The TM is for Totally Magical.
In my statistics class today, my professor had this piece of advice:

"Seeing as, statistically, women live on average six years longer than men, all of the men in this class need to dump your girlfriends and find someone six years older than you. Why do this? Because then you'll die in the same year, and neither you nor your to-be wife will be lonely! Ladies, you might need to wait awhile, since your statistically compatible man is still in middle school."

I've spent seven hours and counting trying to figure out how to react to this.

My wife died at 38. By your professor's math and reasoning, I should have died exactly 6 months before she did.
The all around prick
I'll be honest: I'm not 100% sure how to react to this, either.
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
Well, y'know... Statistically, he's right. But statistically, saying women live 6 years longer than men without any indication as to variance is pretty useless information. Finding someone 6 years older than you might maximize the odds of you dying in the same year, sure, but if there's a variance of like 400 yr^2 those odds will still be pretty low. So maybe take it with a few grains of salt.

Golden rule of statistics: Statistics can prove anything, but nothing can be proven by statistics.
Other Golden Rule of Statistics: Always try to check the methodology of any statistical source you intend to cite.

Other Other Golden Rule of Statistics: Pray they didn't just outright fudge the numbers...

lol he's literally a pedobear
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
A) Windmills do not work that way
B) There's no reason think that gap will be the same in eighty years, it might widen or shrink or even reverse
C) If the ladies want to date middle schoolers it's not your professor's place to judge them
D) It's much simpler to just commit a double suicide
E) Just because you outlive your spouse doesn't mean your life is over OR that you won't meet someone else later down the road who gives your life meaning. Even if you're 93.

I literally do not get how this is bad??? Like, for all you know he could be a family member of one of the girls or the baby sitter or something like that. It's sort of stupid to just assume 'oh hey, guy in a suit, must be a predator'. Fucking ridiculous.

Sorry, the rest, yeah okay, questionable if not out-right terrible, but they're just playing fucking monopoly for fuck's sake. He's not doing anything sexual in any way and neither are the girls, so what the fuck? Just because he's an older male? Should I be worried about playing with my nephews because society might think I'm a fucking predator? Should my brothers be worried about messing around with their nieces?

Fucking ridiculous.

...the song line doesn't make much sense, either, btw. "get me broccoli while playing Monopoly" weird??? unless broccoli is slang for something terrible, pointing this out as something bad makes 0 sense outside of the guy being older and playing Monopoly with a bunch of teen girls.

EDIT: I have been informed by Urban Dictionary that Broccoli is:
- slang for weed
- a vegetable
- an input word for when you don't know what to say in a spot (in our house this was wheelbarrow)
- One who is constantly making people do things they don't want to do.

...weed I get.
vegetable, fine.
input word, alright, I can see that.
Why the fuck????

I'm gonna have to go with the song being either an input word to replace another, worse, word, or weed. In which case, okay, see, I get the issue with that now.
I want to erase page 1220 out of my mind.

I feel scarred.
I literally do not get how this is bad???
The internet (and Japanese media in general) has conditioned us to assume the worst of everything, even if mostly just for lols.
I wanted to bring up that gaming subject again, but I need to study this first on what exactly I'm reading on, but Capcom admitted today they were influenced by outside criticism. I'm trying to find out what is exactly the case with DOA.

Proves today the gaming industry is a bunch walking eggshell morons.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I think it's because it's a grown man in a panda suit at a little girls slumber party? That's weird by itself. On top of the fact that he mainly hangs around young girls for his "career"

- One who is constantly making people do things they don't want to do.
This one is pretty creepy considering the circumstances lol
My brother (26) wore a costume (giant gorilla) to my niece's birthday party this year (10 now... they grow up so damn fast!) which turned into a slumber party by accident and played a bunch of board games with them.

The kids thought it was hilarious and fun and they had a great time. So, yeah, I don't see the issue there. The girl over his left shoulder could easily be his sister - also, I can't see her face but the girl above his right shoulder seems to be older than the others, if her thighs and arms and size are anything to go by. :shrug:

The lyrics, though... I can get behind them being pretty non-age-appropriate.
imagine being such a boring person that yr entire online presence is just being cruel to random people in the most generic possible ways
imagine being such a boring person that yr entire online presence is just being cruel to random people in the most generic possible ways

NeoGAF, and the like are pure examples. Everyday is Troll day over there.
I tried checking neogaf out a while back as part of my ~branching out initiative~ but jeez the place is dense and the community atmosphere is tough to get a hold on

it takes a while to get a feel for a place but like, nothing caught my eye strongly enough to make it seem worth the trouble
By the way Mawk. I know we had this conversation before, but how you feel about Capcom admitting today they did get influenced? I know we had our differences on the topic. I've been noticing the bait-and-switch tactic coming from the groups of people responsible. They admit they didn't do it, but came out, and said they see it justified with the change Capcom Did. They pulled this stunt before if I recall correctly.

I made a post earlier on this page, but I mixed up my information at first due to me seeing red, and all at first.
I have absolutely no problem with game developers being influenced by criticism. that's what it's for.
Here is the problem with that:

Even the posters in that article pointed the hypocrisy, and also considering the aimed demographics that this seems incredibly silly. They won this victory, but what is to stop them now since they managed to censor this one. Will they move on to the character Poison next? How about the Central American character due to her attire?

Will this game just keep getting censored to the point to satisfy everyone? To me this is petty.

Good article on the pointlessly inane "controversial" issue of Game Devs "censoring" their work.

I am so tired of this being talked about like it's the end of the fucking world.
I don't see how I'm wrong when Capcom admitted it. I mean what is to stop them now knowing they could go after anything, nevermind what Capcom did.

I don't like precedents. I find precedents dangerous sometimes.