite enjoyable, especially the piano, which, despite it's slightly smaller role as the harmony (I think, it's quite loud where I'm at, so it seems that way at least.) it's still very important to the song.

It's a Riddle- Shade_Hunter
A very good theme for puzzles, similar to those from the Professor Layton series, with a slightly different feel.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
A Game for Two Players - by Snowy_Fox

I really enjoyed this one. It makes me think of Chrono Cross. This actually has a lot of the elements of a traditional dance, and I can definitely see a dance off between two partners, so maybe an item gathering minigame where two players face off against each other would be a good fit for this.

Oh Poor Me! - by Happy
There's a lot more going on in this one than meets the eye, and just listening to it feels like a slow descent into madness. This would be great developmental piece for a transitional point in a villain's story.

Jazz Fight - by Fulminis-ictus
This is a nice, basic encounter that has a bit of an anime feel to it. I don't know that I'd use it for a fight though. I'd probably use it in a scene involving a race, or some other one on one non-fighting competition sport.

Strings of Uncertain Harmony - by Shade_Hunter
Wait, does the opening of this quote the Hong Kong intro of Sister Street Fighter (which itself is stock music from earlier compositions: point being that it's WAAAAAYYY overused.)? Can you make it sound Chinese without using that particular piece? I'm wagging my finger at you! I about fell on the floor laughing when I heard this. Speaking of Sister Street Fighter, this does actually put me in mind of a kung fu movie, maybe of a martial arts master practicing alone in a garden. I like the staccato harmony that speaks of intricate dance moves. I'd probably end up using this in a scene with monks at work in a farm field.

Fabian Fabro A Blissful Step - by FirahFabe
As the title suggests, it has a very blissful feel to it, but there's a lot of strange harmony in that is consistently jarring. Overall, though, I rather enjoyed it and was a little disappointed by the sudden, unexpected ending.

Solar System - by Beaker
As I told Beaker in the SOS forum, this would also be a good ocean theme. The overall feeling I get from this is travel and it actually reminds me a bit of the music used in Sim City or in Windward. Again, here's another sudden ending that leaves you feeling disoriented. It's one thing to suddenly cut off a song that's meant to be looped, but this feels too short. Take this to heart! The listener wanted more, so you're definitely doing well.

So Happy - by jasprelao
This is so anime. It doesn't say much and it's really short. I picture an all girl crew, complete with the annoying sidekick shouting "Kawaii!"

Emotion - by Someoneman
This feels like an experimental exercise. It also doesn't feel lighthearted. At the least, it seems like a melancholy goodbye and that's exactly where I would use it.

Clouds of Orange Juice - by TungerManU

The title by itself if whimsical enough for the lover of candy rain and fairy tales, but the music itself really captures the surreal idea. I picture this being used to depict a person's nighttime stroll through the town looking for whatever action he can find.

Village of Tranquility - by ResidentEcruteak & Vanillatogether

I might as well just get rid of my one star to a post rule if I'm going to keep posting more than one. This has the distinct feeling of someone finding themselves in strange place, that's strange in more than just being unfamiliar. Maybe a scene where someone finds themselves in a desert, or on an alien landscape.

Tom's Theme - by captainregal & Icepick001
So many pieces in the event seem to capture the feeling of being lost in a strange area. Again, this one has a very distinct desert feel to it. There also seems to be the element of desperation in it. Very nicely done.

Exploring the Open Field - by curryisnice

And here I go giving another star. This piece is simply beautiful. I love the open feeling this has, as if you can simply see for miles.

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To the MS hungry I'd like to notify that these achievements can be obtained through this event as well:

Even though "A Musical Mind" is a secret achievement, I can tell you that it's not impossible to get if you actively participate the discussion here and in the Summoner of Sounds event.
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Oh! While you're updating things, I'd like to point out that you forgot to include one of my songs, and maybe songs belonging to other people. What I know for sure is that Master of Ceremonies is missing from Chapter VI.
Devil's in the details
Oh! While you're updating things, I'd like to point out that you forgot to include one of my songs, and maybe songs belonging to other people. What I know for sure is that Master of Ceremonies is missing from Chapter VI.

Oh I'm so sorry, I've somehow missed that! I added it there now. I hope that's all of the missing ones.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
@Happy, I thank you, kindly!

@TManU, Yeah, in my case, though I really wouldn't call it criticism except for where something is obvious. I'm just really relaying the impressions the pieces give me.
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I forgot to mention that I want starview valley. THX!
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Hmmm... How can we donate again?

Oh, you can do that through Paypal, just by clicking this image:

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