So who's up for this

I was thinking about this sites closure and decided that the most important thing about RMN for me was how it consistently got me up off my ass to actually make and release games. Whether for Action 52 or Shinan's contest or the various seasonal gamemaking contests I pretty consistently had a blast in trying to put together and release something under a deadline while also seeing what the other cool_dudes taking part would come up with. I think even beyond forumchats and recieving crits etc this kind of activity was what attracted me most to the site and was actually what made me join in the first place! And I thought it would be a fitting farewell kinda to use the forums closure as yet another excuse to hunker down and be productive.

So yeah if anyone is interested the aim is to release a full game before the forum implodes. This gives you a month!! to get something out. so you have until april 2.

If anyone's interested in judging what gets released etc then we can make an actual contest out of this sucker. It's not an official contest or whatever. You can use any engine or materials etc so 'go ape' as they say.

Themes are optional but in case you need one I would suggest: RAD DOGS

remember: "forums are temporary... finished games are forever" - dark_nietzsche_666

The Site Isn't Closing Down
...however the the sentiment of completing games is a good one. Working against a deadline with other chaps in a "last gasp" game drive whilst sharing crits and encouragement is something worth doing, I believe.

So I am making an official event out of this sucker.

* Complete a game by April 2nd 16th
* Use a gameprofile download as your entry
* It doesn't have to be a new game - you can take one of your existing projects and finish it off

* Theme is optional

* We don't have judges or a contest or anything, but if you want to be a judge let me know and I can add you!
* Participants who submit a completed game will get a nifty Rad Dog achievement (makerscore!!)


  • 03/16/2011 04:23 PM
  • 04/17/2011 06:59 AM
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Teams Members Entry
Generica: The Next Generation
The Encephalon II
Vampire Friendship
Zero Base
4 days... I'll see what I can do
Righting the Township
Radioactive Canines
Gem Dog
Big Titts
Team epicer then thou
Lands Hope
Team didn't submit anything after all :P
Daicore Battler Nyo! the inside story
Team wait until the deadline
dark sword
Clan Ritz
Team Journeymen
Finish the freakin' fairy game, now.
Teh Studios
speaking shooter
making a gam in 12 days
skullz of awesome
impacts haterz


I'm pretty busy next week so don't expect any judging if this thing keeps its deadline.

EDIT: I mean don't expect any judging results next week if this thing keeps it deadline. Obviously I'll judge eventually.
Okay, so the server move will probably be happening next weekend THUS the Valedictory Game Drive deadline remains the same! Time for that last minute push!

What I will do, though, is give anyone who releases a demo will still get an achievement (Nerd Dog - worth 50 makerscore) and people who released a full game get the Rad Dog achievement (100 makerscore).
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Even if said demo's like 10 minutes long?
As long as you worked on it during the game drive, yes.
I'm a dog pirate
I think I can assemble some sort of demo. It will be a gameplay-specific demo of course.
I guess I'll try to at least get a demo done later today, and then if I am able I'll have the final version done tomorrow.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
NO collar for me, but have got the bug to make something- or is that just fleas? Anyway laying down with this group is always a pleasure. And shouldn't that be nerd pup?
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Posted a demo for Character today. Not sure why I bothered as there's very little actual substance...
Pretty sure I'll be dropping out entirely. Ohhh well :(
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Hey guys. Guess who submitted something.

do not expect a polished gemstone though. more like a rock with a couple of veins of goodness.
i had to stop development due to exam stuff and won't bother with a gamepage since it's not even a game but here's what i got out beforehand i guass???? use X to accelerate, Z to deccelerate, C to fire gune, arrows to steer plane. there are no collisions, gravity or gameplay whatsoever. the entire executable consists of flying a little dog in a plane around a field place while listening to some old blues song so if thats your thing then you're in luck but otherwise i wouldn't recommend it.

on a slightly more optimistic note this whole thing did get me working on a quick AGS game as well. i still have exams and stuff but it might be out afterwards i guass. if it gets made it will be called Murder Dog II and be a continuation of the successful Murder Dog multimedia conglomerate.
that is pretty cool catmitts, didn't expect it to be in unity.
I'm a dog pirate
Can I get it in by midnight (7 hours from now)?
Alright, I will make note of that catmitts.

Also, I just approved 4 game downloads (as they all seemed to be related to this game drive).

This is a better turnout than I was expecting! Though fewer completed games than I had hoped... oh well! Next time!

Thanks everyone. I will make a write up on the game drive sometime next week.

Can I get it in by midnight (7 hours from now)?
Sure. I will bump back the end date by 7 hours. That should give everyone enough time to submit their entry here.
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Great. I'm gonna start pulling together a couple dungeons for a demo. Get some feedback on the combat and stuff.
As soon as my game gets accepted I'll submit it.
can't believe I actually finished it ^.^

edit: Since it is a flash game, I've uploaded it to newgrounds also for whoever wants to check it out: here

edit: submitted ;)
I'm a dog pirate

Very rough and thrown together, but it's a solid half hour or so. Not tested by anyone else. Battles may be overthought, too easy/hard, too annoying, too idea!
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Is Character too short to be a valid entry then :(
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Kentona already said that as long as you worked on your demo during the drive it would count. So please show us.
I'm a dog pirate
Oh yeah, The Encephalon II demo requires the 2K3 RTP to play, just like the first one.