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It's finally here! The much-anticipated third installment of the RMN community series! And this time, halibabica's in charge!


Super RMN Bros. is a community collaborative game where everyone uses the Super Mario Bros. X engine to create Mario levels! The stages are made and submitted by members of RMN, then compiled into one big game at the end of the event. Huzzah!


Super Mario Bros. X v1.3, available at the Download link. This is the latest version of SMBX. It has everything you need to get started from the player, the editor, and a sample world.

You can also download the SMBX Graphics Pack by Red Yoshi here. It has a ton of Mario Brothers graphics that you can use in your level with a simple copy+paste!


Super Mario Bros X is a freeware game engine by Redigit geared towards having the gameplay features and physics of Mario 3 and Super Mario World while adding a ton of cool features and not having to deal with the restrictions of the old (S)NES hardware. If you want to see what SMBX can do, check out the games here on RMN or watch these videos showcasing SMBX's capabilities!

Games are distributed as a world with levels package they can add to Super Mario Bros X and play from the main game. There is no way to make a self contained game so all players will need to download SMBX in order to even play the game. The game does come with a large set of graphics and sounds like the RPG Maker RTPs so everybody at least has a large number of platformer resources to work with (and it'll keep the download of the actual game itself small).

You can view the RMN engine page for SMBX here.


The editor can be tricky to use, especially for beginners. You can ask questions on our SMBX Help thread on our forums! If you have any questions go there for some tips or helpful links.

We also have a tutorials section on RMN for SMBX.


  • Levels must be made in SMBX v1.3 .
  • I don't know if you've ever made Mario levels before. There are dozens of hacks and roms out there, so it's possible you've played custom levels or created your own. However, this project is being made specifically in the SMBX engine, so if you want to contribute, you have to use that. You can download it here.

  • Levels must be made FOR THIS PROJECT
  • So, you've used SMBX before, huh? Hey, you can just submit levels you already made! Right? WRONG. If you didn't make the level specifically for RMN Bros. 3, you're not allowed to submit it. Do not just zip up the levels of your personal project and dump them in here (Davenport, I'm looking at you). Everyone has to start from scratch. And if I catch you trying to submit a pre-made level, ooh, I'll, I'LL- ...deny it. Simple as that, really.

  • Levels must end in ONE SMB3 STAR
  • Starman doesn't work in SMBX like it does in the Mario games of yore. Each one you collect instead adds to your star count. There are two kinds of stars in the engine: SMB3 stars and SMW stars. The latter adds to your star count, but doesn't end the level. The former concludes the stage when collected. Each level must have ONE and ONLY ONE level-ending star. However, you can have any number of SMW stars (covered later).

  • There is no limit to the number of levels you can submit.
  • Beyond these four rules, the sky's just about the limit. There are a few other criteria your levels must meet for them to be accepted, but they're nothing huge, and are as follows.


  1. Checkpoints
  2. Theoretically, every level should have one of these. It's the SMW checkpoint object that lets you continue from partway through the level. Unless your level is extremely short, it should have one. If it can't have one for specific reasons (auto-scrolling, switch block/character shenanigans, etc.), it's recommended you not make the stage too long. Also, SMBX can only support one checkpoint per level, so placing multiples doesn't work.

  3. Power-Ups
  4. Your stage should have a good balance of items that are helpful to the player. ? Blocks should never contain lone Mushrooms; don't be afraid to give the player a Fire Flower or Leaf. On the other hand, exceptional items like the Tanooki and Hammer Suits should not be easily obtained. Use discretion with where you place items. One at the start and one after the checkpoint would be the least you could do. Also, pick items that the player can put to good use. A Fire Flower in an area with monsters immune to fire does the player no good; maybe an Ice Flower or Yoshi might be better instead. On the subject of Yoshi, he's a power-up like any other, and no restrictions are being placed on his use. Similarly, all styles of Kuribo's Shoe are allowed. Just remember, these things are very helpful, so choose carefully where you make them available.

  5. Banned Objects
  6. Your level must not contain any of the following items. If it does, you will be required to remove them.

    • SMB2 Crystal Ball, SMB3 Roulette, SMB3 ? Ball, SMW Keyhole, SMW Exit Gate
    • All banned for the same reason; they end the level. All levels must end with an SMB3 Star. No other exit type is allowed.

    • SMW Bowser Statue
    • Banned due to its glitchy hit box. You can still be hit by its fireballs while standing on top of it. Use the SMB3 Bowser Statue instead!

    • SMW Dry Bones
    • Banned for its stupid hit box. You may place Dry Bones in your level, but all Dry Bones in the project will use the SMB3 sprites instead.

  7. Unbanned Objects
  8. These are objects that were disallowed in the past. I'm permitting them for the reasons stated.

    • SMB3 Lakitu
    • This was banned in RMN Bros. 2 because it behaves erratically. You may use them in your levels, but be very careful when you do. They aren't impossible to deal with, but they can make situations extremely difficult. You'll definitely hear from me if it's a problem.

    • SMW Star
    • These were formerly banned because they didn't end the level. You may now use them as bonus secret stars in your stages. The player can collect them on alternate paths, but must be able to return to the rest of the level after grabbing them. More on these later.

  9. Different Characters
  10. This is, first and foremost, a Mario game. Mario will be the only character available to play as, but that doesn't mean you can't use the other characters. If you want to make a stage involving Luigi, Toad, Peach, and/or Link, you must specify so. Include the appropriate character block at the start. If you don't, I'll assume the stage was meant to be played as Mario. You don't have to switch back to Mario at the end of the stage, though. I will manage character swapping in the hub area.

  11. Player 2 Start
  12. SMBX has the option to play with a friend by sharing a keyboard and crowding around a monitor. There is no way to disallow a multiplayer game, so be sure to include both P1 and P2's start positions in your levels. HOWEVER, this is all you need to do to accommodate the second player. Making a balanced one-player game is difficult enough, so don't sweat it if something doesn't quite work for multi-mode. I'm not checking two player compatibility; you don't have to either.

  13. Secret Stars
  14. Each stage must have only one SMB3 level-ending star, but you can have (almost) as many SMW stars you want. Before you go throwing secret stars everywhere, though, you should understand how they work. The most important thing to know is that you can only have one star per section of a level. That's not my rule; that's a quirk of SMBX. It can only register one star per stage section, as it flags all stars in that section as 'collected' if one of them is found. Because this is the case, any secret stars you place must be in different sections than the star that ends the level. Incidentally, this also means the most stars any level can have is 21. Don't worry; if you mess it up, I'll tell you about it!

  15. Water Must be SWIMMABLE

    You can set waterfalls to either be swimmable or not, but ordinary water must always be. Don't fill your pits with water if they're supposed to be bottomless.

  16. Misc. Stuff
    • Pipes, Doors, and Carry Items
    • By default, all entrances in SMBX are set to disallow the player from carrying an item with them through the portal. If your level has objects the player may want to bring with them, be sure to set your entrances properly.

    • One-Tile Passages
    • Avoid making paths that are only one tile high. If Mario stands up in one, he zips through the wall in the opposite direction he's facing. In some places, this isn't a problem, but in others it can break the game. Spare my telling you to fix it and avoid creating such circumstances.

    • Ceilings
    • If you're making a water level or Mario is able to fly, you may want to block the area off the top of the screen so the player can't soar over everything. In aquatic stages, one could swim past everything from up there, so it's extremely important to include (same goes for underwater pits, actually). Of helpful note: one block placed above or below a level's boundary will create an impassable wall.


Nothing too complicated here. Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, and Link have fallen into RMN's Pit of Challenges, where they must collect the stars from our levels if they ever hope to escape. The main villain is not Bowser, Wart, Kamek, Aristocrab, or anyone seen yet in the world of Mario. I will be making the final level myself, and the final boss is...me! Because by the time this is over, you will all want to kill me.

I will also be making a tutorial level that explains the mechanics of SMBX, covering both the basics and the advanced stuff. So don't bother explaining to the player how to break blocks with their tail or spin jump on Thwomps. I've got it covered!


This iteration of RMN Bros. is going to put greater emphasis on play testing and providing feedback for levels. I will be playing each level personally and leaving feedback the developers can use to improve their stages. My feedback will be divided into three categories:

  • Deal Breakers
  • These are things you MUST CHANGE or your level WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. These include all variety of game breaking errors and poor balance/design. I will provide thoughts and ideas on how to fix these, depending on the complexity of the problem.

  • If-You-Don'ts
  • These are things that, if you don't change them, I will. These include things like levels without checkpoints, blocks containing only mushrooms, or levels with unfitting power-ups. If you don't make these corrections, I'll see to them in the end.

  • Nitpicks
  • These are small complaints of low importance. Things that would make the level look or feel nicer, but aren't really a problem on their own. These will most likely be aesthetic in nature, and they don't have to be changed for the level to be accepted.

    Although I will be testing each level thoroughly myself, I strongly encourage others to do the same. You don't have to follow the same methods of providing feedback I am (in fact, you don't really have the authority to!), but every bit of criticism helps.


This is a big project, and it's very bold of me to be managing it alone. That's why I'm leaving open two spots for other users to join me in running the show. But you can't just sign up and say "Hey hali I'll be your game management bro." You have to PROVE YOUR WORTH. How, you might ask? By playing levels and leaving feedback! The more in-depth, the better. Show me you have what it takes to contribute to this project, and I'll let you in. If you can't handle the work, I have no reason to hire you.

Duties of these staffers would include testing others levels and leaving feedback, as well as helping refine my own stages, tutorial, hubs, and so forth. I'm a tough critic, but even I can't face my own work alone!


Signups begin NOW, and EVERYONE is free to join! The project will run for one month (thirty days), and levels may be submitted for testing during this time. When the month is up, no more levels will be accepted. Existing levels may still be updated based on feedback. I will do my best to have the whole thing compiled just one week after the event ends. Then we can download and enjoy!


You must be logged in to sign up for Super RMN Bros. 3.


Your mom is a hero
It's a cool level, I promise.
Yeah that was kinda stupid of me going around suggesting asuch without playing your level. So no I have not played your level yet.
Then again I kinda don't see the problem if there is a sign in your level pretty much stating that it's an acception, BUT does it say that it's DEATH WATER!! :)
I'd check it out but it's 12 PM soon and I already turned off my computor.
Oh well, Ill try it tomorrow.
And yeah sorry for that incredibly forced reference I just have to do something like that atleast once a week.
Enjoy my newest level, Bowser's Lava Castle. It is difficult, but no where near as hard as Bobomb cave. Also, there is a custom bowser boss fight at the end of the level. Let me know what you think.
Reviews should be here tonight hopefully
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
I haven't forgotten, but don't expect them right away! I have a busy day ahead of me. ;^;
wow, mass silence... 3 comments in 1 1/2 days
4 if u count this
wow, mass silence... 3 comments in 1 1/2 days
4 if u count this

Pretty much. I guess everyone is taking a break or something. Well...I guess I'll get back to making more levels then.
Your mom is a hero
Or it's the weekend and people have lives...
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
I'm reviewing the levels now, but uh, jack? Your Mega Pack is still un-updated. I went to your locker, did a hard refresh and everything. The files were last edited on 2/27.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Bobomb Cave by DarklordKeinor

If You Don’ts

- your sideways pipe exit is slightly misaligned. It should be even with the bottom of the pipe, not centered.


- those bob-ombs look weird dropping in out of the hole in ceiling of the first cave section. Finish up the walls and put a pipe for them to come out of or something.

- I’m glad you moved the coin lower, but it’s still painfully obvious. Plus, the ceiling for the normal path beyond it is kinda low, and the Bob-omb that walks up makes you more likely to fall down the pit anyway. I’m trying to think of a simple solution that works, but coming up blank. Honestly, I think this is just a bad spot for the secret pipe in general. It’s tolerable as it is, so you don’t have to make this change if you don’t want to, but here’s my suggestion:

First, change the fire flower in the final cave section to a leaf. Next, put the secret pipe in the top left corner of that cavern (so you have to fly to it). Nuke the coin in the pit and make the jump over it a little easier (ie move back the ceiling a little). That way the secret’s still secret, but also findable, and players won’t skip over the final cave part. But that’s up to you.

Bowser’s Lava Castle by DarklordKeinor

If You Don’ts

- you have an ordinary mushroom in one of your blocks.


- this could really use a power-up before the first lava crossing. It’s easy to get hurt on the way there. Plus, where the first power-up is now, it’s easy to lose it in the lava if it’s a mushroom. Also, it’s a different style of flower than the others in the stage.

- there’s no way in heck anyone’s ever going to miss that secret stash. I’m okay with it being visible, but I’d make getting up there trickier. Nuke the hidden piranha vine, move the entrance over one tile, and leave the rest as-is. If the player’s clever, they can high jump off the Bob-omb to get up there. If they hurt the Bob-omb, then they lose their chance. Simple as that.

This is the setup I recommend for it. I had to turn auto-align off to place the bottom step. I also messed with your floor a little. I think it looks better that way, but how you have it now is fine too.

- your steps in the section with the Hammer Bros. look incomplete. I’d suggest you finish them up like I showed in the previous picture.

- roto-discs should always be orbiting something! Put an object in the center of their path.

- the boss fight rocked, but the bridge tiles weren’t selling it for me. It’d look better if it were like the top of the castle, methinks.

Booster’s Canyon by Davenport

Deal Breakers

- I’m glad you made the P-switches into generators, but you still have some problems with the first one. If the player goes through the underground and comes out the other side without completely solving the switch block puzzle, they’re stuck forever between the brick wall and the switch block wall. Even if you seal the underground’s exit with all four switch block colors, you’ll still need a P-switch on both sides of the brick wall. There are ways the player can trap themselves there. Stupidly, yes, but it can be done.

- Speaking of getting trapped…just after the second P-switch, there’s a platform with propeller blocks on it. If the player falls to the ground below those propellers, they’re stuck unless they still have Yoshi. They need a way out of that pit, or it needs to be bottomless.

If You Don’ts

- player 2 starts just a smidge above the ground.

- you have an ordinary mushroom in a block at the start and near the second P-switch, along with a leaf right next to it. The mushrooms are what I’ll change if you don’t, but consider the following nitpick: this stage has way too many power-ups, especially in the second half. Granted, it’s a long level, but there are way more than the player will ever need. I’d look more closely at where and how they’re placed, nuke a few of them, and make sure what’s left is evenly distributed. Yoshis included.

- the koopa at the very end is a different style than all the others in the level.


- the area to the left of the start should have some small reward for the player for cleverly going the wrong way. I’d throw in a 1-up, especially since you put something dangerous over there (Bullet Bill). Perhaps you could have your coin arrow pointing to a hidden block containing the 1-up.

- the silver pipe with the piranha plant is too suspicious not to contain anything. If it were an ordinary pipe like the others, it’d still be tempting to climb up there and try to enter it. But as it is, it’s doubly-suspicious, so I’d change it to a normal pipe just to avoid betraying the player’s expectations. Or put a secret 1-up up there. That’d work, too.

- sometimes, your tile choices really just baffle me. Those green underwater-style blocks just don’t fit with anything else in this level. I can see why you used them, but I think the brown SMB1 block would be much more fitting for that purpose. It at least wouldn’t stick out as much. Likewise, why the red bricks underneath the tan ones in the temple section? Or the two different styles of cloud up above? The level would look a lot more consistent if you stuck with using more of the same tiles rather than mixing it all up.

- One place where the last nitpick is really an issue is with your two walls, the brick and the switch ones. They’re filled underneath with two completely different tiles, both of which are destructible. If you put things there the player knows they can break, they’ll try to break them to look for secrets. This is misleading. I don’t think the pits really need to be filled with anything except ordinary sand like the rest of the stage. I’d take out all the digging sand and bombable blocks in favor of normal terrain. This includes the stuff around the underground exit pipe. Speaking of which, you still have some quicksand backgrounds hanging out in there.

- you fixed one of the underground cave’s floor creases, but there’s still one more left. Connect it together for a better look.

- it’s possible to jump out of the pits with switch blocks, but it can be very difficult sometimes. I got stuck in the green block pit because the bricks broke in such a way that I had to do a max height jump over the bottomless pit to get out. The easiest fix for this would be to knock out the top row of tiles so the player can get out from the very bottom.

- the coins on your sand slide don’t line up with Mario slipping down. He misses about half of them if he rides it the whole way. The airborne ones need moved down about one tile each. Also, Mario lands right in the quicksand. You need to change the setup a bit so it works like it should.

- I’ve mentioned a couple times about misleading the player. Well, after the sand jump, there’s a narrow alcove with note blocks that leads to quicksand and a death pit. If there’s nothing down there for the player to find, it shouldn’t even exist. It’s not a trap and it’s not a secret, so it has no reason to be there. I’d just fill it in.

- as before, the green underwater blocks, blue underground blocks, and green bridge tiles just don’t fit with this level’s theme. You used a yellowish bridge tile before; that one’s perfectly suited for it. Likewise, you could change all the green and blue blocks to ordinary SMB1 brown blocks, and it’d look just fine.

- there’s no reason to have a door lead to the 1-up if the player can just jump the wall and grab it anyway. If you seal off the 1-up with bridge tiles, then the player will have to use the door to get inside. Also, if you take out the block underneath the door, the player will have to ride the platforms to reach it. That’s what I’d recommend.

- finally, the value of your 1-ups would be greater if you didn’t get about 50 just for grabbing the star. Replace all the donut lift NPCs with regular bridge parts, and you’ll be gold.

Molten Valley by Davenport

Deal Breakers

- if you kill Birdo, you have no way of getting across the lava. The easiest fix for this is to set Birdo to stand still, then make it a generator. This way, you can have infinite Birdos, but only one at a time. Same goes for all later Birdos that you need to cross lava.

- like Birdo, your P-switch needs to be a generator.

If You Don’ts

- is the level’s title Doom Valley or Molten Valley? I’ll change the file name if it’s the latter.

- your Birdo death effect is pink instead of green.

- you’re leaving ordinary mushrooms in blocks again…


- the backdrop is a jpeg that was saved far too many times. I’d try to find the original image so it doesn’t look so grainy, or even just use the SMB3 tanks background instead. It’s uuuuugly.

- the blocks at the start are one tile too high.

- the 1-up before the second section is such a freebie. Put it up above with the lava lotuses. You can get up there if you jump out of a shoe, so that’d make it a reward to the player who kept the red shoe successfully.

- I was honestly expecting to have to defeat a Birdo in the end to get the star. Either make it so or leave out the boss BGM.

Sky Mountain by Davenport

Deal Breakers

- if you’re including a segment where the player MUST be able to fly, then you MUST make a leaf generator nearby. I’d recommend the style I used in my Tutorial stage.

If You Don’ts

- both characters start a smidge above the ground.

- you really love leaving plain ol’ mushrooms in blocks, don’t you?


- your plants look like they’re detached from the ground! You need something behind the grass tiles for them to rest on.

- your blocks at the start are a tile too high.

- the SMW bushes look completely awful next to the higher detail grasses of the other SMB’s. I’d go with one kind or the other. The SMW ones would be easier to work with given my first nitpick, but wouldn’t look as good…

- your bridge tiles are incomplete! There’s a SMW background tile that’s supposed to go on top of them.

- free ice flower wut? Put it in a block!

- your shell generator goes really, really slow. Three seconds is about perfect for that sort of thing.

- if you hit the springboards down off their blocks (by bumping them from underneath), you have to backtrack them off-screen just to fix them. Put them on blocks you can’t break.

- y u giv awai tanooki sutz boi (hide it better).

- that’s really not the best place for the blue switch block. Since you have a vine to nowhere beneath it already, why not hide it on a platform down there instead?

- as a piece of general advice, falling down in a stage like this is an enormous pain. I’d include stretches of cloud like you have at the tippy top evenly throughout the stage, wherever they fit. This way, the player can only fall down certain lengths if they’re very unfortunate.

Dr. Toadly by seiromem


- what’s up with that bully at the start? It drops off the cliff immediately, so I dunno why it’s even there. Unless…you use its death to trigger the text boxes, right? There’s a more elegant solution to that! NPC’s have a trigger option called ‘Activate’. This means they’ll trigger an event the moment they become active, which means they trigger the event as soon as they come onscreen. So instead of having random bullies at the bottoms of cliffs, you can set objects off-screen to trigger text when the player gets close enough. You could do this with Dr. Toadly, EDI’s glass case, and anything else you might need, really.

- the boss fight works, but only because you spawn shells and fire flowers constantly. That makes it more of a game of trading hits with EDI and the rinker rings ‘til you win. Rinker rings are always a pain in pairs, so here’s what I’d do:

First, keep only on rinker ring, and move it above the player instead of below. Keep the upside-down rainbow shells, but leave a hole in the wall for them to bounce out of. Move the fire flower generator to the floor so it doesn’t drop them in all the time, and cut back its spawn timer to ten seconds or so. This’ll help make the fight more of a fair challenge than the chaotic mess it is currently.

Peach’s Stroll by seiromem

Deal Breakers

- sorry, but even with as many enemies as you left lying around, you can’t require the player to use one to finish the level. There are two places this is a problem; once before the checkpoint and once at the end of the stage. You can keep the jumps that height, but leave a mushroom block or two somewhere for the player to stack up (in case they kill everything).


- any reason the fire flower at the checkpoint isn’t in a block? I’d swap it with the bubbled mushroom, then put the mushroom in a bubble closer to the checkpoint (within easy jumping distance).

- after the yellow switch block, there’s a koopa that can really mess you up after you hover across the cliff. I’d move it further back or nuke it entirely. That’s the last thing the player needs to see closing in on them while hovering over.

- fire flowers aren’t very useful here, since hoopsters are immune to them (and most likely to get in the way). Ice flowers would be more universally helpful.

- this level feels very crowded! Knock out some of the extra baddies.

Shrooms in the Night Sky by seiromem


- those bullet bills at the end are cheap. >:I

SMB2 by seiromem


- the vase section’s BGM is from SMB3. That’s not necessarily a problem, but it’d make more sense if it were SMB2’s underground instead.

Triad Airship by Deckiller


- since this is a proper auto-scrolling level now, there’s no need for the bubbled fire flower. Especially since there’s a leaf in the block nearby it anyway. I’d also put the bubbled mushroom before the fight in a block instead.

Supra Mairo Bors 2: Whale Whale Whale by kentona

Deal Breakers

- the player is totally screwed if they mess up the stopwatch thing or kill any of the jumping fish. The latter is their problem as far as I’m concerned, but the former should be solved with a stopwatch generator. It’s too easy to mistime those fish. I only got across ‘cuz I played as Peach. It only just occurred to me that you don't need to stop time to jump on the fish. I am, in fact, a complete moron.


- I know you put in that creepy sign and everything warning about the DEATH WATER, but I would like to adhere to rule #8 as best we can. The waterfall background tile for SMB3 works just as well as the flat water tile you already have, while also giving the implication of danger/nonswimmability. This is a nitpick ‘cuz I’m willing to condone it, but I do think it should be changed.

Snow Mountain Castle by outcry312

If You Don’ts

- forgot to reset P1’s start.

Tomb of the Toadstool Emperor by Ratty524

Deal Breakers

- your P-switch needs to be a generator in case the player is incredibly stupid.


- your pipes are hovering over the sand. You need a background block behind them to make it look flat.

- when quicksand is even with the ground next to it, you can get stuck when you approach it from the side. Move each quicksand water block down half a tile to fix it.


If you updated your level, but don't see any feedback here, then it means one of two things:

1. I had no more problems with it!
2. I didn't know it was updated.

@jackalotrun: I'll look at yours tomorrow if you can get the actual updated versions submitted.
Thanks for the feedback. Corrections done.
I've implemented most changes. I wanted to ask you about the mushroom issue. In Bowser's Lava Castle, I have the mushroom next to a fire flower. Personally, I think it's fine, seeing as how there is a fire flower next to it. Does the player really have to a special power up every time? Nonetheless, if you don't want it, let me know what I should change it into. Also, I'm posting the updated Bobomb cave, Bowser's Lava Castle, and some new levels.

Let me know what you think about them and as always, thanks for the feedback.
The tutorial is pretty cool. There is a something I noticed that should be changed. When describing Link's fairy power, you put that you use alt jump to turn into a fairy. It should be, or also say, press jump again in midair to turn into a fairy. There was also no mention of throwing projectiles in an upward arc by holding up when you shoot, unless I missed it. Oh, and when you are Link in the upper right corner and you have 3 powers; when you are at the top it's tedious to get down without getting either flower. There should be more than a 1 wide block space to fall down in.

Also, it really needs to be skipable man...that took me like 25 minutes to complete. It could start in a room with 2 doors, one for seeing the tutorial and one for skipping to the star.
Another thing I noticed a couple days ago which is pretty useless info, but that I think you might have forgotten in the tutorial is yoshis ability to grab with his tongue without ducking by holding up and then run button.
I've updated them...
I haven't updated them in a while... It's still been a week (updated on 28th) since I last updated them!
Ah well
It's because i've rediscovered how much I enjoy AOE3
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
from DarklordKeinor
I wanted to ask you about the mushroom issue. In Bowser's Lava Castle, I have the mushroom next to a fire flower. Personally, I think it's fine, seeing as how there is a fire flower next to it. Does the player really have to a special power up every time? Nonetheless, if you don't want it, let me know what I should change it into.

Change it into a coin. Nobody needs two power-ups that close together. They only THINK they do!

from Link_2112
it really needs to be skipable man...

Heehee, I used to have it so that when you read the first sign, it pulled up the following:

"But hali," I hear you whine, "I already know how to play SMBX!" Well, then this should be easy for you. Get going!

I'll fix that other stuff you said, but the level will still be mandatory! And I didn't even know Yoshi could do the thing apa649 said. o.o

I'll try to look at the new levels and updates later today.
Your mom is a hero
Wait....the tutorial isn't skippable?? That's just... why? Why force people through the insulting tedium of a tutorial level?
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
The next question would be: "Why make a tutorial at all?"

I did this so other people wouldn't have to. To silence their fears of players who don't know they can spin jump on Thwomps or break blocks with their tail. There is some fairly obscure stuff in there anyway, so really, what's the harm?

It's one level, you don't have to read the signs, and you can rush through pretty much everything except the stopwatch section no sweat. Plus, who knows? Maybe you'll actually *gasp* LEARN SOMETHING!