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My vote is 9
I made a mistake! I posted an older version of Entry 11, when I had a newer one that I was supposed to upload:

I have updated the original file:

Entry 11

(For those of you curious, here is the old one:

OLD Entry 11 OLD

(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Entry 9, definitely.
3 was quite there, and I really liked 18, but it somehow didn't reach a climax, or something.
The new Entry 11 only reinforces my choice. Bravo.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ De-facto operator of the unofficial RMN IRC channel.
My vote goes to Entry 15.

The song really struck out to me and I really liked the melody, the atmosphere, the suspense; that seemingly slight glimmer of hope in an otherwise "I don't want to fight you" battle was spot on.
I've been shifting in my choice, one day it's this, the next day it's that.

In the end, and only because I have to choose, my vote is 7
We need more votes, bros. We're way down from the last 2 times in vote counts.
Maybe a little overtime into the weekend is in order.
During the week isn't the best time to give people a chance to listen to all the entries several times, think about them, and make a decision. It's time-consuming stuff, and may not fit into everybody's after-work/school schedule.
Especially with this week having Valentine's Day... :(

Front page advertising might help too. There's so much happening that I often miss the 'Current Event/Important' headers.
It is on the frontpage!

I was hoping to wrap this up today, but if you guys think it would be beneficial, I can extend the voting deadline to Monday at noon.
The deadline is extended to:

Voting ends on Friday, February 17th at 6pm UTC Monday, February 20th at 6pm UTC
I'm glad that the deadline is extended, I don't need to rush to vote because of that.
It's so hard to pick one among some great entries...
I'll vote to help out, my vote will be 15
Well, not just to help out, I enjoyed judging the pieces, I meant to vote for the other 2 stages but, too late for that(obviously). Anyway, that's my favorite one.
whhyyyyy is no one voting??? whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy? (We have less than half the votes from last time, and last time sucked for votes, too)
After being held up at gun point by Kentona my vote is entry 15
Been putting it off. I'll listen now and cast my vote.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I must confess, a future game idea I've got has a battle between friends. The things I wish to relay for that battle are "memories" and "regret". Thus, my voting is skewed towards peices that relay those emotions to me.

Short-Short version:
My vote, such as it is, goes to Entry #5. The official PM vote will be made shortly!

Long version, complete with hide-tag tech:

Entry 1
Do I hear a tinge of regret, here? I think so! Possible vote!

Entry 2
Not quite what I was looking for, but does it work as part of the general theme? No, I'm not really feeling it.

Entry 3
Not was I was looking for either. Does it still work with the theme? Maybe.

Entry 4
Starts out slow and sad, which certainly helps the peice. I'm more interested in relaying "regret" though. For the more general theme, I think it's a posssible vote.

Entry 5
This is the kind of song I'm looking for. Might end up being my vote unless I hear something more appropriate for my purpose later on.

Entry 6
I sense the tinge of betrayal here, but outright betrayal is not what I'm looking for.

Entry 7
Sounds more like a final boss, actually.

Entry 8
8-bit mayham from whoever "RPGMC12" is! Anyway, I suppose this works for the theme, but not what I'm looking for.

Entry 9
Who's Thiago Nemecek? Anyway, er... no.

Entry 10
Feels more like a final battle rather than a battle against a friend.

Entry 11
For a moment, I thought this was the battle theme of Final Fantasy VIII. I might be able to use this, though. Possible vote, but it is better than Entry 5? Hrmm...

Entry 12
Sounds more like a dangerous/ciritcal situation than a battle against a friend.

Entry 13
Nice how NewBlack left his name in the file attributes. Anyway, I think I can see me voting for this as a epic boss battle. For this theme, not so much.

Entry 14
Thanks for leaving your name in the file attributes, Happy! Anyway, I sometimes sense a battle between friends here. Doesn't beat out #5, though.

Entry 15
The opening is reminisant of the battle against Lavos. Perhaps because of this, I get the sensation of recalling memories. Which is good. If this gave me a tinge of regret as well, this would be a possible vote.

Entry 16
Not sure who "K-ORA" is, but I can see the name in the file attributes. Feels like a fight sequence that would fit right in with Parasite Eve. For the purposes of this theme? Not so much.

Entry 17
No, I'm not really "feeling it" for this.

Entry 18
"TheoAllen", form the album Journey to Skynesia, huh? Anyway, I'm not really sensing anything that would associate this peice with a battle between friends. Or, at least the kind of battle I wish to relay.

Entry 19
You've got to be kidding me. No. Just. Plain. No.

Of these, Entry 5 and Entry 11 seem the most appropriate for my purpose vote. After listening to them again, my vote will go to Entry 5.
What's so wrong with 19?
It's like toothpicks against a tank
What's so wrong with 19?

Look on the bright side. It won the "wtf award!" That is a unique honor.
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