Why pay for games from steam when you can emulate it ;)
I mean,
yea go buy it it's all legal and all that jazz...

careful not to cut yourself on the edge there, champ

Realtalk: It's an HD Port/Remaster, so yeah, it's not the same thing as emulating it on some shitty PS1 emulator.
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Why pay for games from steam when you can emulate it ;)
I mean,
yea go buy it it's all legal and all that jazz...
careful not to cut yourself on the edge there, champ

Realtalk: It's an HD Port/Remaster, so yeah, it's not the same thing as emulating it on some shitty PS1 emulator.

Seriously, what a dingleberry. It's sort of on the same level as "why buy Rm2k3 when you can just pirate it lulz". Maybe I want to show my support to the big gaming industry for finally stepping up to the plate and delivering on something I've wanted to buy forever now? Is that reason enough? I think so.

I mean, I've played through the game multiple times on the PS1 and I even dicked around with an emulator for a little while, but ever since my cat bit through my PS1 power cable, I've been cut off from the majesty that is Final Fantasy IX and to be given another chance to experience and love it all over again like this is fantastic.

I'm so psyched to play a good card mini-game. Triple Triad sucked and the versatility and strategy that comes with having arrows on your cards and being able to group up to whittle away at a super powerful card until it falls and becomes yours (thank you, HP values on cards), while also claiming every card that fell before it that it's pointing to (effectively claiming the board in one risky move that seizes victory from the claws of defeat (I LOVE IT)) makes literally all the difference in the world. Triple Triad just felt like Tic-Tac-Toe decided to have a midterm abortion.
Oh, they actually upgraded the graphics? That's pretty cool, actually!
mmm... soft oranges... in HD...

But let's now have a moment of silence for the Dreamcast, which was in-part killed by "why buy games when you can burn them off the internet".

but ever since my cat bit through my PS1 power cable, I've been cut off from the majesty that is Final Fantasy IX

You don't have a PS3 or $5~$10 for a replacement cable?
Most emulators are pretty terrible, though. For any system newer than the SNES and PS1, they tend to be "It works with the top 5 games, so it's good enough".
I had something to say, but it is such a long and tiring debate that there will be no answer to it.
I go by the 'buy what you can' motif. If you can buy it, buy it. If not, then don't. If it's old and not being sold anymore, then okay, fair enough, but if we're talking new games and you pirate it because you want to play it (not taste test - I am a-okay with pirating to test a game to see if you'd like it or not - but play full-out) then you're definitely on the dark side of that fence.
@Kaliesto: Oh, I certainly wasn't trying to come down on emulation at all. I emulate a lot of SNES and GBA stuff myself (cause good SNES games are hard to find/expensive and I don't really like playing games on handhelds). What I was trying to get at is that "Just emulate it, psssht" isn't the magical solution to me wanting FF9 on PC, nor is it even remotely the same thing as an HD Remaster of the game.

You totally have a great point about emulation as a means of preservation or experiencing hard to find/play games for yourself, especially given the pathetic state of the virtual consoles that Nintendo and Sony have at the moment. I mean, jesus. Try to find something on VC and 95% of the time it's not there or it's not on the system you want it on. Either that or try to find something to play on PSN, only for it to have no description, no info, no screenshots, etc. It's gross.

I mean, about the only time I truly care about piracy is piracy of new games or against Indie devs. I guess it's the Robin Hood system or something- steal from AAAs if you want- I don't really like it when people do, but it's more "harmless" in comparison- but please don't steal from people who can barely afford to make games in the first place.
Damn. Liberty saw the post. Guess I have to answer lol. Yeah I agree about the new games. That is why I said it is a grey area.

But unfortunately big business still see Old games like it is still their money maker, but sit on it till we're all old or in the ground. It is quite maddening why they even think like this. Though I hear/read rumors that they actually really don't care, but they do care alot about what happens to new games which I totally agree with their view on. This could be conflicting view between Executive suits versus the Developers (which the devs usually are hush on if the rumors are right), and where the common sense should be formed.

I'm starting to think the Gaming Industry is like a dysfunctional marriage between Capitalism and Socialistic tendencies.

There is also the new problem due to the rising of the Indie Developer. They are taking a lot of punishment, and I just hope the people realize these developers are our future developers that need the support. Companies like Square Enix, and Nintendo won't be around forever. Actually there is this article from a Indie Developer of what actually goes on, but I need to find it again if it is still there.

I found the link-
I'm speaking from my own experience/thoughts - if it's old I'll emulate the fuck out of it. Gimme them SNES waifus I need that shit in my life. If it's new I'll rip to try (and then buy if I like, or delete if I don't) because I've bought shitty games before and who has all that money to waste on games you don't even want? Nobody, that's who.

But I won't download to play complete if it's a new game. If it's worth downloading, it's worth buying and it's bound to go on sale eventually.

As for remakes or HD versions, I'll buy those if I'm after a particular one. Like FF9 - I'm gonna buy that shit, even though I have the discs just five steps away from where I'm currently sitting. Gimme that convenience of not having to get an emulator to run that shit without fucking up (I have bad times with emulators above the level of SNES). Maybe I'll wait for a sale, but I'll still buy it.

As to companies regarding their stuff as their stuff - well, it is. If someone is ripping the graphics and music from, say, Live A Live and using it in a commercial game I will sound the drums of fucking war, idgaf. You getting called out mofo. Go make your own stuff or use the free to use stuff that's already out there.

If it's for a free game (like, say, a whooooole bunch of games on this site), well, I ain't gonna shit on you. You're not claiming to own that shit (unlike when you commercialise a game - the expectation is there on the buyer's part that what they're buying is 100% yours) so as long as you put a credit for it somewhere, it's fine in my book.

It's a silly distinction, sure, but it works for me.
I like HD remasters, and remakes these days. Technology has gotten so good that has made old games look more prettier, and more added extra features. Surprisingly it sells well. Lot of gamers on this other forum complain a lot how there has been too many of these, but I think in my head, and say

"Well just because you experienced them once does not mean others can't as well, and they also get added benefits!". This is a great time to HD-remasters, and remakes in any game company as long the customers are there. Also the world has developed alot, and there is more markets for more money nowadays too. I praise game companies they don't let their older titles gather dust for a more modern audience. The hardware, and software is there, and is just a matter of transition.
Guardian of the Description Thread
In no particular order:

I should get around to listening to that podcast.

I have had absolutely no time for the Release Something event this year. Or much of any kind of gammak lately.

I wonder when McBacon Jam #3 is coming? Whenever it is, I'm kinda inclined to try going random this time around. Though, I'm a little nervous that not having MV might be an issue. Could be over-thinking things.

Man, I just feel terrible right now. I mean, I could identify a few causes, but, I can't really deal with them until Tuesday. I just hope they can be resolved without too much of a heartache headache.

I was noticing the RMN Needs Your Help (again)! thread being somewhat active whenever-it-was-ago. I don't have a PayPal account (I know, I'm terrible), so, I'm kinda thinking of getting something from the store, then turning around and donating it as a prize maybe? I dunno.
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I'm thinking about how I want to play Skifree again, after well over 15 years, and finally give my glistening middle finger to that yeti.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
^That's brilliant

That yeti traumatized my childhood, probably why I never became a skier
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I never got the point of skifree, or of any of those games that you can't win.
Didn't stop me from downloading and playing it, but i found it as pointless as i found it fun.

Before i knew about steam, pirating was my only way of being able to play most games since i don't live in a place that has good imports, so the only games i could buy were the mainstream of the mainstreamest and those games bored me lots.

My prized possession in this regard is my folder with all existing snes roms (10- GB + hacks), i've had it since i was like 16 and i still haven't played all games. I don't think i ever will since there's so many in japanese and french.

I think what you guys have said about when to pirate is quite fine. However i can't say i follow it the same way. Like, i don't have any qualms with pirating something new that was made by an indie dev when the alternative of not getting that game means you have to dodge spoilers for it everywhere you go for a couple of months. I was this close of pirating undertale because i really wanted to play it without spoilers but the more time passed, the harder it became for me not to cross internet conversations with the words "pacifist" and "genocide" and as the spoilers began flowing i started feeling quite desperate that i wouldn't be able to enjoy the same experience everyone was having since people wouldn't shut the fuck up about the game's secrets. I didn't pirate it in the end because i fortunately received a commission and could afford it, but the feeling was still there.

Half of my steam library is made of games i had already beaten when i pirated them but that i bought on steam when i had the money to do that.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
do you mean endless runners in general? as somebody who used to be really, really good at temple run 2, there's a real joy in progressing further and further. add in currency and unlocks and upgrades and it's a blast that you can digest a small amount each day!

...maybe I should play again today. I'm worried. i used to hit millions of points. it was an interesting time in my life.

i'm currently thinking about how lightning returns has the best antagonist of any ff game (not that that's a difficult competition)
When my internet resets it's limits this month I'll probably download LR. Never got through 2 because... ugh. Didn't make it through 1 either, though at least I got further than my first play through of it (at least I'm on Pulse this time). Got a feeling I might like LR better, though, but we'll see.

I have seen a site mentioned a few times where you can play all snes and older games online - I'll see if I can dig up the link. Not sure what the spread of games is like, though.

(Wow, found it. It even has PSX games like Legend of Mana and Suikoden II! Just google Game Oldies~ :DDD )
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Now that we're talking of it, i'll share one of my fave websites for this topic.
http://www.classicdosgames.com/ <- They're mostly DOS games that you can play in your browser. Quite neat.
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I don't have any new reviews for any of my games, I haven't written any new reviews lately, I haven't put up any new games lately, and I don't have any new badges, but sometime during the day, I've had an increase of 147 makerscore and I can't figure out where it came from.
Did you do anything yesterday? Because the ms ticks over during the night. Maybe someone revised their opinion of one of your games and rescored a review they wrote to a higher star rating?
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Nope nothing. I've just checked all my games and there hasn't been any changes. At least none that I can see.