So who's up for this

I was thinking about this sites closure and decided that the most important thing about RMN for me was how it consistently got me up off my ass to actually make and release games. Whether for Action 52 or Shinan's contest or the various seasonal gamemaking contests I pretty consistently had a blast in trying to put together and release something under a deadline while also seeing what the other cool_dudes taking part would come up with. I think even beyond forumchats and recieving crits etc this kind of activity was what attracted me most to the site and was actually what made me join in the first place! And I thought it would be a fitting farewell kinda to use the forums closure as yet another excuse to hunker down and be productive.

So yeah if anyone is interested the aim is to release a full game before the forum implodes. This gives you a month!! to get something out. so you have until april 2.

If anyone's interested in judging what gets released etc then we can make an actual contest out of this sucker. It's not an official contest or whatever. You can use any engine or materials etc so 'go ape' as they say.

Themes are optional but in case you need one I would suggest: RAD DOGS

remember: "forums are temporary... finished games are forever" - dark_nietzsche_666

The Site Isn't Closing Down
...however the the sentiment of completing games is a good one. Working against a deadline with other chaps in a "last gasp" game drive whilst sharing crits and encouragement is something worth doing, I believe.

So I am making an official event out of this sucker.

* Complete a game by April 2nd 16th
* Use a gameprofile download as your entry
* It doesn't have to be a new game - you can take one of your existing projects and finish it off

* Theme is optional

* We don't have judges or a contest or anything, but if you want to be a judge let me know and I can add you!
* Participants who submit a completed game will get a nifty Rad Dog achievement (makerscore!!)


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Teams Members Entry
Generica: The Next Generation
The Encephalon II
Vampire Friendship
Zero Base
4 days... I'll see what I can do
Righting the Township
Radioactive Canines
Gem Dog
Big Titts
Team epicer then thou
Lands Hope
Team didn't submit anything after all :P
Daicore Battler Nyo! the inside story
Team wait until the deadline
dark sword
Clan Ritz
Team Journeymen
Finish the freakin' fairy game, now.
Teh Studios
speaking shooter
making a gam in 12 days
skullz of awesome
impacts haterz


Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
1. Progress Report (based on last week's goals)
Still not sure how the main portion of the game will play. Uh oh
I've almost done the intro sequence though! Should have completed it by the end of the day, Champion's League match notwithstanding.

2. Goals for next week
Have yet to design a title screen so I'll get to that. If I have enough material I also plan to set up a gameprofile (My very first on RMN...).

3. Your likelihood of completing your submission in time
Zilch. I'll definitely have something playable by the 16th, just far from a full game.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
1. Progress Report (based on last week's goals)
I remapped and recoded one of the two maps in the last part of the game, added a boss fight. Finished all the mechanical levels of DSRC and started the Ruins.
I keep procrastinating with the blasted limit breaks, ugh. There were a couple of other things, such as event-coding the materia de-equip menu, and I planned out a couple of limit breaks as well.
2. Goals for next week
I begin holidays Friday. I should be able to get lots of work done so:
-finish off AT LEAST Kumo and Levi's limit breaks completely, and aim to finishing the sprites for Shadz and Kyer.
-Sprite at least three enemies (lets make it Ultima Weapon, Tri-Face, and Marlboro)
-Begin adding the map details to the Ruins
-Finish the story and events in DSRC (aka, finish DSRC except for the Troops)
3. Your likelyhood of completing your submission in time

If I get off my ass and finish the limit breaks, sure. Won't take me long to complete the rest of the sidequests, a couple of days of hard slog. But testing?
Probably not. I could release, but it'd be buggy as hell (probably nothing game breaking except for...ONE SCRIPT ERROR *shakes fist* and a mysterious one in the Terminal that I must look into.) Let's put it at 75%.

1. Progress Report (based on last week's goals)
- Icons are done thanks to Ocean~
- Story Set up
- Got some of the music going
- Solidified background story more.

2. Goals for next week
-Making the save system work (with TDS!)
-Finish the art this week.
-Finish making the backgrounds

3. Your likelyhood of completing your submission in time
-If school won't get in the way and me drawing fast enough, and not hitting any writer's block. I can make it on time (aka low chances)
who am i and how did i get in here
what the f :[

Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
PRogress report; got some of the resources and story done. Figured out how my attack system should work, but still haven;t found battle sprites i like for two of the characters; (Stop being a perfectionist!)
I may have something in in time, bt first i had better do my taxes.
Tear Harvester Rhyme
1. Progress Report
Menu is half-done
Battle layout is satisfactory (maybe wrong spelling)
4 Maps done!
and submitted gameprofile waiting for Approval.

2. Goals for next week
Finish the menu
Finish up to a certain point of the game.

3. Your likelyhood of completing your submission in time

which translates to... Highly unlikely. :D
Now I'm officially out of this... my progress in the last 2 weeks just wasn't enough. I need 1 month more time. You can remove me from the list... good bye Makerscore, good bye Achievement... we never learned to know each other... :,-(
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Wel I'm probably not going to have much to show either but I'm not dropping out. . . I
m stayting itnthis thing for the heel of it.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Wel I'm probably not going to have much to show either but I'm not dropping out. . .
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Probably pulling out too; personal issues. Unless anyone wants to see 5-10 minutes of content...

Less than a week left!

How goes things?
I only made one character from scratch during last week, so yeah I'm not progressing so well.

Chances of making the deadline are now at 0.1%. :P
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I've only gathered a few items, and not put anything together yet, but I'm not pulling out, even if it ends with my having nothing to show. Even attempting to participate in this is a step forward for me and it fuels my determination to continue attempting to transform my ideas into games... I may post the sprites I did at least.

On that note. . .
Please, Yell, show us what you do have- the praise you're sure to receive will do wonders for your soul. It's perfectly safe for you to show us half-finished work- I'm quite certain any fools have been driven off long ago.
amusing tassadar, your taste in companionship grows ever more inexplicable
My chances of having a FULL game are down to 10% now :(
I had a very busy week at college...
making a gam in 12 days
I'm just going to pass this off as a late april fools joke rather than make up an excuse.
Wow, can no one deal with deadlines? :P
I'm actually going to try to make a small flash game in 4 days :P
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I am trying! I swear! Sleep keeps getting in the way!

(Plus I am totally pixel drained and that's almost all the work that's left. :<)
solos collectors on purpose
Hey, we college folks are really busy at this time! >_< I need to prep for a speech tomorrow, and next week I have another speech and four papers due.
But I pretty much said "fuck it" to my needlessly excessive quality control and I'm getting ready to put up a gamepage or two here...

(What a coincidence, this zenhabits article went live today! Just wanted to link to it in case it helps someone, haha.)