Time for a bit of randomness! Everyone has one week to make a short game using a randomly given theme from THIS POST!

SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED AS OF 7/13 3PM CST! Good luck with your themes!

Sign up for the event. One person only!
You'll receive a randomly assigned theme from a list to build your game with.
Go nuts! There's no rules here, use rips, custom, whatever! Use whatever engine you're most comfortable with! (Creating custom assets before the event starts is perfectly fine, just don't start sticking things in your engine til go time.)
New games only! Event doesn't start for roughly a week, so take that time to sign up, get a theme, and gather your resources and ideas!
People who submit a finished game will receive a sweet makerscore award!
Submit your finished game to the event page before the cutoff date!

Ocean - Armageddon
kentona - Cattle
Archeia_Nessiah - Ethereal
Liberty - Kitchen
Sam - Royal
Caz - Yak
Fomar0153 - Metamorphosis
bulmabriefs144 - Irritation
Dyluck - Elegy
Healy - Ninjutsu
LockeZ - Fire
Rhyme - Antipathy
Marrend - Equilibrium
anyon175 - Infected
Bart_Sol - Mastication
Rose_Guardian - Piano
Eurritimia - Soap
Seiromem - Rainbow
Aegix_Drakan - Reciprocation
Isrieri - Fart
Bobhostern - Instinct
Sgt M - Band
markofthewind28 - Excuses
mjshi - Beginner
Jalex - Lantern
coelocanth - Slime
KatanaHiroshi - Pilfer
Sidewinder - Intergalactic
CashmereCat - Entrepreneur
pianotm - Chainsaw
Lutra - Postbellum
Cap_H - Surfing
zDS - Winter
ESBY - Trousers
Dragnfly - Banana
GreisDomain - Romance
Frogge - Zombie
Zero3D - Crowbar
Mirak - Stone
Miremira - Inflate
ethanz - Pizza
NoBody13 - Believe
BerryRMN - Youths
Make_it_MagiK - Ambulatory
Gredge109 - Running
meteomage - Pestilence
Kloe - Diablo
Starmage - Passion
bicfarmer - Masquerade
OzzyTheOne - Worried
OldPat - Yourself
Soulrain - Transcendent
1550 - Flood
Delsin7 - Umbra
tale - Aurora Borealis
mirin - Mount
Deaflopist - Dimension
Xurzerth - Vandalism
MsterLouie - Utopia
Frosty-Games - Rage
StormCrow - Abomination
PikaKetchup - Linguistics
kefkafeine - Oblivious
rileyredstache - Frustration


  • 07/06/2018 12:00 AM
  • 07/22/2018 11:59 PM



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I played a few of these games and will add my comments as well

I liked the mapping, but yeah, you mostly just taunt throughout the whole game. I managed to keep the other guy alive through the whole thing, but abused the treasure chest bug(?)

Cute little game. Loved the graphics.

Umm.. interesting I guess? A lot of button mashing to learn skills. I only did 2 endings, then got bored

Great game! Loved the concept! I managed to get the octopus after reading the ending hints. There aren't that many places to go and not much water, so it wasn't that hard to know where to look.

Hmm thats odd, you should get your first combat skill at level 5, ie one level higher. The one after that is 10, which shouldn't take too long to get, I made leveling super fast. (Also ye, I tried to find modern char sprites for a few hours and turned up nothing. Coulda maybe converted some snes stuff like FF3, but ran out of time.) Thanks for playing tho. (you only needed to find 1 more tree, heh)
Resident foodmonster
OK, this is super late since I accidentally missed the deadline due to having the wrong time zone on, so I just polished it slightly and am releasing it here now.
Made in RM2k3
I managed to play some of the games today! And here's my thoughts so far:

Theme Roulette - Equilibrium by Marrend
It's a really fun simple game, with a very fun battle, mostly because you can get Zoe to taunt forever, and counterattack everyone like a true beast! XD :D The mountains were really neat and clean, and I loved going around taunting everyone that comes my way. xD I still haven't got to finish the final battle though, as I keep dying for some reason. (Maybe it's because of my lack of skill) but I'll come back to that battle and try to beat it. xD Overall, it was a fun experience!

Restoration of Ephebe by BerryRMN
I made an LP for this game on my YT channel! It's a very fun, aesthetically pleasing and challenging game! xD First off, I love all of the custom artworks, tiles and sprites that Berry did for this game, they're all very colorful and mesmerizing to look at! I am also digging the Greek setting being used! The battles were extremely challenging for me, but they were fun and really forces you to make a smart strategy to beat them! I love it! Overall, this is a very fun game and I'll continue playing it whenever I can! :)

Rock Hard by Mirak
This one is sooo different and quirky that left me speechless in such a good way! XD There's also voice acting in it, not to mention that it's a rock being voices! :D It was such an ambiguous experience! Like, it's hard to explain, but all I could think of when the guy drank the juice was; Ayahuasca/DMT! xDD :D Overall, it was super quirky and I just loved that unique experience! xDD Btw,I still wish to try out different choices in the game to see different endings! xD

Mastication by Bart_Sol
I really love the cute and vintage sprites in this game! The concept was also very interesting, in that, you're a guy who died from choking and sent into the purgatory to atone for your sins! XD :D The battles were really fun and engaging, as you have to chew your way out of them! Chewing is a necessity for you to gain MP, and MP is needed for attacks! The dungeons are a Roguelike style, which I really loved! I got until the first boss, and will continue playing around with it! So far, it's a very fun experience and the concept of the after-life is very intriguing! xD :D

Those are the games I have tried so far, we'll look into some more! xD :)


I played some of these

I just checked your LP, Bicfarmer!! XD :D Thanks so much for trying out A Maiden's Ballad!! :) I really really loved the voices you're giving the characters!! ahahah xD :D especially Nathan's xD :D
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I figured out was wrong, and I don't understand how it happened. Anyway, here's the link to the updated, working file, if anyone cares.

This is the right one:!ipNGjKRQ!UyrHLGaW-RSqRo5EC6Aij0rsLArd3MkqaZS4NLomGuk
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Lib is streaming now has finished streaming for today, today she has streamed:
  • Danmension by Dan Deaflopist
  • Godslayers: Kentrou to Skia by Delsin (partial)
  • Infected by Anylon (tho it broke... Error on startup)
  • Masquerade by bicfarmer
  • Mastication by Bart
  • Ninja Waitress by Healy

Also it's being done alphabetically if that helps you peeps catch your game on stream! :D
Guardian of the Description Thread
This is #$%^&*@ hard but fuck it, I almost beat a Dark Souls once, I'll give it a few more tries.

Okay, I totally did not expect comparisons to Dark Souls in any way, shape, or form. As such...

Chest bug is totally intentional, though.
Amber Cocoon By Fomar0153
My initial approach was to run straight at the dragon three times, die three times, and declare the game impossible. The game really needs to communicate somehow that there are other things in the room to fight. Of course, Fomar did say it was in a terribly broken state. Thank goodness for mjshi's notes.

Where did these awesome animated battlers come from? They're grrrrreat!

I got done in by slimes a good half dozen times. Very frustrating.

Then I slew the dragon.

This soul-stealing metamorphosis meat shield thing is an AWESOME game mechanic. Someone should totally make a game using it. Obviously it could be expanded by giving the monsters you can harvest actual traits and skills (i.e. I expected maybe the Burny would go undamaged by the fire breath because it's made of fire, etc.). Other than that, it's not hard to beat at all, I love the look of the battle system and the monster collection aspect. Someone should make a story and maps to go along with it and you'd have one A+ game.

BTW, what engine was this even made in? Is this what RMMV games look like?

The battlers are from

I submitted an hour before the deadline at ~midnight I didn't have time to test the enemy levelling scaling at all. Sorry. Ironically Burny does resist fire but the dragon's breath attack wasn't set as a fire attack. The game was made using RPG Maker MV as you guessed. Odds are I'll re-use some of mechanics in a future game but I might just make the souls summonable. Anyhow thank you for the feedback, glad you liked the ideas.
Here's a minor updated version of Godslayers. It uses a modified encounter rate system made by GreatRedSpirit which should give a more fair distribution of enemies. To combat the lower rate, experience and gold have been increased by 20-40% depending on enemy.

Your current save game should work just fine as it is only a number tweak, minor map event edits, and a common event. To get it to work just exit or enter an area where enemies are.

OK, this is super late since I accidentally missed the deadline due to having the wrong time zone on, so I just polished it slightly and am releasing it here now.
Made in RM2k3

I'll try it out.

So far I played and beat everything but Mastication, Chapelwaite and Pestilence (still working on these), my own game (I kinda just designed it as a grind game and have no desire to walk around killing stuff), the one that was in Greek, and a Maiden's Ballad. And the zombie one. Ummm maybe there were a few I didn't finish actually, but I finished about five or six because most of these very very short.

The Struggle was fun, as were 3f, and Danmension. Slime Quest was fun too, although it seemed to require some replays to get the good stuff. Rock Hard was cool too. Gotta Start Somewhere was awesome.

Mirin's game I hate, quite honestly. Something about getting up the mountain and wanting to cure yourself, and then not having anything you do matter. I don't recall any enemies either, so it was mostly just climbing, and not getting distracted by treasure, only to still die.

Amber Cocoon and Kill the King were also very short, but they were okay.

Playing Hidden Key now. It seems like some interesting concept (and frankly the menu is awesome, I'd like to be that good at hit detection), although the storyline is lacking.
Btw, if anyone can't read 2k3 fonts, use this. I used it after, ahem, Godslayer screwed up my game's fonts. Simply patch the fonts to the rtp.exe and it should correct to something legible. My games have weird gradient, but that is a matter of swapping out system files.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Oh also Bulma, idk if you saw the stream but Lib had some kinda issue with the installation process, is there any way you could make it simpler?
I didn't see the live one, and the video seemed to be 3 hours.

Hmmmm. It's possible it was blocked. Ummm, I mean sometimes you download, and the computer is like "Cannot Install Because Reasons."

InstallCreator should be fairly straightforward, but for the sake of any issues that crop up, let's do a step-by-step. I'm sure other people use other stuff, but I use it because it packs my files very well (got a 78.2 MB file down to about 40MB).

1. Download the thing.
2. Rightclick the thing, Properties, and Unblock
3. Doubleclick to open the EXE.
4. InstallCreator is fairly user friendly. Mainly, decide where to put the program, using the Browse function. When you have a place to put it, make sure to click on Make New Folder, name it the game name, then click once on (FolderName) and say okay. Go to next, and there will be a license agreement, click on I Agree, click next, and finish it.
5. RpgTsukuru 2003 on some newer computers will not work properly, because later computers no longer use Direct Draw. This means that when RpgTsukuru runs its annoying fullscreen mode, I at least get a crash and it tells me "DD_ERR Direct Draw Error." If you get this, the workaround is to make a shortcut, and force window mode. After install, Rightclick on the shortcut it made. Now, at the I have this already set up, but it's set up inside the folder, and it only works for those who installed to a precise location. Instead, rightclick the shortcut, and in the Target section, just where it says in quotes, "(Address)/RPG_RT.exe" add a space then "NormalPlay" "ShowTitle" "Window". In that order. This puts it into normal mode, shows the title screen, and opens as a window (making it so the DirectDraw fullscreen glitch that plagues newer computers doesn't happen).
6. People have been complaining about the text being hard to read. If it's because of the gradient, go to one of the other RpgMaker 2003 or RpgTsukuru games posted here, copypaste it, and rename to replace the system files. If it's a weird smushed-together font, use the FontPatch above. It's in German but you copy the two Fon files to the same folder as the RTP and the FontPatcher, select the RTP, hit test, test, and Ubernehmen (the left one). Also open and Install the two Fon files. This should get the fonts to run properly.

Ahhh, I see it. It had nothing to do with install difficulty at all. I had some copyright disclaimer (cuz I kinda sorta didn't wanna get sued for ripping stuff). And cuz fullscreen. And she somehow thought I was taking ownership, when I was doing the opposite...
Oh, I didn't have a problem aside from it being unnecessary and obnoxious. People should only use them when they're protecting custom art and shit, not for rips (which people can find anywhere). By protecting them behind an install wall you're basically saying "I'm not sharing this shit... and I'm also going to put my files all over your computer because lol."

Please don't use them in the future. They're obnoxious.

That aside, here's the second stream:

Games played (in order):
Danmension by Dan Deaflopist
Godslayers: Kentrou to Skia by Delsin (partial)
Infected by Anylon (tho it broke... Error on startup)
Masquerade by bicfarmer
Mastication by Bart
Ninja Waitress by Healy
Not my intention at all. I normally back-end stuff on end of the game credits, and just say the first line. But this thing was kinda lightweight, so there wasn't much credits just a The End. The full-screen is cuz I like big flashy arts, and InstallCreator doesn't give that option on Windowed mode. And I always use Install Creator, cuz it's cool, and cuz stuff I've uploaded with .zip has sometimes wound up corrupted. But yeah, here's stinky windowed mode.
(You can minimize fullscreens with Alt-Tab)

Anyway, here's a link to what should be a no full-screen, no shortcuts thingy. But the downloading it to Documents is totally your fault. You skipped the page where it lets you choose where to install.

Also, page 2 is me sorta mentioning you by name. ^_^;; Well, it is tailor-made. Also, the remake has toned down monsters. The first version had uhhh grind and difficulty issues.

You don't have red hair, btw?
Infected by Anylon (tho it broke... Error on startup)

Yea, guess I messed it up again. Sorry Liberty and everyone else.

The game works here though (like last time), but I guess something went wrong because of my version of the RTP (some files got japanese Kanji) or some file that went missing, I don't know.

Can I show it to you guys on Discord? I know it won't give me any points but at least you guys can see it if you like.

Anyways, I`ll try my best next time to make it actually work.
Actually, in a way, you accomplished the theme perfectly.

But, if Liberty is willing to cut me any slack and play my game's new link (the jury's still out), I see no reason you can't post a link here or on Discord.
That aside, here's the second stream:

Thanks for playing Kill the King, Liberty. It was fun to watch it back and see the reactions from you and the chat!

Damnit, that non-disappearing enemy right at the start, there's always something that slips through the cracks! Nice farm at least. And oh wow, how did I not notice the knife had a pistol for its graphic? And yeah, that end boss is cheap - I have no excuses XD

You seemed to have fun though and there are definitely some things I could maybe go back and spruce up in the future.
Here's the first stream vid all!

Wow! I recently just saw your recorded playthrough for A Maiden's Ballad! ^_^ Thanks so much, Liberty!! :) I really appreciate you enjoying the game, and I understand how you cut it in one hour for the theme roulette stream, and rightfully so. xD Since the game is indeed 3 hours long, and I don't want the game to consume all hours of stream and leave all the other cool entries hanging! ^_^ :) Amazing streams once again, Liberty! Can't wait to see more! :D

Btw, I love the goofy Nathan voice xDD :D