This is the third time we've ran the Swap in the Middle with You event. It's a pretty simple premise. You start a game and work on it for two weeks. At the end of that fortnight, all the games are pooled and then distributed semi-randomly to each other. Then everyone finishes the games they are given over the two weeks.

  • Sign up below. Make sure that you're dedicated for both parts of the event.

  • Games must be new and made only for this event.

  • You may use any RM engine. Sorry, while it is a neat idea in theory to use any engine, most people who sign up might not have experience in those engines, limiting the ability to finish the games. Please point out if you have the legal or non-legal versions of RPG Maker 2000 and 2003! It won't do anyone any good if I hand you a legal version to finish when you only have the non-legal version to work with, after all!

  • When you initially sign up for this event, please drop a comment letting me know what versions of RM you have access to. This will help when it comes to distributing the first half of the games.

  • Also, make sure to include an RTP stand-alone version of the game (and have resources both edited and custom) when passing it over so that your partner is not looking for different files to make it work. In the case of commercially bought resources, include them in the project as you would when working on a game with a partner.

  • When it comes time to submit, for the first half of the game upload the WIP to the event locker (accessed by Submit in the top corner).

  • First halves of games must be in by the time shown under the Details section after you add your time offset in the settings of your account. The Date End reflects this and will be changed when the second halves are handed out.

  • The second halves will be submitable by game page ONLY. Make a game page for your game whenever you like, just remember to update the information when the second creator comes into play.

  • To keep time realistic, aim for each half to have a half-hour of play at the most. This will make an hour-long game, which is pretty decent for a month of work. You can go over this amount, but remember that the longer the game, the less chance there is to finish it.

  • At least 10 minutes of game play time per half!

  • In the spirit of the event, don't be a back-seat driver to the second creators. They can take the game where they like - that's half the fun of the event. In fact, let's just say that you keep your fingers out of the game pie after it gets handed over. Make it something of a surprise, eh?

  • That said, if your partner decides to ask you about an aspect of the game, feel free to explain it to them. Just no railroading the second half to fit what you wanted of it.

  • All games must abide by site rules - pared down to 'no hate speech, no highly sexual content, etc'. If you have questions about what is and is not appropriate, PM Liberty and ask.

As always, there's badges to consider~
Started in 3 Middle with You - 50MS - Received at the end of the event for those who started a game and had it completed.
Ended in 3 Middle with You - 50MS - Received at the end of the event for those who finished a game.

Creators are allowed to change the content of the first half of the game, in order to make it fit the end half ideas. It's expected so don't be upset if you find your game has changed between sending it off and getting it back!

I highly recommend making your first half a fun game that you don't mind morphing into something else, so as to stave off any protective instincts you may have towards the story and ideas.

If it helps people to disassociate themselves a bit from being clingy with their games think of the first half of the event as you making part of a game for someone else - it's not your game, it's theirs. You're just making it for them to mess with. The second half is where you get to make what your get yours.

Remember, we're doing this for fun, guys, and a big part of that is seeing how someone else takes your ideas and makes them into something else. Ideally, we'll see games come from this with interesting changes and twists, so don't get attached to the first halves!


Clown/Joker signs by Brian Edwards


  • 08/20/2022 12:00 AM
  • 09/26/2022 01:10 AM


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I have 2k,2k3,xp,vx,vxa,mv,mz (all steam version).
I prefer vxa and later versions

This sounds fantastic. It'd be my first time participating, so bear with me, please.

I own all RM versions minus MZ. And RM95. I'm fine with whatever version otherwise. Including VX lol.

Edit: crap, I forgot my graphics card died and thus I cannot use MV (very old PC with shitty integrated chipset). Okay, so, I can work with: 2K, 2K3, XP, VX, VX Ace, all of them on Steam.
Ok all seriousness, I have from 95 to MZ, bar VX. I have 95 physical, dunno if that makes it more legal lol.

However I will say, my game will be in XP. So prepare Uranus. I don't mind using whatever tho. And honestly I could be up to buying VX if there was a good discount xD.

2k and 2k3 versions I got are 1.62 and 1.12 from Steam. I will not be applying Maniacs or whatever, I am laze.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
All right, lets get this going!
I own the following engines:

RPG Maker 2003 (Steam Version)
RPG Maker XP (Steam Version)
RPG Maker VX ACE (Steam Version)
RPG Maker MV (Steam Version)

I will also add that most of experience is with VX Ace, and I have the least experience with 2003.

Really looking forward towards what my half gets morphed or butchered into and what I can sculpt or break someone other's half into!
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Well, I've got RM2k, 2k3, XP, VX, VX Ace and MV (all of which through Steam) but I'm using my laptop, so the lower the system requirements to work inside the program the better.
Hell yeah, sign me up! I only have 2k3 and Ace, both on steam. I personally prefer to work with Ace, but I'm open to completing a game in 2k3 if necessary
I have an interesting idea for my swap game... can't wait to see where my partner takes it

Update: nevermind, the idea won't work
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Dang, I joined this one on a whim but I feel like I may have to back out. I don't have a month to do things, and this will just weigh over me while I'm doing other things T_T

Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this, though!
Sunflower Games
The most beautiful user on RMN!

I wish I had the kind of time and energy to make a game in 2 weeks. Good luck to all those on this voyage.

You could have probably added Ren'Py to that list, for a free to play option for people without money. I'm not sure I would consider that a difficult engine to use either.
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
I wish I could participate in this event, but I can't be focusing on random event games right now. I need to finish Chronicles: Meteorfall before I do anything else. See you all next year.
To all of you sissies that can't participate...

Sad to see that things can't be done this year. Wish to see you all next year (or next swapsies).

Swapsies = Fun. Come and get it now that's still hot (?).
Just finished my entry. It's not very polished, but I wanted to leave the recipient some room for creative freedom. The game is about MP being used to light up the world around you. No MP = no light.

EDIT: Meh, might as well polish it up more while I have the time. But just in case I don't end up making it, you can use what I've uploaded as of now.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I'm having a blast so far creating the intro of the game and working on dialogue and cutscenes. Gotta make sure to leave lots of comments for whoever gets my part.
Okay, for those who missed it being written in the rules (because apparently some people are confused)

The first two weeks are for making the first half. Currently the End Date shows when the games need to be submitted to this page. ONLY the first halves!

Then the date will update to the end of the second halves (and event). Initially it was 2 weeks but because I'll be taking a day or two in between sorting who has what and gets what, and because you might need to contact the first halfer for info if you get stuck on something, I pushed it an extra week.

So first halves need to be in by the due date (which should be at the end of the 4th, though exact time will depend on what time you've got site hourly settings on.

The second halves will need to be submitted (via game page!) by the end of the 25th of September.

Hope that clears things up. As always, any questions, do ask!
Still a dumb and shy doggo
able: vx ace.
Prefers: MV, MZ.
I should probably tell you my preferences... Although I have all of the RPG Maker engines, I'd prefer against using 95, VX, VX Ace or MV. The mapping system they have is a huge turn off for me, but if I have to use them, so be it.

(Yes, I have 95 if someone actually decides to use it)
Guardian of the Description Thread
Telling preferences might be nice, but, I'm pretty sure who gets which first half will be randomized based on 1) what all things were made in and 2) the stated engines? Which probably would include the subset of "preferred engine(s)", but also probably wouldn't be skewed towards that.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Yeah, I think I won't point out preferred engines for next swapsies as to not put even more contrsaints on Libby's randomisation system.
I usually don't take preferences into consideration. What I do is randomise the games, then fit them to the list of names. If anyone doesn't have that engine then I'll swap with a game that is of an engine they have and keep swapping until everyone has a game that matches an engine they own.

Sorry ^.^;

It's very possible you won't get a preferred engine depending on how the numbers roll. The better way of 'choosing' an engine is probably just saying you only _have_ your preferred engines, tbh. XD

In other news -

Get an egg badge by showing off what progress you've made every day until the end of the first half of the event! Just post in the above thread (it's on our official Discord).
I submitted my first half. It turns out to be longer than I expected.