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Super RMN Bros. is a community event where everybody tries to make 2D Mario platformer levels and they all get put into one game: Super RMN Bros! The tool used for this is Super Mario Bros. X v1.2 Beta4, a PC Engine made to emulate the Mario games made on the NES and SNES. This event is to let everybody try out this new tool and see what we can make in two weeks in a genre everybody has played! Whip out those old Mario level drawing you made when you were eight! Live the dream of making your own Mario game! Show that RMNers can do more than just make RPGS!


  • The end of level marker is always a star. Each level can only have one star in it. Stars give a progress indicator throughout the game and for individual levels and since all levels will be available at the start of the game Stars are the best way for players to know what levels they've already done.
  • You can submit as many levels as you want as long as they fall within the rules.
  • Levels that don't meet a minimum level of quality will be rejected. Levels must be complete and all stars must be possible to acquire. Levels also need to be stable and not consistently crash the game. Excessively difficult levels that try to emulate the rage-inducing difficulty of Kaizo Mario or Super Mario Intrigue will also be rejected. This isn't meant to be about finding ways to infuriate the player and SMW rom hacks also have the benefit of save states, rewinds, and functional midpoints. Keep your level difficulty in check.
  • No custom music. Custom graphics are allowed.

What You Need to Participate

Super Mario Bros. X v1.2 Beta4, available at the bottom of the OP in the link. This is the latest version of SMBX with extra features that previous stable builds don't have. Make sure you download the correct version, the file size should be ~37.8MB. It has everything you need to get started from the player, the editor, and three sample worlds.

Submitting Your Levels

SMBX puts each level into its own *.lvl file. All you have to do is compress that, any custom graphics your level uses, and a text file with your level name, difficulty out of ten, and any important tidbits of information that you think would be handy to know (like a walkthrough for a puzzle level so I know what to do when making sure that the level can be finished) and submit it! Please keep each level in its own archive.

I'll be making a hub world where players can access any level in any order. The hub will be set up so similar-difficulty levels will be grouped together and levels with similar themes or gimmicks will be separated.

Just What is Super Mario Brothers X?

Super Mario Bros X is a freeware game engine by Redigit geared towards having the gameplay features and physics of Mario 3 and Super Mario World while adding a ton of cool features and not having to deal with the restrictions of the old (S)NES hardware. There's a lot it can do (and unfortunately some it can't, yet) but these videos do a much better job of showing it than I could explain:

Games are distributed as a world with levels package they can add to Super Mario Bros X and play from the main game. So far there's no way to make a self contained game so all players will need to download SMBX in order to even play the game. The game does come with a large set of graphics and sounds like the RPG Maker RTPs so everybody at least has a large number of platformer resources to work with (and it'll keep the download of the actual game itself small).


The editor can be tricky to use so I made a SMBX Help thread on our forums! If you have any questions go there for some tips or helpful links.


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can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
this page is utterly amazing
this is gonna be good >:D

edit: this editor rules
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one man, one level, one journey, 12 beers.

coming soon
Resident Terrapin
Some of the mechanics like note blocks are still buggy as frak just a forewarning
This is even sexier than Knight's gameprofile! I had to join.
Signed up loving the editor right now.
God damn this looks sharp!

Kudos to uh for designing it and WIP for making the changes to the event system to support this!
Conan O'Brien approves:

I'll definitely give this a shot.
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I could not fucking resist.

I tried.
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It is far too alluring to resist, Max...

To discuss the actual topic, I am very pumped to see this all come together.
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By custom music do you mean no misc. music?
No. You can't add any music that SMBX doesn't already have. Everything under Misc. is free game except playing custom music (it has a field where you can type in a file name to play). This is to keep the file size down so 400KB levels don't get bloated with much larger music tracks.
Resident Terrapin
It's dumb that you can only use mp3s. If it had ogg support you could have some nice sample quality at an extremely small file size
Max McGee
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Okay...I loaded some of the default levels into the editor to try and get a sense of how they work.

And basically, it only displays the part of the level where the player starts. Any sub-areas (anywhere you might pipe-to, for instance) are hidden behind a solid black rectangle. I cannot figure out how to remove the black rectangle.

I guess more saliently, the question would be...how do you set up warps and so forth?