It's been a pretty long time since I've looked into this, but I see that the DynRPG patch still requires an RPG_RT.exe that is version 1.08.

Are there any plans for this to support the new official RM2K3 in the future? A cursory glance at the patching EULA seems to me to allow the use of it (correct me if I'm wrong, of course). I'd like for my game to be as legit as possible, but the patches from DynRPG have made it so much better than without them that not using them constitutes a pretty big downgrade in game quality.

I tried digging through the forums here to answer this, but there's so much information, and I'm only one person.

It's very complicated. In a nutshell, the official version of 2k3 has to be reverse-engineered.

1. The DynRPG RPG_RT.exe file would have to be compared with a clean 1.08 RPG_RT.exe in order to find out which bytes were modified, then you would have to find the correct byte addresses for those modified sections in the 1.10+ RPG_RT.exe, which might have further unrecognizable modifications that came from both the 1.09 and 1.10 updates. You'd have to have extensive knowledge of 1.08, 1.09, and 1.10 in order to do all this. I can tell you that bugmenot has done some research about 1.10, but not to the extent needed to bring DynRPG to it as far as I know.

2. We'd need the source code for the "libDynRPG.a" file (which only Cherry has) within the rest of the DynRPG source. ".a" files are essentially pre-compiled so that they can't be easily modified. This file contains all of the function definitions from DynRPG 0.20 and below, and who knows what else. Any time a function is called, it references a byte address in memory defined in this file. The actual byte address would depend on the RPG_RT.exe version. There are additional byte addresses referenced in all of the main .h files of the source code that would change as well. ".h" files aren't compiled, so they can be modified easily in any text editor. This is how bugmenot and I have been able to add updates to DynRPG over the past 8 months or so.

3. We'd need the source code for the dynloader.dll, again, which only Cherry has. I think that basically covers all the code for QuickPatches, plugin loading & DynPatches. You'd also need to make sure dynloader.dll plays nice with the ultimate_rt_eb.dll file in the official versions.

4. Numerous other miscellaneous changes like making sure RPG::Image and similar classes work with the new renderer.

5. Next, ALL plugins would have to get recompiled to work with the new version, because otherwise they would reference the incorrect byte addresses, and cause crashes up the wazoo.

6. ALL QuickPatches and ips patches would have to have updated byte addresses as well.

We're talking maybe months of work here all-in-all.

In short, we'd pretty much have to get Cherry to do 1-4, since he knows all of that stuff, but Degica, the localization company for Enterbrain, might not be happy about that. Only he can speak to that.

TL;DR: It's basically a lot of 1's and 0's.
I'm holding on to hope that Cherry will eventually release a DynRPG version made to work with the official RPG Maker 2003--after all, that's the main point of having negotiated the patch EULA, right? But it would be pointless to do that until they're done making updates to RM2K3 itself, since the updates make all those memory addresses PepsiOtaku mentions moving targets.
I'm hoping for support DynRPG for the official RM2K3, but not expecting it. Seems like it'd be a lot of work; probably more than it's worth.
Last night, I took a look at what it meant to have the official version, and decided that it was worth it in terms of legitimacy, but not in terms of everything else. Updates are not easy to come by, and as I mentioned, I pretty much work on whatever computer using my flash drive. Having to get multiple license keys to do this would not be productive.

So I basically recopied everything to Rpg Tsukuru 2003. Hopefuly there's no residue, but anyway. Yea. I like being able to have mouse and keyboard input. I like being able to tweak stuff. And I like being able to carry my work from computer to computer.
TL;DR:It's basically a lot of 1's and 0's.

I was under the impression that Cherry was the one tweaking the official version with many QOL improvements already, like the ability to call a load menu from in game, and auto-skip the title screen. I was just looking for a quick and dirty answer to see if Cherry had any plans to port this to run on the official version. After all, if anyone would know how to do it, it's Cherry, right?

bulma: I second this. I purchased the official version when it was first released, mostly out of respect for having used the illegal version for so long. However, even though I'm not even programming my own plugins, which I might end up doing at some point, I can say that for me, the sheer change in potential between using DynRPG and not makes using the official version for my current project extremely unlikely. Even the last version I released before DynRPG was even a thing was still using a picpointer ips patch to draw custom menus, which I'm sure doesn't work on the new version.

I am glad for an official release, of course, but I continue to hope for the official release of a version of DynRPG that supports it.
I just want a license that doesn't hassle you about using a USB drive at a hotel to update your game. As in, I bought the engine and until I physically move it onto that computer, it is on my flash drive.

DynRpg or not, that was the reason I stopped using.

Rpgmaker needs to improve its licensing to allow for this (may need some programming). I bought one game, but it's like buying something and having it turn to dust if you leave your house. I don't pay 69.99 for VX Ace, only to have no way to edit without my home computer. That's paying for it twice. Portable license please.

Also, there's a thread for this. This thread is about DynRpg plugins.
small request (yeah, another T___T *lol*)

ok so, i've managed to create a pretty badass battle system, in no small part thanks to bugmenot's own RSP+ , Corti's plugin that he did (or edited) on request, and others plugin makers like pepsi otaku, of course cherry himself who started the whole dynrpg thing, and finally around 93/97 battle event pages by yours truly.

The only thing that's really missing at this point is something to prevent turns to "overlap" each other, because since almost everything is tied to battle event, sometimes i get the "Event refers to skill that doesn't exist" error when I use a skill while another battler is doing his actions (doesn't happen very often if the atb is set on wait, but still it happens).

So i was wondering, if there's a plugin/patch that forces the game to wait untill an actor has completely finished his turn before starting the other.
Event refers to skill? You sure it's not item? Because if that's the case, that's RPS+ that's causing that error.
it's both skill and items, it happens each time two action by two different heroes overlaps (most common example, hero A is attacking hero B cast spells).

while i wait i will try another plugin for atb control, right now i'm using pepsiotaku battle overhaul, maybe i wll use this an excuse to test corti's plugin for atb speed
Skills too? I don't think I had that kind of problem with RPS+, though maybe I never had two different heroes overlap. It was always a hero using an item and an enemy doing an action. Huh...if that's true, that's another thing that'll have to be checked on. Bulma, can you test this by any means?
Skills too? I don't think I had that kind of problem with RPS+,

i'm pretty positive it has nothing to do wit rsp+, it's most likely a problem of how turns are dealt with in the game, all i need is the game to wait that the hero A has finished completely before having hero B act
I've managed to get that too. I think it has to do with the LinkToEventBugfix, but I'm not sure. I'm not certain how to test this. When it pops up, Hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Rather than closing the thing, however, click on it, right click and Dump...

Send whatever it comes up with to Cherry. Or maybe Pepsi or Kaze if Cherry is busy. I don't know how to read dump files without looking that up.
Do you use the LinkToEventBugfix? Does it happen im combination with event commands that activate a switch?

My custom atb plugin is still under developement but my test version already delivers very undisrupted turn after turn execution.
Patience is good =p Sry right now i have no better answer.
I use the LinktToEventBugfix myself and never had such an issue pop up regardless of what I use so...dunno how everyone else is getting this weird error.
Do you use the LinkToEventBugfix? Does it happen im combination with event commands that activate a switch?

My custom atb plugin is still under developement but my test version already delivers very undisrupted turn after turn execution.
Patience is good =p Sry right now i have no better answer.

i do use LinkToEventBugFix and also the Sprite Animation Fix (i dunno if it's relevant but it prevents the hero sprite to stop in the middle of the battle screen before attacking)

the crash happens whenever i use a skill that acrivates a switch that - in turns - activate a battle event (it's a long story but to make it short every, let's say, Fire Spell you cast adds a "fire orb" to the battle field and it unlocks more powerful fire spells (and hopefully someday increas the damage of any other fire spell if a "custom damage formula plugin" is ever released :P, so what this event does is change a couple of variables, and some pictures for visual reference)

i'm going to give a shot at your atb plugin, so far they have all been great :P
How to test whether it is RPS+ or a bug with rpgmaker. Copy paste the dynrpg.ini file to desktop. Try to get it to crash consistently (i haven't been able to do this). Wipe the content of any quickpatches in the file folder(this rules out patches not attached to plugins). If it still fails, it's not that. Next move all plugins and patches to desktop and blank out (but don't delete) the dynrpg.ini that is in the file folder leaving the desktop one filled out. This will test rpg maker and dynrpg. If you get a different result, you know it's one of the plug-ins or patches. From there add just RPS+ back in and see if it doesn't. If it crashes then you know it's definitely RPS+

Also you could do it by adding a status to the character, and making a "field effect" that is really a status effect. As in, a part of the Turn 1x, we have a common event that checks for that status, and unlocks the spells then. In the mean time, AubreyTheBard made a turn patch that could be a short term fix (although yeah I'm looking forward to different modes myself, since ECS relies on stuff like terrain shifts and this would massively simplify code). Inany case, try stuff and tell us what worked.
and finally around 93/97 battle event pages by yours truly.

Wait,... 93 pages in every monster group?

In Dark Sword we had 37 event pages in every group. I got it down to 2 Pages each calling only one Common Event with some clever refactoring.
and finally around 93/97 battle event pages by yours truly.
Wait,... 93 pages in every monster group?

yeah, anywhere from 93 to 97, depending on how big the monster group is.
i have to say that it's thanks to rsp+ that i managed to "narrow" it down to 93 events, before it was released i had reached 100 pages and i didn't use all the features i wanted to add, i had to cut out "limit" skills and some other pages that i used to improve monster's behavior.

anyway i seem to have partially solved it by lowering the combat speed variable (still using pepsi's overhaul), i'll do some other test by altering the overall combat speed and see what happens
I would really like to see what you did there. Could you send me the project ( without maps and graphics, i only want to see event code )?